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  1. Check your gas cap vent

    Dan, you speak Norski?
  2. Check your gas cap vent

    This is what happens to an unvented tank and a really strong pump.
  3. Field Coil Screws

    That screw loosened from sheer terror!
  4. Jack Storage

    The differences may be attributed to different assembly plants.
  5. Me and the Meadowbrook

  6. Will not Cross Drill my crank

    I would imagine the passages would be quite smooth since they are drilled and not cast. Polishing wouldn't make much difference, if any.
  7. 47p15 Plymouth original 15" steel wheels

    You can always drill a hole if you find a good usable wheel that doesn't have one.
  8. caliper i.d.

    Knowing your parts also helps. Mopar Tim sounds pretty good for a handle.
  9. Sparkplug wire questions

    Wow, if that happened to me, I don't know what I would do! Yes I do, I'd be the proud owner of a 1930 Chrysler 6.
  10. caliper i.d.

    The Raybestos site does not recognize that number. I figured if you search that number you'll find out what they fit. I tried NAPA too. No luck.
  11. Hello to friends on line

    Good evening Paul, I hope you're warm there in sunny California. We're getting our winter wake-up call. Time to dig out the battery tenders.
  12. Sparkplug wire questions

    Andy, that's exactly how I use them. Guaranteed center wire to brass tip positive contact.
  13. Oil filter installation

    It's a long story. I brought home a souvenir.
  14. Oil filter installation

    Use brake lines. They are the same.
  15. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Thank you very, very much. That's a great show! I saw a 50 Nash, the double of one of my high school toys. There's an EMW F-9 also. A rare car from Eisenach built by Wartburg just before BWM took control of the factory and changed the name to BMW. Again, thanks for a great show!
  16. Kodiak goat hunt

    Same goes for the wild life. A moose walking out in front of your car can really get your pulse rate up!
  17. Ocala pumpkin car show

    It looks, from the pictures, that your car deserves the prize ! Congratulations !
  18. soyboard substitute?

    Wartime Illinois plates are soy based also. You could get some non-matching plates cheap and repaint them. They are larger than AK plates also, so you might get away with slight edge damage on a less expensive IL plate.
  19. D6G1 carb. needed

    I'll weigh this and check the postage. PM me your address.
  20. D6G1 carb. needed

    A good hardware store should have those little hairpin clips. Easier to buy than find on the floor!
  21. Pay Pal question

    My eyes are ringing!
  22. D6G1 carb. needed

    I can send you the center casting of a D6G1 with good thread holes for the cost of postage if you choose to rebuild your own. As was suggested, if gas is " pouring out", you need to find out why.
  23. '48 D-24 Generator

    They use different size nuts. Surefire way to tell.
  24. '48 D-24 Generator

    If you haven't already figured it out, the bigger of the two terminals goes to the armature, and the smaller is for the field. Always. All generators.
  25. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    There's an easy to love, lifelong friend. My old pal Betsy would be 64 this December 12th. The boxer pictures make me think of her for days after I see them. Loving and loveable animals that kind of blur the line between dogs and people.