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  1. Canadian travel question

    I did it in a 75 Dodge Dart years ago. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, same trip. It got pretty lonely along the top of Superior. Not much to see if you don't like the fantastic scenery. I think I'll have to do it again.
  2. Thoughts About Upgrading To Radial Tires...Photos?

    That's true, I use old brake fluid as a good paint remover. It doesn't harm plastic and washes off with water.
  3. Me and the Meadowbrook

    You are a most fortunate man. It looks from here that you have everything. It's good to see you enjoying it all.
  4. What some of us got up to in England, today

    O, to be in England,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Lowered the '41 today.

    The Essenhaus cruise in was really nice. I happened onto it on my way to Shipshewanna.
  6. someone call the paint police

    So ugly that they're cute. Good little cars.
  7. No reverse or first gear

    They do feel like they are disconnected through almost all of their travel. I think he's confused.
  8. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Wow! I call that perfect.
  9. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Love those doggies !!
  10. No reverse or first gear

    The selector lever will rotate a long way, but you will only feel resistance at the end of its travel. When you think it's at its max travel, push it harder and you will feel it pushing against a spring. This is it's only useful travel. When the selector lever just touches the spring resistance, the shift link rod should be in neutral. Adjust the linkage to connect to the the column lever with both levers in neutral. Then when you pull back on the column lever the selector lever will move to the first/reverse position. When you let go of the column lever, the selector lever will spring back to second/high position.
  11. Please tell me why my headlight appears to be upside down

    Swap the hi and lo beam wires at the junction block.
  12. The 3/4 Question . . .

    But it works. 10mm = 3/8 by the same margin. I use what I can reach without crawling out from under.
  13. P-15 grille sheet metal shape

    Indeed, the panel is flat on the ends. The center hump is perfectly straight vertically. Any vertical curve is damage.
  14. P-15 grille sheet metal shape

    I just looked at mine and the is no curve in the vertical sides that meet the fenders nor any curve in the center, top to bottom. If yours are curved, they need to be straightened.
  15. The 3/4 Question . . .