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    i am a big fan of cars, into mtorcycles for many years, learning as much as i can about cars
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  1. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I now have an engine lined up and a good 904, 500 bucks for all!!!
  2. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I got your message, thanks, thru my postings here and elsewhere I have a good 318 coming at an outstanding price. I also have a friend that has done a 318, so I have help if I need it
  3. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    So as per my last post I got it pretty good for suggesting putting a Chevy in my 50. I personally am not fond of the idea, but sometimes you use what you have and what you can afford. A year ago I was thinking about putting my 270 Hemi in as was stated by someone else in the previous post, but it was recommended when I was asking questions then, that I not do it because of the amount of work it would take. It was recommended I stay with the 6 banger. I looked into the cost of rebuilding the 6, and it was a lot more than what I really can afford to spend on a non necessary vehicle right now or at that time. I just don't want this car to sit and rot. I really got very little help in that post a year ago but I did get a lot of opinion. Hopefully some will be happy with my decision, but I posted my issue on another site and a very good friend spoke up and has a 318 that has been built with only 58k on it and will sell it to me at a great price. Another friend has done this swap, so I have someone to ask if I run into problems. I did not mean to offend anyone! Was never my point. Just wanted to keep my old 50 going down the road!
  4. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    if someone can direct me to a rebuild kit for the 218 for 500 bucks I will rebuild it. I have less than that in the sbc and trans I have. I am building a daily driver.
  5. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    funny I thought by getting an old mopar back on the road was saving it!
  6. I know it is here somewhere, I have a good 305 and 350 turbo trans in my hoarding collection, I want to install it in my 50 special deluxe, I cant seem to find the info and pics on here when doing searches. maybe I am not entering the right info!!! computering is not my thing!!! HELP!
  7. 1950 plymouth engine swap

    thanks, you have talked me out of the swap!!! think I will just put the hemi in my 54 chevy truck, and put a six in the Plymouth!
  8. 1950 plymouth engine swap

    the hemi is a good one, running with 43,000 actual miles, no smoke at all. I have another flatty stashed away but it needs rebuilt. the hemi has a trans but it is a big trans which would mean a lot of firewall work too. I also have a mustang 2 setup, but I was trying to find the quickest easiest install.
  9. 1950 plymouth engine swap

    hi folks, been a while since I was on here. I have some questions and hope to find some help. I have a 1950 Plymouth special deluxe with a bad flathead 6 in it. I have a 270 super red ram hemi I want to swap in. has anybody done it??? Pics??? what problems??? the hemi has a 4 speed trans with granny gear from a truck on it but I would really like to use the 3 speed column shift from the Plymouth, will the 3 speed work??? any info would be great. thanks scott
  10. new guy/remote oil filter

    thanks for all the info, I am trying to find out to maintain this car for many years pleasure. I have changed the oil pretty regular and the car has made many trips, some for a couple hundred miles running pretty hard. I am consistently learning more and new tricks to keep her healthy. this car has been the most dependable of all of my cars and has never failed to get me where I wanted to go. I hope to keep it that way!!! I am about 35 miles east of Indianapolis. thanks for all the help scott
  11. new guy/remote oil filter

    my desire was to get rid of the element system not for visual appearance but for more modern availability of the screw on filters plus the ease of changing the filter. The oil can when changing the oil, done proper, must be removed to get all the old oil out, much more work than screwing a filter on and off. I don't want to change how it works, just don't want to cause a starving situation. so if I understand correctly, I can eliminate the can and element for a screw on filter, it will not hurt in any way shape or form because only 30% will flow through the filter?? Is this correct??? This topic has created more questions! if the filter does not filter all the oil that means oil must be changed more frequently to keep clean oil in??? I am all about clean oil and changing it. many of my daily drivers have 250 to 400 thousand miles on them, I attribute that to regular oil changing! thanks scott
  12. new guy/remote oil filter

    hi all name is scott, I am new here, I am on hamb, performance years Pontiac forum and several othes, was into bikes for many years, now into cars, trying to learn all I can!!! I have a question and was refererred here. I have a 1950 Plymouth special deluxe with the original l head 6 engine. it runs great. I am looking to install a remote oil filter on it and do away with the element system. the line going to the element can are very small and the remote filter has much larger lines. I am concerned about cause an oil starving situation with the larger lines. I have seen it on some other l heads but it is a concern, I don't want to damage the engine, it has a lot of miles left!!! Thanks for any help scott