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  1. Mike36

    48 Plymouth flathead starting problems

    I would NOT use Champion plugs if they were free, and payed me to put them in. Auto lite is the way to go on Mopar flatheads.
  2. Mike36

    Chrome alternative

    Gary that sounds good, but do you know how long they will look good without re doing them? What is oilPaint infuser? What does it do?
  3. Mike36

    Hand Crank a 218

    Hello emergency room, this is ambulance number 1. We are bringing in a elderly man with a broken forearm.
  4. Mike36

    pictures from the other side of the pond

    Nice pictures Jan.
  5. Mike36

    Want ads?

    Did you know that rants cost $10 ?
  6. Mike36

    Not starting

    If the plugs are wet, it’s flooded. Put gas pedal to the floor and hold it there while cranking. The more air that moves through the cylinders, the faster it will start. If you stop cranking to rest the starter, do not let up on gas pedal. Every time the gas pedal goes up and down more gas is shot into the manifold making flooded condition worse.
  7. Mike36

    New speed record today

    Don, that is brilliant! If you get good at wrenching like that you wouldn’t have to get down on that damn creeper. Thanks for the tip.😂
  8. Mike36

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    Sounds like a fun trip. Who needs a/c!
  9. Mike36

    2018 HAMB Drags

    Great pics, thanks for posting. Wish I was there.
  10. Mike36

    47 Convertible project

    Wow !!!
  11. Mike36

    Anyone fix fluid drive in Chicago?

    If not the clutch, synchronizers in the transmission may be worn out.
  12. Mike36

    Cracked Manifold

    Merle, I understand you not wanting to tear into that at this time, but I would grind a small “V” in the crack and have it welded on the truck. Hoping to stop it from getting worse until you have more time.
  13. Mike36

    Newbie Questions

    My B3 was missing the seat frame and the springs when I got it. Found both on EBay.
  14. Mike36

    Original ignition key found

    Db4, hope your memory is better than mine or they will also be hidden from you!
  15. Mike36

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Neat story.
  16. Mike36

    Health scare

    Let me start this by saying I am not looking for sympathy, but instead want to raise your level of awareness. I know many of you are in my age group, I turn 73 this year. All of those years I have been blessed with excellent health. Almost never sick, no allergies, just one good day after another, for over 70 years. I have spent my entire life eating anything I wanted, no problems. About a year ago, I started noticing shortness of breath when exerting myself. I have had a wood stove in my shop and wood burning fireplace for 40 years. Always enjoyed being in the timber cutting wood. Last fall I was only able to cut about 5 minutes and needed a break. Sat there grasping for air. The last several months I have felt very tired all the time. When Life Line Screening came to my town, I signed up. And paid extra for more tests. All tests were satisfactory. Somewhat of a surprise to me as I was sure something was not up to par. Next I visited my family doctor. After hearing my story, he set me up for a stress test (the good ole treadmill). Couple of days later his nurse calls me to let me know I have a appointment with a cardiologist. After consulting with him he said nothing was showing up as a problem, but I might want to do an angioplasty to be safe. I said yes. I am nowhere near being a hypochondriac, but I wanted a definite answer, not just an opinion. I knew something was causing my symptoms beside my age. The angioplasty found 3 arterial blockages. One was 50%, the other two were 90%. All three in the same artery, the one known as the “ Widowmaker”. The cardiologist said, “you dodged a bullet, many men their first warning of this situation is when they’re falling to the ground dead”. Had I not paid attention to what my body was telling me, and not vigorously pursued an answer, that would have been me. I now have 2 stents, but a future ahead. Pay attention guys or someone else may be driving your Flathead.
  17. Mike36

    Health scare

    Harmony in a family is a wonderful thing. Glad you have it.
  18. Mike36

    Health scare

    Good job Mack. I think many don’t pay enough attention to this subject thinking they will be all right. I was one of those. When I found out a 10% blood flow was the only thing keeping me alive, it scared the hell out of me. If my post will help save one of the guys on here that will be a happy day for me. I see you are in Sikeston. My Great Grandparents are buried there.
  19. Mike36

    Health scare

    Pflaming, I see your father was a wise man. Glad he attended to business, and know you are too. Believe it or not, my son in laws last name is Polich. He’s a welcome addition to our family, and a very good mechanic. Owned his own shop for several years. I will tell you of an incident I was witness to many years ago. 5 of us guys were standing around talking one day when one in the party got going on pollock jokes. After telling a few, my friend Ernie Sarnowski looked at him and asked “ do you know why the bottom of a Pollocks feet are brown “? The jokester laughed and said no. Ernie then said “ it’s from stomping the s- - t out of people that tell Pollock jokes. True story.
  20. Mike36

    Kubalwagon build

    If you decide on the “right” one, it won’t help with your soreness, but you won’t care! 🤪
  21. Mike36

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    No,I can’t either
  22. Mike36

    Easy things are getting difficult

    Don’t drive after4? I would have to drive, after 4 I can’t walk!!!
  23. Mike36

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Robert, you do not need 8 volts to start these engines if everything is in good condition. Make sure to clean BOTH ends of your battery cables, and check that they have not been replaced with 12 volt cables. You need size O or OO cables on your 6 volt vehicle. Good job on hunting down your ignition problem.
  24. Mike36

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Don’t check the oil, change it. I would put in a new filter, 1 qt ATF, 4 qts cheap oil. Run it a half hour, change oil and filter again. This time use 5 qts of Shell Rotella 15-40. Now it’s flushed and ready to drive. If the new oil gets dirty fast, pull the oil pan and side covers, thoroughly clean, and refill with Rotella and a new filter. Now it’s cleaned out and ready to drive.
  25. Mike36

    Work bench height

    That’s not a real work bench,it’s too clean!😂

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