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  1. Mike36

    52 cranbrook ?

    The color of the engine suggests it is not original, which raises doubt about the mileage. A check of engine number would answer.
  2. Mike36

    little Hit and Miss going on here

    These Maytag engines were used on washing machines because rural areas did not have electricity as soon as cities and towns. Most farm families had several children in those days, so was areal labor saver. Sure beat a tub and a washboard, but still had to hang everything to dry.
  3. Mike36

    Rear brake question

    Don’t know about the shoes, but you can’t have brake fluid going to rear wheels. Another problem.
  4. Mike36

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    I saw my cousin beating on a crank pulley once. The next thing I saw was the pulley lying on the floor, with the end of the crank in it. True story.
  5. Mike36

    a gas tank story

    ggdad, why waste a rat? They are excellent on the grill with the hair on. 😜
  6. Mike36

    Looking to rent brake adjusting tool

    Many have put adhesive backed sandpaper on the contact area of the drum, then run the shoe back and forth over the paper until the arc of the shoe matches the arc of the drum.
  7. Mike36

    engine rebuilding parts

    Oops, hand me my glasses!
  8. Mike36

    engine rebuilding parts

    After spinning a bearing, is the block usable?
  9. Mike36

    6 volt battery 1947 Plymouth business coupe

    Batteries come in different grades, reflected by different price levels. If you are buying low price, you are getting low quality. Optima is a very good choice, but on the upper end of price range. Interstate is a good choice and less costly.
  10. Mike36

    Making my Airflow a daily driver

    I know everybody has there own ideas on this, but I think that car is worthy of the effort and expense to find an overdrive. It will bolt right in, and be the easiest path to a better cruising speed. Looks to be a very nice car.
  11. Mike36

    1939 Plymouth Coupe

    I have a R6, no electrics on it. 100% mechanical.
  12. Mike36

    T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    Ply Roadking on this forum knows these OD trans, and rebuilds a lot of them. When finished they are installed in his ‘40 Plymouth and test driven before being shipped. I know him personally, and can tell you he does good work. As a former resident of California, he visits family there a couple times a year, and might be able to pick up and deliver for you. Currently located in Des Moines Iowa.
  13. Mike36

    Cylinder Corrosion

    Jocko, great job on saving that block. It looks great, hope it lasts you a long time. I love seeing these old Mopars saved, my hats off to you!
  14. Mike36

    48 Dodge - What happened to my threads?

    Your Dodge was designed to have 5 studs ( with good threads ) in each hub. Yes you can use a stud from the front on the rear. Make sure it is from the same side of car so you don’t have left and right threads on the same wheel. They press out.
  15. Mike36

    Get together?

    Sounds good to me!
  16. Mike36

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Gary, I own a ‘39 4 dr sedan. The previous owner adapted metal boxes for on-off wall switches for tail light buckets. They use the original lenses and bezels. Cannot tell it until lense is removed to replace a bulb. I found what was left of the original buckets in the trunk, severely rusted and unusable. All ‘39’s I have seen use the same tail light, and it is the smaller one you have pictured. Keep your eye on EBAY as the bezels do appear occasionally.
  17. Mike36

    Too far gone?

    Only guy I ever heard of that could crush a car by lying on it!
  18. Mike36

    Sbc in 50 plymouth

    OMG!!! If that sickle ever tipped over, it would take a crane to get it upright. Better hope those crash bars hold, or an amputation is next. In the background I see a Blatz beer sign. It came in short stubby bottles, and they were advertised as glass cans. It’s what we bought as youngsters because it was the cheapest in our area.
  19. Mike36

    Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Neat story. I had not heard of that.
  20. Mike36

    help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    I won’t need to “ break it down for all of us “, as you seem to be the only one who doesn’t understand. The man asked for info and pic’s on installing a sbc in a ‘50 Ply. With me so far? Since there is almost none of that discussed here, I tried to help him out by telling him where that type of info is common topic. In the posts you’ve made, which one helps him find what he was asking for? I did not tell him he wasn’t welcome here. Did you read the first answer he got? I think if you read ALL the answers, the only one that tried to help him find his “ info and pic’s “, was mine. It sure wasn’t yours.
  21. Mike36

    help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    I did not tell him to go to the HAMB, I said he would be better served there with the questions he has. And he will. If my wording is too complex for you, let me know and I will simplify it.
  22. Mike36

    help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    When I referred you to the HAMB, it was an attempt to steer you to a group that does what you were asking about. I know there will be way more help for you on that site than on this one. At no time did I say you weren’t welcome here.
  23. Mike36

    help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    You would be better served asking on the Hamb. This site is for those that appreciate the old Mopars, and enjoy saving them. Sbc’s are not much respected here.
  24. Mike36

    Splitting exhaust manifold

    Rusty Hope sells a kit for this.
  25. Mike36

    1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    I was told a few years ago that non split ring wheels from a International truck would fit these 1 ton Dodges. Unfortunately I do not remember the model or year range of the IH truck. Does anyone have a interchange manual that contains that information?

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