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    Anything with an engine and covered with rust.
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    '36 Plymouth P2 coupe ( owned 52 years ). '39 Dodge D11 4 door. '51 Dodge 1 ton. '39 Oliver tractor. 6 John Deere 2 cyl. Tractors ( '31- 51 ).

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  1. Mike36

    Sleepless nights

    Seems to be one of the afflictions of age, along with arthritis, loss of hearing, poor balance, unwanted weight gain, on and on. These are called the Golden Years because of how much gold it takes to get through them.
  2. Mike36

    Fluid Drive Question

    Navy Chief, I have a 51 1 ton with fluid drive. It has the chrome Fluid Drive letters on both sides of the hood. Don’t have it running yet, so can’t answer your drivability questions. The old Kansas farmer I bought the truck from said he loved the Fluid Drive. Hope that helps.
  3. Mike36

    Found some old photos of some of my cars.

    Love that Oldsmobile. I drove a 52 to high school. Paid $60 for it. Took 60 hours in a hot hay field to pay for it. The good old days.
  4. Mike36

    Transmission parts

    James, 49 Plymouth’s did not have overdrive. Your trans is either from a newer Plymouth, or a Chrysler, Desoto, or Dodge. Doesn’t matter which as they are interchangeable. What you need to know is what model overdrive it is. They are made by Borg- Warner. The number you need is cast in the transmission case. It is a number preceded by the letter r. Mine is from a 37 Chrysler and is a r6. It is a mechanical kick down model. If yours has a solenoid sticking out of it you may have a r10. Finding this number will pinpoint what unit you have and need parts for.
  5. Mike36

    True to its nickname.....Doggie Dish.

    A Vega? Did you just set the car on fire, or was it already burning?
  6. Welcome, you are in the right place to ask questions. There is a lot of knowledgeable help here.
  7. Mike36

    Anyone seen a 51 B3JMA?

    Will bet snow is not one of them!
  8. Mike36

    What is this?

    Boy am I disappointed, you guys don’t know a manual flux capacitor when you see one?
  9. I see a 49 Plymouth bumper.
  10. Mike36

    Bad 230 crank

    I can understand that, probably all of us has been there. Hang in there. A year ago I found 2 different guys on Craigslist that had purchased Dodge trucks and pulled the flathead with trans to install a V8. I bought both complete engines with trans still bolted on for $100 each. 6 months ago on Craig’s list I found a free 201 engine complete. All 3 of these guys just wanted them out of their shop.
  11. Mike36

    Bad 230 crank

    Tyler, it may take a little time but a crank can be found at a reasonable cost. If you can’t afford the VPW price, what do you think it will cost to buy a V8, get it ready, and install it? Don’t give up on your flathead.
  12. Do yourself a favor, leave the Autolites in it. I would NOT use Champion plugs if they were free.
  13. Mike36

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I’m guessing he means a .45 pistol. Good thing to have with you in the land of fruits and nuts.😋
  14. Mike36

    7 hours on the road

    At least you had the good sense to get out of there and return to Nebraska !
  15. Mike36

    46 dodge exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    Wd 40 is a poor choice as a rust penetrant. Any auto parts store will have more than one product that is better. Ask the counterman. I like JB 80 or PB Blaster.

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