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  1. Rich, I hope both of us are driving our 39s in 15 years. I'm 71 and have no plans for a rocking chair. Have a good weekend. Mike
  2. Rich, I would like to thank both of you! Nice to have a source for these tools when we need them.
  3. I ordered several items for my '39 D11 a couple of years ago. Only recently tried to put the new excelerator pedal on, wrong one. Called Bernbaum today, afraid I was out of luck because of a 2 year old order. No problem they said, send it back with a picture of your old one, if possible. We will make it right. I like dealing with people like that. Thanks AB.
  4. Very good of you to make that offer. Hope you find someone that will rescue it.
  5. I don't feel I co I don't think I contradicted myself. I do not agree that dirt, rust and oxidation are patina. Patina is what is under the dirt,rust, and oxidation. There is nothing wrong with the aged, weathered look of old paint. I like it. My '39 Dodge has the original paint and it's staying. The car is very original except where a p.o. Sprayed some primer in a few places. I like to see what they looked like when made. They're only original once. But I know everyone has their own preferences. And that's fine. I do know that if I was lucky enough to have my Dads truck, it would be clean and shining.
  6. Ah ha, you are a much better planner than I.
  7. What is your secret? 47 toys and still have a wife! Wow, very impressive!
  8. 47! You're in the running for grand champion, keep going.
  9. Tim, I did see that, but thought he was referring to having so many cars as a problem. He with the most toy wins!!! Are you in the storm path down there?
  10. Looking goooood!!!
  11. I hate patina. It's one step toward the vehicle eventually being a completely rust covered orange piece of junk. I feel these vehicles should be preserved for future owners and fans. Why something covered in dirt, oxidation, and rust is attractive, totally escapes me, and I feel it disrespects the vehicle and the hobby. They do not have to be shiny new paint and rechromed to look good, but should be clean and preserved. Go to NAPA, get a can of Macs special cleaner and your favorite wax, and go to work. Truck will look great. More people will like it than the way it sits now. I am not slamming your truck, but am telling you how to make it look better for a longer period of time. When you go to a car show, do you shower, or are you covered with "patina"?
  12. Problem? What problem? I see no problem, all appears normal to me.
  13. 62.......Then he can draw social security while he's recovering from the beating he's going to get for wrecking it.
  14. You and Dartgame are correct! My thinking was turned around backwards. I hate it when that happens.
  15. I thought 218 rods were shorter, not longer. ???