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  1. Mike36

    Old Dodge Flat Bed truck

    No,I can’t either
  2. Mike36

    Easy things are getting difficult

    Don’t drive after4? I would have to drive, after 4 I can’t walk!!!
  3. Mike36

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Robert, you do not need 8 volts to start these engines if everything is in good condition. Make sure to clean BOTH ends of your battery cables, and check that they have not been replaced with 12 volt cables. You need size O or OO cables on your 6 volt vehicle. Good job on hunting down your ignition problem.
  4. Mike36

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    Don’t check the oil, change it. I would put in a new filter, 1 qt ATF, 4 qts cheap oil. Run it a half hour, change oil and filter again. This time use 5 qts of Shell Rotella 15-40. Now it’s flushed and ready to drive. If the new oil gets dirty fast, pull the oil pan and side covers, thoroughly clean, and refill with Rotella and a new filter. Now it’s cleaned out and ready to drive.
  5. Mike36

    Work bench height

    That’s not a real work bench,it’s too clean!😂
  6. Mike36

    Use of horses

    If you live near the Amish, you don’t have to recall these things as they are still doing them. Go watch.
  7. Mike36

    Woodies on the Warf

    Great pics, Tom!
  8. Mike36

    Cell phones and driving

    I have crossed Wyoming, where the speed limit on I-80 is 80 mph, many times in a semi truck. While driving at 75 mph, I have been passed several times by cars with the driver looking down at a cell phone. New definition of insanity? Passing a 80,000 pound truck at 80 mph and not looking at the road while steering with one hand. I have seen this several times.
  9. Mike36

    Our new dodge, D24C

    Even 2 of those heaters probably isn’t enough in northern Minnesota!
  10. Mike36

    1st car show with the coupe

    Nice Chrysler! Reminds me of the 52 Saratoga Dad had when I was a kid.
  11. Mike36

    overdrive transmissions

    Good job Magnus. I had not heard of anyone doing this.
  12. Mike36

    overdrive transmissions

    I am not sure, but think it will. Many years ago I put a 59 Plymouth engine in a 50 B1 with a 4 speed, and put a 49 Dodge engine in a 36 Plymouth. This suggests interchangeability over many years. Believe it or not, the driveshaft from a 49 Ply 4 dr is the same length as one from a 36 Ply coupe!
  13. Mike36

    Dummy Brake Drum?

    These brakes can be accurately adjusted using a cheap dial caliper. Example: if you have a 10 inch drum, the distance from center of axle to contact area of shoe is 5 inches. Since you cannot measure from center of axle, add 1/2 axle diameter to 5 inches, and measure from outer edge of axle to outer edge of shoe. Very simple, very easy, very cheap, and it works good. No expensive tool needed. Subtract desired shoe clearance from 1/2 drum inner diameter, add 1/2 axle diameter. 10 inch drum, with 1 inch axle, and .010 clearance equals 5.490 reading on dial caliper.
  14. Mike36

    overdrive transmissions

    You do not need an overdrive unit. You need a transmission with attached overdrive. Overdrive cannot be added to your transmission. 1935 thru 1939 will work from a Chrysler or Desoto. If using a 1939 unit, the top cover and shifter from your 1937 transmission will have to be installed on it. Your driveshaft will need to be shortened as the overdrive transmission is longer. This is a fairly simple bolt in change. Be aware, these are mechanical overdrives without a kick down solenoid. Vehicle must be slowed to around 35 mph to go out of overdrive. You must have parking brake in good working condition when you have an overdrive transmission.
  15. Mike36

    Time to clean the workbench.

    I w as going to clean my work bench, but I can’t find my hand grenade.

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