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  1. engine swap upgrade

    '54 Desoto was 276 cubic inch, not 331. The 331 was a Chrysler engine.
  2. Question on freeze plugs?

    Above information is correct. When you slightly flatten the hump in the center of the plug, it increases the diameter of the plug, thereby wedging it in the block. If you have not installed your plugs in this manner, do not drive the car until they are installed correctly. I'm sure you do not want to damage the engine.
  3. I know how to save you some fuel money. Run empty til you get to Colorado, where the REAL beer is made!
  4. Oil Leak Jack

    Tim, your evil side is showing.
  5. Fall

    Yes, beautiful day for a drive. I spent the day in the timber cutting wood. Please pass the Ben-Gay and the Aleve.
  6. Best place to take coolant temp

    To check accuracy of gauge, you must read temp at same location that the gauge is reading it from.
  7. New member, new car

    Great car, welcome to the forum! First step in getting it on the road will be to obtain both a shop manual and a Motors Repair Manual. Make sure they cover your year of car. Both are available on EBAY. Ask questions, many knowledgeable guys here.
  8. Logic Behind Passenger Door Key?

    It was to encourage entry and exit on the curb side of the vehicle rather than the street side. Safety issue.
  9. Chrysler 218 l6

    I bought two complete 230 engines with all accessories and transmission this summer. Each one was $100.
  10. engine id help

    Ask for a picture of the block with number showing. Probably won't hear from him again. Sounds like a scam. The bastards are everywhere.
  11. What would you do??

    Joe, I would pull the plugs and put oil in the cylinders,using a hose to get the oil onto the Pistons. Just because engine turns now doesn't mean it will in two years when you start on it.
  12. What is this part called ??

    You have listed a 49 Plymouth as a project car, and don't know what a voltage regulator is. Nothing wrong with that, we all didn't know at one point. BUT, if you will be working on this car, you will most certainly need a shop manual and a Motors Repair Manual, both which need to be year specific for your car. They can be found on EBay. This site has many knowledgeable people willing to help you. Welcome and good luck.
  13. Anyone 'yabadadoo' their truck?

    The neat part of this would be crawling under to clean it off. NOT !
  14. Seats

    I put buckets out of a Neon in a 39 Dodge sedan. They fit good, look good, and are comfortable.
  15. Go to the p15-d24 site and read the post " looking for a good oil ".