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  1. Time for an overhaul...

    You're doing a great job ! I just mentioned the 4 jaw so you wouldn't machine something critical in a 3 jaw and get in trouble. While I'm sure you know better, some of the guys on here might not. Ok, I'm done. Carry on you're doing a dandy job.
  2. Time for an overhaul...

    Have really enjoyed your post, great pictures. I would recommend using a 4 jaw chuck, and indicating that end of the armature in. A 3 jaw chuck does not run concentric, and will give you a false, inaccurate reading.
  3. Need help

    Two choices, find a Borg Warner overdrive fron a newer Mopar, or change the rear axle. Many use Jeep Cherokee or Ford Explorer. Overdrive is easier, but can be hard to find and expensive to buy because of popularity. Use the search function at top of page for detailed information. Ask questions, lots of help on this site.
  4. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Worden, you might want to rethink the gas can in the trunk. In the event of a rear collision, your kids are four feet from the gas and possible sparks. Nuff said.
  5. casting number 668755-5 Mopar?

    This trans can be used in your '37 Plymouth by changing the top plate thereby converting it to floor shift. It is not an overdrive.
  6. casting number 668755-5 Mopar?

    On further study of the picture, looks like a cable going into trans beside lever. '39 Dodge.
  7. casting number 668755-5 Mopar?

    '39 Dodge has one lever. Column shift operated by a cable, and one shift rod. Don't know if Plymouth is the same.
  8. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Steve, there are no silly questions. All of us on here want to see these old Dodges running down the road, not sitting in an old shed or patch of weeds covered with dirt and full of mice. Ask away !
  9. 1931 Desoto Flathead Six

    Looks like a 39 Chevrolet.
  10. Trying to determine the differential ratio from a '54 half ton, 6cyl, 3sp. Numbers on housing are 1141544-53,. 83 Any help appreciated.
  11. D24 engine number

    Sounds like your Dodge has a replacement engine. Chrysler sold engines with blank serial no. bosses to rebuilders, who then stamped their own number on it. Some rebuilds had a triangular metal tag above the generator with info on it.
  12. 1950 Spitfire problems

    Clarksville, you are in the right place for a accurate answer for any problem you have with your Chrysler. Good looking one ! Sounds like the head gasket to me, but Dodgeb4ya. Is correct, valves could be sticking open. Especially if car has not run in awhile. Good advice on getting the Motors and a shop manual. I think your car is in good hands, keep us posted with your progress.
  13. Valve Adjustment

    Valve clearance ( engine hot ) intake .006..... Exhaust .008 . 1939 D11
  14. What some of us got up to in England, today

    Nice pics, bet you guys had a great time.