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  1. well my turn my father was an International Harvester mechanic for many years, We purchased a Triumph station wagon 1959 model. Very few parts available here in CA . When he got it running it starved for fuel. I did not understand what he did until recently. The mechanical fuel pump would not follow the cam lobe. He simply put in a stronger spring.
  2. JD luxury liner

    Dodge 108 1953 electrics

    the starter motor can drain the battery amp draw a lot. Pull the starter off & clean up the commutator and oil the bushings.
  3. JD luxury liner

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    I think the ford inetia switch from the local pick your part is simpler . only 3 wires, one is for an idiot light to let you know it tripped. total cost was about 8 bucks.
  4. JD luxury liner

    glass lens gaskets ?

    well we have another option, A co worker has a small 3d printer. We made some gaskets for the front driving lights today. I was very impressed . I will put some pictures in the next couple days.
  5. JD luxury liner

    glass lens gaskets ?

    Thanks Do we think Bernbaum would have those gaskets? The trunk light/licence plate light needs something else it is a very loose fit.
  6. JD luxury liner

    glass lens gaskets ?

    OK I have new gaskets to fit the body of the lights on my 41 business coupe. What are we using to fill in the gaps on the lens, to the trunk lights & park lights ?
  7. JD luxury liner

    '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    well look close. this is a 218 with a 230 crankshaft, but we removed a small bit of the top of the pistons in the lathe.{ about 3 years ago} you can still see the center divot in the pistons. I needed the 8 bolt flange crankshaft to couple the fluid drive in my d19 after original block & crankshaft were scrapped by mistake. This engine runs great.
  8. JD luxury liner

    Coupes you like

  9. JD luxury liner

    Shifter won't go into reverse

    make small adjustments you can do it. just be patient. I had to make a small adjustment on my 41 & now it works great.
  10. JD luxury liner

    Rusty Hope Discs, leak problems.

    I believe a got my calipers from Autozone.They are still remanufactured . However I went to my local brake shop & had custom made hoses ,only because I could not find hoses not made in china. they were a lot more money . I got lucky on the banjo fitting although it felt like I really torqued them down. Also a Rust hope conversion. Thanks Charlie!!
  11. JD luxury liner

    Gathering parts for oil filter assembly

    Here is what I used, but it was already on the engine block that came with the car.
  12. JD luxury liner

    Just drug home another

    i love it!
  13. JD luxury liner

    water leak at head?

    spray the new gasket with a gasket coating I used coppercoat. I also had to do the head removal twice.
  14. JD luxury liner

    powder coating

    well I guess you guys are afraid of this topic powder coating is not that complicated Thanks casper 50

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