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  1. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    well look close. this is a 218 with a 230 crankshaft, but we removed a small bit of the top of the pistons in the lathe.{ about 3 years ago} you can still see the center divot in the pistons. I needed the 8 bolt flange crankshaft to couple the fluid drive in my d19 after original block & crankshaft were scrapped by mistake. This engine runs great.
  2. Coupes you like

  3. Shifter won't go into reverse

    make small adjustments you can do it. just be patient. I had to make a small adjustment on my 41 & now it works great.
  4. Rusty Hope Discs, leak problems.

    I believe a got my calipers from Autozone.They are still remanufactured . However I went to my local brake shop & had custom made hoses ,only because I could not find hoses not made in china. they were a lot more money . I got lucky on the banjo fitting although it felt like I really torqued them down. Also a Rust hope conversion. Thanks Charlie!!
  5. Gathering parts for oil filter assembly

    Here is what I used, but it was already on the engine block that came with the car.
  6. Just drug home another

    i love it!
  7. water leak at head?

    spray the new gasket with a gasket coating I used coppercoat. I also had to do the head removal twice.
  8. powder coating

    well I guess you guys are afraid of this topic powder coating is not that complicated Thanks casper 50
  9. P10 steering box rebuild - questions remain

    did you change the #37 shims in you breakdown? The worm has to be perfectly centered before you install sector shaft, Try to reshim the worm dead center & try it again. You can do it!!
  10. Engine compartment hardware

    I think that it is for the e brake cable.
  11. 1947 P-15 Headlight Switch Fuse gets HOT

    when there is a loose connection you get heat, it might be the fuse holder itself. make sure tha the fuse is tight in the holder. i would run a relay as suggested by plymouthy.
  12. first try at wide whites

    I like really was not planning on putting whitewalls on , but now ????
  13. 1950 Dodge Engine Number and rear seal

    if it is a rope type seal the rope fiber could swell up has your car been sitting for awhile? if it is not a large leak run it for awhile . if it is a larger leak it might need to looked at