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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands

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    I love old mopars, powdercoat for a living
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  1. Conroe Powdercoating

    anyway to turn off the window that pops up asking...

    Ive done all of that to no avail.
  2. Is there anyway to turn off the window that pops up at EVERY click asking me if i want to receive notifications from this page. Each and every click I have to close this window. pretty annoying. thanks
  3. Conroe Powdercoating

    New Facebook group dedicated to Old Mopars!

    me too, joined both, thanks!
  4. Conroe Powdercoating

    Points Troubleshooting

    install a pertronix ei and worry no more.
  5. Conroe Powdercoating

    ANSWERED Help with 51' Dodge Wayfarer can't get spark

    check grounds, and all connections, like battery cables and where they connect to and also make sure the engine has a good ground strap to frame, well in this case it is a "positive" strap, also check and clean bulb connections etc. my 6v headlights are def bright enough to piss people off if they are not aimed correctly, l learned that myself.
  6. Conroe Powdercoating

    ANSWERED Help with 51' Dodge Wayfarer can't get spark

    another thing I learned is because they are new, doesnt mean they are good. I went through a few of 'em.
  7. Conroe Powdercoating

    ANSWERED Help with 51' Dodge Wayfarer can't get spark

    I fought mine (51) forever and then I installed pertronix and couldnt be happier, mine has never ran nor started so nicely before.
  8. Conroe Powdercoating

    Is the sway bar needed?

    no, its not needed. yes, it is wonderful having one compared to not having one. so basically, not needed for driving really, but needed if you like driving and cornering without crazy sway, lean, wallowing around.
  9. Conroe Powdercoating

    Small shop, plus or minus

    I support small shops, kinda biased, I have one :-)
  10. Conroe Powdercoating

    best choice for an ignition upgrade?

    no, install it and be happy
  11. Conroe Powdercoating

    NO FIRE!

    I dunno, I got so frustrated with mine, I was ready to sell it or swap the entire drivetrain out for a modern mil. I dont mind working on them when it advances the cause or improvements, I hate working on them trying to get them reliable when there are easier answers. seriously, my car has NEVER ran better now that it has a decent electronic ignition with the stock 6v positive ground set up and once that was done, I could then make all the needed micro adjustments to timing and carb and know I wasnt chasing my tail. It plainly has never started this nice, ran this smooth or restarted hot with zero worries.
  12. Conroe Powdercoating

    NO FIRE!

    or just install a pertronix module and coil and be done so you can start chasing other issues
  13. Conroe Powdercoating

    best choice for an ignition upgrade?

    I just installed the 6v positive ground pertronix and coil and will never use points again. Its a totally different world as far as starting ease, smooth idling and great performance. I can drive my car and it be reliable again. It takes a lot of carb tweaking and tuning to make it perfect, but you know the ignition is correct and set timing and drive and be happy.
  14. Conroe Powdercoating

    Breakfast as an excuse to drive your vehicle

    I dunno if it counts, but I drive mine each and every morning to get a cup o' coffee
  15. Conroe Powdercoating

    The Dreaded Hot Start Thread

    I am by far no expert on the modules and dont know the difference in options between them. I emailed pertronix and told them what distributor I had and they recommended the module and matching coil. then I took those part numbers and found on amazon for a lot cheaper. All I know is my car was unreliable, therefore un-useable and now i dont hesitate to hop in and go anywhere, no matter how many stops in between, it always starts now. I would have been happy solving the hot start problem I had but it not only did that, but it starts faster, idles smoother and runs down the road better. I fought the stock ignition for years, tons of new parts etc etc and just basically ended up not driving the car, I love driving this car when it is acting right...and now it is. there is no comparison between the two systems and it looking stock was kinda important to me, I still run all stock everything under the hood except ignition. oh, and I'm still on 6v positive ground. this was the only system I know of that gives me electronic ignition w/o 12v conversion. I also know its like being a modern day caveman insisting on rubbing sticks together for fire when I could have easily picked up a lighter ....I'm a caveman no more.

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