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  1. jeffsunzeri

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    "trying to figure out if the split exhaust adds any performance or if I would lose torque. " Anything that adds horsepower will increase torque as well. There's a mathematical relationship. The worst you can do is reshape the torque curve. You won't reduce torque.
  2. jeffsunzeri

    341 Hemi

    It is not a drop-in. The engine is heavier, wider than the six. You would be using a PowerFlite transmission? Framework will be needed - welding in new mounts. You should strongly consider going to power steering. The transmission will require new mounts and linkages. This would be a big deal.
  3. jeffsunzeri

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    "I was also thinking of a front brakes upgrade while I am working on front end. Do you think that's wise?" No. If it were a Chevy or Ford, yes. Their brakes are sub-standard. The brakes on the P15 are excellent, double-leading shoe brakes that perform very, very well especially when you have a modern radial tire on them. Just make sure the brakes are in good working condition and adjust them every 10,000 miles or so and you'll be fine. Discs are easier to maintain, but then so's a Toyota. You don't want a Toyota do you? Also doing an "upgrade" has a number of downsides for very little benefit. Some will say "MY discs saved my life!!! If it weren't for my groovy disc conversion, I'd be implanted in the back of a Peterbilt right now!!" Baloney. Your P15 brakes are excellent as they are.
  4. jeffsunzeri

    Quest For The Ultimate Flathead 6 Spark Plug?

    In my younger days when cash was tight, I ran 2 or 3 different brands of plus in my Plymouth 218. All were the correct heat range and style. Never seemed to make any difference to starting or any other performance characteristic. But AC's did seem to be much cheaper and plentiful than other brands, probably because the Chevy guys used tons of them for their oil burners.
  5. jeffsunzeri

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    "What should I look for if I have someone turning steering wheel so I can watch under the hood? " You will need to get on the ground as someone works the steering wheel. There is a pitman arm attached to the steering box that translates the steering wheel input into left and right movement. That arm is short and exits from the steering box, and is fairly easy to identify. It should move with no slack in synch with the steering wheel. From the pitman arm, just follow the motion to the various linkages which finally attach to each front wheel. Do this inspection with the wheels on the ground. If it all looks ok from the pitman arm outwards, then you may indeed have something wrong in the box itself. Each movement of the steering wheel should transmit precisely to the pitman arm, with no slack if the box is ok. I'll bet it becomes pretty obvious what is out of whack. This sounds pretty serious. Don't drive it until you find the problem.
  6. jeffsunzeri

    50 Pilothouse One Ton Brake Issue

    Return spring may also be whacked out on the offending wheel.
  7. jeffsunzeri

    1942 Dodge pickup WC Civilian drive train

    What transmission do you have?
  8. Looks pretty original and very used, but not badly molested. Someone please save this! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/san-jose-dodge-truck/6793222610.html
  9. jeffsunzeri

    fueling questions for 48 218 flatty 6

    If you are looking for power increases, it will be very difficult if not impossible to improve on a good dual carb setup on this motor. EFI, especially TBI will be more efficient at many power settings, but a carb setup works really well at higher RPM/power settings. If you had access to each individual cylinder intake port, then port-injection might be the way to go, but these MoPar flatties don't work that way. Bottom line, for all the hassle and $$$ of EFI, you may get longer lasting plugs and 1 or 2 better MPG, but no more power than with carbs.
  10. jeffsunzeri

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Over the years I've had several types of tie down hooks. I've found the following to be true, at least for me. - Hooks too close to the bed rail cause problems when using ratchet tie downs especially for hauling motorcycles. They don't allow enough length to play out from the hook to the handlebars. - Hooks or other cleats in the bed cause problems. They either won't let plywood lay flat, or are hidden and a hassle to hook on to. - The best all-round hooks I've found are as on the pictures WC-1. They are 1/2 way down the bedside and seem to suit all situations well. Leave it to the military to specify a good all-round solution standard.
  11. jeffsunzeri

    Will I fit in a '42 Plymouth PT-125 pickup?

    I can't cite my sources just now (disorganized, not secret or anything) , but trucks manufactured after September 1 of 1941 are considered 1942 models and were sold as such. I have a WD-21 that falls in that category. The factory was already under restrictions in late 1941, so most of the trucks sold would have gone to priority sales such as farms and businesses (small fleets) rather than individuals. I've seen examples of 1942 dated civilian trucks which were sold with mixed military parts, such as the wiper doors done in olive drab and military steel trimmed windows. I guess it was an interesting period for Dodge.
  12. jeffsunzeri


    Properly testing a starter requires not only a visual inspection, which you've already accomplished, but the field coils and the armature should also be tested electronically. The most difficult to bench test is the armature. You use a growler to test the armature for shorts, and generally a good ohmmeter can be used to test the field coils.
  13. jeffsunzeri

    License plate restoration

    Sort of on the topic - Years ago, I was travelling south on 101 in San Jose (on a BSA Rocket III) easily exceeding 100MPH. CHP didn't like that and pulled me over, and noticed that my license plate looked really nice for an older motorcycle. I told him I had it restored, like the rest of the bike. He wrote me a ticket for a "modified license plate". No speeding citation. With the hassle it caused me at the DMV it would have been preferable to pay for the speeding ticket!
  14. jeffsunzeri

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    I believe the original owners manual states that for normal weather, cold starts, depress the accelerator to the floor 3 times and hold it to the floor for the count of 3. Release the pedal and crank. If fuel is draining from the carb over the span of 2-5 days, then the check valve in the fuel pump may be suspect. As others have stated, if left to sit for more than a few days, more accelerator pumping may be in order. Just add the 3-count at the end before cranking.
  15. jeffsunzeri

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    Aircraft use a pressurized stream of specialized oil injected into the exhaust system to produce the smoke you see in sky-writing and aerobatic exhibitions. Most any competent aircraft mechanic familiar with aerobatic aircraft can set up this system in a safe manner for use in the sky. Using a smoke system on the ground, however, would not be a recommended activity even if the special oil is fairly non-toxic.

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