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  1. 11th Annual Tailgate BBQ

    BBQ 11 progress - plan on two entries '53 B4B fuel gauge works. Using it as a shop truck every week. Looking of a Cherokee for parts ... '63 Willies top stripped, lead and primer -- wish us continued luck
  2. The destination doesn't tell you how the road winds

    You gotta come to the BBQ in April!
  3. Worked on mine to finally get that 150 mile test run in. Passed.
  4. Sundry items

    Some place to put pictures of all those other things I will be working on ...
  5. Now you have to keep them --> "Los Tres Mementos"
  6. I'm doing the same dance now finally ... Rebuilt the carburetor for the third time. Replaced ALL the rubber hoses - left the hard lines. Re-routed the hoses so the clutch no longer smashed them. Re-sealed and soldered the tank. Painted that dog green. Replaced the fuel sending unit (twice) and it still doesn't work so put back in the old one. Added a 6volt in-line fuel pump. Fixed in-line air leaks. Ignored the mechanical pump. Drove it around this weekend (video from last week) for a couple hours and nothing leaked, burned, loosened, rattled, burned or other-wise moved out of specification. Very happy camper right now.
  7. No worries, I got a shot of that.
  8. 11th Annual Tailgate BBQ

    I can wait a year but this is more like 53 weeks! Com'on Tim. You're dragging it out now on purpose.
  9. I forget who won the dance contest Julie, was it Brent?
  10. I heard it running a couple of times. For those of you who missed it, here is the glorious event caught on film.
  11. You will most likely win the longest drive award. Gotta be worth the trip.
  12. Redid the gas tank trying to get to the BBQ. Painted it green cuz it made me laugh. Once I got it all together the fuel pump said "nah". Opened the trunk of a '34 chevy California Mountain Special and pulled out a 6 volt electric fuel pump still fresh in the original package bought in 1991. Any guess what the rubber grommet was like? Think I better start thrashing earlier next year ...