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    1953 B4B still 100% original parts except for parts from 48Dodger. Those are 200% original.

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  1. TrampSteer

    Bearing Cover, Dust caps 1/2 ton

    When t lost one we took a Ford part laying around, cut it, pinched it smaller, soldered it back together, then pounded it on. Been good for a couple of years now. Part number #h4ck!
  2. TrampSteer

    I’m an idiot

    I got one for spare parts rolling around also if you need it.
  3. TrampSteer

    A poison Dart infected me from my truck?

    Yeah, GTs and convertibles are the desired cars. A fully running (but not super restored) sedan like the one I posted here is topped out at $3500-$4000 asking price. Sad really.
  4. TrampSteer

    A poison Dart infected me from my truck?

    Well that sure sounds like a consensus. Thanks ya'll. Probably not a labor of love, more like a labor of glove! Plymouthy: yeah, headlights. Likely expensive. Kencombs: looked, not a chance. RobertKB: Yeah, figured about 1000 for all new interior with a metal given a spray acid wash just prior. With resell prices all over the map I'd have to go with the lowish ones at $4k so that's 25% before purchase and brakes. Then, there is sheet metal. Wiring? JBNeal: yeah, brakes are already shot. might be worth it to tap it with a road flare though 😜 Frank/Plymouthy: Engine purrs like a kitten. The one thing that wouldn't need changing. Flatie: My dad had one on the farm too when we were real young. (Imaging five boys that just wanted to push the buttons on the transmission). Brent: Oops. Concerned indeed. Perhaps blinders so he can't see it. P.S. The shop owner where this is won't even move it around the lot any more. Says his uniform already stinks from driving it twice in the lot to park it.
  5. I started mine (forgot to post) and lamented the fact the the fuel gauge no longer works. But it was sure easy to start and idled wonderfully. (Pats self on back for putting in a 6v electric fuel pump). Locked the truck again when I was done cuz I CAN! Cobwebs successfully burned off. Phew! A full day's work indeed.
  6. I figure I must have gotten bit by something because I am seriously considering flipping this rat-infested (and I mean it stinks something really awful) for a couple of bucks. 1964 Dodge Dart 270 trim https://photos.app.goo.gl/gkj90p5a1czQ1TC93 Vin traces this to an L.A. built taxi cab with 270 trim. Starts and runs with no problem. Brakes are shot. There is so much animal excrement that I think seats, carpet and headliner would have to be replaced just to get the smell out. Then there are a couple of areas with surface rust (that goes through to the other surface!) and I haven't opened the trunk yet. Too scared, no key, trunk lid has ... issues. I can get it for under a grand, but have to invest in a hazmat suit. Your learned opinions are always welcome. Trampsteer
  7. Sorry - meant to post the link to all the pictures. Awards are in there somewhere ... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPhSRnQl7RfYJsFUtgq8L9v_S0zIXywo?usp=sharing
  8. I only got to talk to him a short while, but he's got stories. One of those guys that knows a lot but says so little. Respect.
  9. Link to the rest of the pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPhSRnQl7RfYJsFUtgq8L9v_S0zIXywo?usp=sharing That was fun. When's the next one?
  10. Looks like my truck won't be there, but my camera will. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  11. TrampSteer

    1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Think I'll maybe bring shrimp in two weeks. Just for you D.
  12. TrampSteer

    49 panel van showed up at the shop today

    I think a motorcycle might be safer than this!
  13. TrampSteer

    get out there and mingle

    Come to think of it, I did meet a couple of neat people. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. TrampSteer

    49 panel van showed up at the shop today

    Anyone know if original seats still exist for this thing?

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