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  1. soth122003

    tire valves for 47 plymouth

    I bought my oval stems locally. Either Auto zone or carquest maybe even wal mart. Check online and see. Joe Lee
  2. soth122003

    Bought a new gadget I hopefully won't have to use.

    My speedo did the same thing once before. Lubed the speedo and the cable and the problem was fixed. I've also jumped mine before using 12 volts. Pos to the eng block and neg to the starter cable at the starter solenoid. Joe Lee
  3. soth122003

    Overheating. 210 in a 160 thermo

    Dodgy49, Is the radiator the same as the previous owner had with his engine? Reason I ask is because the flow rate through a radiator effects the temp the engine will run at. If the flow is to slow due to restriction either in the rad or the block it runs hot. if the flow is to fast through the rad the water isn't cooled down enough and will also run hot. Joe
  4. soth122003

    218 Timing Issues

    Not to sound sarcastic or condescending, Burt even though #1 and #6 cylinders hit TDC at the same time, one is on the compression stroke and the other is on the exhaust stroke. What I do is with the plugs removed use the wire on 6 and put your thumb on the #1 hole and feel for the pressure of the compression stroke. I also use a remote start switch clipped the neg cable and the small post of the starter solenoid and bump the engine to TDC on #1 cly then check the timing mark on the harmonic balancer. Should be about +- 5 degrees or so. Then gap the points and see if the car starts, then time with a vacuum gage. Joe
  5. soth122003

    Fuel sender gasket

    Hey Pete, Also watch the torque on the screws. To much and you can create a small gap in the area between the screws that will leak or weep on fill-up. Joe
  6. soth122003

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    As far as the rad and the eng, I used a 50/50 mix of CLR and water and it cleaned mine out very well. Luckily the rad was in good shape so there were no pin hole issues to deal with. Joe
  7. soth122003

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    If you got 8 years out of that battery, you did real good. Have you had the hot start problem for awhile or is it recent? Mine does the same thing. I believe the shop manual says when starting a hot engine to hold the accelerator pedal down at the 3/4 mark. Like I said mine has been doing the same thing recently so I redid all my grounding points. cleaned them up and reconnected them and the car turns over a lot better now. Also, instead of installing another battery, you might want to get a jump pack with a switch. Turn key on, connect pos to pos and Neg to the Starter or at the cable past the starter solenoid, Turn jump pack on until eng starts then switch off jump pack. Cheaper than installing another battery and wiring. Joe
  8. soth122003

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Seems everyone already covered the basics of the problems it could be, so I reply about the fuel filters, I have 2 on my 48 P-15 SD. One plastic one at the tank to catch crud from the tank, and a race style at the carb (that I can take apart and clean) to catch any crud from the lines. Your fuel pump also has a brass screen in it that acts as a filter as well. Joe
  9. soth122003

    Easy things are getting difficult

    Even though I just turned 58, I am not quite ready to give up doing my own work. My legs are going out, same with my eyes and I have COPD. The biggest problem I have is getting down and getting back up. All I have is the driveway to work in and my biggest gripe is forgetting a certain tool and then having to get back up to get it. The big lessons here are... After 55 concrete is not your friend, Florida humidity is a killer in the summertime and mosquitoes will always find the most annoying place to bite you while your under the car. Joe P.S. Change your work rest cycle. Instead of 2 hours of work and 15 minutes of rest, I do about 20 minutes of work and then I do 1 hour of research.
  10. soth122003

    Speedometer cable lubrication

    To Lube the cable you should be able to reach under the dash and disconnect the cable from the speedo. Then just pull it down and pull the cable out of it's sheath. Joe
  11. soth122003

    loose dash light switch contact rivets

    Hey Bud, Personally, I would leave it alone. The phenolic piece they are riveted too is fragile. Any attempt to tighten the rivets may crack or break it. However, if it bothers you that much, try a small brass drift and lightly tap on the terminal side of the rivets. Or you can try a small dab of super glue on the terminal side. As long as the rivet is not in danger of turning and contacting the other terminal, or coming off the board, I would leave it alone. Joe
  12. soth122003

    Oil Leak Help

    Treat it like a leaking freeze plug and make a patch about .010-.020 thick and the diameter of the pilot hole. use light sealant on the edge of the plug and press it in with a brass drift. then install the pilot bushing and check the clearances. Joe
  13. soth122003

    39 heater motor?

    If the motor spins freely, continuity checks are in order. Clean the armature,. It's basically a DC motor, If you can pull the motor casing/housing, check the condition of the windings, wires, and make sure they are not grounded or shorted. Joe
  14. soth122003

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Glad it was an easy fix. Like others said, get some gasket material and make your own. Joe
  15. soth122003

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    Does the inside of the tank have rust at the bottom? If so the filter might be clogged with calcium or rust deposits from water in the tank. As a last ditch attempt try some CLR. squirt some down the line and try to spray some on the pick-up filter through the sending unit hole. let it set for a few hours then try to blow some air through. Then clean the tank out by using a short length of chain in the tank and shaking the tank from side to side to scrape out the chunky stuff. Hope this helps. Joe

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