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  1. If you've had to pump them since the MC replacement, You've still got air in the system. If it is recent, check the brake shoe wear and the adjustments. Sounds like air in the system or worn shoes. Joe Lee
  2. Big Betty41, Well to the forum. Myself I use 87 octane with no problems. No additives either. Joe Lee
  3. Hey Sam, Don't feel bad, I did the same thing. Ordered mine from Rockauto. Said Ea on the site. They should have said set. I now have an extra set as well. The ones I got were Moog as well and they were domed but fit right in with no trimming. $1.39 per box and 2 in each box. But at that price it's not worth the postage to return them. Joe Lee
  4. I got mine from Wal-Mart. I believe these were the ones I got. Easy way is measure the valve stem hole and get the size you need. I believe these are over a !/2" wide. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Slime-Tire-Valve-Stems/16879934 Joe Lee
  5. Hey Sam, glad to see you got it worked out. Maybe this is why I never had vibes on my car as I didn't install the lower mounts since they weren't there when I changed mine. I remember you said yours weren't there either when you changed yours. Maybe we now know why. Joe Lee
  6. You know Sam, you could probably pull the floor and jack up on side of the tranny at a time and change them out easily. I know the right side is a breeze but the left side might give you some trouble. just a thought and I would probably only take about 20 minutes per side. Joe Lee
  7. If you are going from neg to pos ground, connect the pos and neg wires correctly, flash or polarize the genny, and give it a whirl. Also check the amp gage if it is reading backwards after doing this you need to reverse the wires at the amp gage to read correctly. Joe Lee
  8. Check your terminal ends and cables for corrosion. That puts a high current drag on starting the car. Also the size of the battery cables. 2/0 or larger for better conductivity of 6 volts. And like was said before check the charging system. Take the old battery and charge it up then do a load check on it to see if it is bad or not. Joe Lee
  9. My 48 Plm SD is running Hancook 205/75/15. The provide a very smooth ride. Joe Lee
  10. Hey john, You might do a visual on the tank and see if you have any small particulate floating around, then clean the lines, fuel pump, filter and carb. The ethanol in the gas can do a number with brown dust type residue if the car has been sitting for a while. (1-3 months). Joe Lee
  11. Sorry DJ, I haven't. It's a low priority for me as I only get to spend about 20 bucks a month on my car and that includes gas. I've got a steak budget and a hotdog wallet. How ever when I do get to it, they will be the ones I will probably get the carpet from as they offer a variety of types and colors. Joe Lee
  12. hi_volt, Nice car. I found that easy off oven cleaner works very well on the lower part of the engine and tranny to get that stubborn grease and oil off. Just spray it on and let it set for about 4-6 hours and a lot of the crud will come right off. As far as the interior if you want to carpet it check out this site. https://www.carparts.com/results/?N=0&Nr=AND(universal%3A0)&PN=0+4294919999&VN=4294965725+4294966857+4294965882+4294967027&is20k=1&universal=0 As far as 6 or 12 volts I like the 6v system myself. If your not worried about showroom quality it is easy to make your own wiring harness. Joe Lee
  13. Sounds like me. Tuesday I was going to get my heart meds in my 48 Plymouth SD and about a mile from the house it just died. I mean quick died, no stumble or put-put just nothing. I'm on the back road heading for the US highway and no traffic till it died. Then of course cars coming out of no where. Anywho, got it parked with some help from passerbys, call my wife she comes and gets me. Got to the base in her car get my meds then wait till my friend gets off work and tow it home. Now, I'm thinking what could be the problem. Pretty sure it's electrical. So coil or the little wire in the distro comes to mind. The next day I pull the distro to check it out. Wires look good, the condenser looks good but has corrosion on the side and the coil is the Flametrower from the Pertronix setup that had died, but the coil was good so I kept it in. When I felt the coil on Teusday it was warm but not hot, so was probably good. Then I got fixated on the condenser. AutoZone $6 the next day, Amazon $10 bucks and 2 days. Rock out for the same item was $3.50 and 3-5 days at &2.50 shipping so I bought 2 and was going to wait. Then Thursday I thought well let's see if it is the coil. So I cleaned up the POINTS, put the distro back in and put a spark checker between the #1plug and plug wire. Used my starter bypass rig and Boom I getting spark. So I pulled the spark checker and the starter rig and tried to start the car and like magic it fired right up. Turned out the points were not lined up and just barely making contact and then had carbon build up stopping the whole shebang. The point (no pun intended) to the story is for some reason the points never even entered my thought process as a possible problem, I had 2 spare coils and thought I had a condenser (but no it disappeared somewhere) the little wire that can rub and wear the insulation off and ground out the system were what I focused on. I figured out why today after reading this post, Points rarely get talked about here. Got quite a few threads about the little wire and a few about coils and condensers because of cheap Chinese manufacturing , but the only real mention of points kinda deals with Pertronics and electronic ignition from the slant sixes. So as an aside always check the contacts and gap of points as a possible source of potential starting and rough running problems. I also found out that the hardest tool to find in your tool box is... a points file. That thing likes to hide when your looking for it. Any way that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Joe Lee
  14. I don't know a whole lot about the motors for the top, I believe a standard DC motor will run with the voltage applied to it. Since your re-wired to 12 volts on the car, the 6v motors may work if done sparingly, but I believe they will run faster. I don't know what effect this will have on the motor. it may burn it out or wear it out faster. Now that being said, I see 3 possible options. 1. Replace the 6v motors with 12v motors. Just have to look around and find the right ones/type. 2. Rewind the motors for 12v operations. Time consuming and or expensive. 3. Find a small 6v battery (it doesn't have to be a car battery a NiCad or lithium rechargeable will do) and wire it into the motors with wiring going to the switch making it a separate system from the rest of the car. Cheaper and easier than finding the 12v motors or rewiring the old ones. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002QGVW3K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This batter is for my rechargeable hand held bijillion watt candle power searchlight, but is also used for kids cars that they ride on. Should power the 6v motor for the top just fine. Joe Lee
  15. While I don't know the size of our seats, This one does list dimensions in the question area. https://www.amazon.com/Leader-Accessories-Blanket-Universal-Chevrolet/dp/B071HGM6QW/ref=pd_cp_263_2?pd_rd_w=UaDXp&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=9TCQDW20ZJH83GB85FSM&pd_rd_r=37f40a5f-7cf9-49ef-be38-cb7822ece774&pd_rd_wg=pc7jX&pd_rd_i=B071HGM6QW&psc=1&refRID=9TCQDW20ZJH83GB85FSM Joe Lee
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