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  1. soth122003

    Oil Leak from Filter when hot

    Step 1. check and see if the oil filter container is out of round. If it is bent in or out just a bit it will leak. Step 2. Check the lid for deformities that won't let the seal seat right, including debris or a crack in the seal track. Step 3. If 1 and 2 are good, try using a cork gasket. Set the lid on the cork gasket material and trace around it with a pen, then cut it out. Measure the width of the gasket seat in the lid and add 1/4" to it. cut it out and set it on the filter container place lid over it and snug it down. run it and check for leaks if it weeps or leaks tighten one half tune on the bolt and try again. Step 4. If it is still leaking, you might want to consider replacing the filter assy. My guess is either one or two is the problem. Joe Lee
  2. soth122003

    Oil Leak from Filter when hot

    I've done this on helicopter hardware. Just put the o-ring in hot tap water to make it more pliable and slip it over the bolt head. Joe
  3. soth122003

    Hood Release of my 49 B Coupe

    I installed a mini split in my dining room in July. It does the kitchen, dining room and living room. It's 12k BTU and it heats and cools. Put the compressor part in the garage to keep it out of the weather and to keep from drilling a 3" hole through the brick exterior. It is nice and quiet and only cost $475 delivered. Joe
  4. soth122003

    Speedometer cable

    You can put the crimped side in the speedo or the tranny, your choice. Once you've got the length, pull the cable out of the sleeve and reverse it. I do it that way so it will be easier to measure. There's more room at the tranny connection than up under the dash and you can see what your doing a whole lot easier. What ever end you put the crimp on, DO NOT pull it through the sleeve housing. If it snags and comes off...You're hosed. Joe
  5. soth122003

    Speedometer cable

    Notg15 I don't think I would try for a fitting from some one else's cable length. Some are longer or shorter due to model years and cable routing. I am going to guess your kit has one end that is squared and the other has a cap that is crimped on. If so, disconnect the cable housing at the speedo and the tranny. Feed the cable thru it so the squared end is at the speedo. reconnect the speedo end and spin it to (a) make sure it is engaged in the speedo and (b) to make sure the speedo works. Then at the tranny connection see how deep the cable goes in to the tranny. Measure the depth the cable goes into the tranny and the depth of the connector that connects to the tranny. (so if the cable depth is 3/4" and the connector cap is 1/2" deep, cut it 1/4" past the connector cap. This will give you the exact length needed. You might want to go about a 1/8" longer to ensure a good fit.) and crimp the piece onto the cable and connect it to the tranny. Before crimping the cap on, I would do a test fit and make sure it isn't to long. You know what they say measure twice and cut once. You can cut to long, but if you cut to short you are hosed. Make sure to lube the cable with your choice of grease before final connections are done. (I use white lithium grease.) Also on the speedo , just above the cable hook-up, there should be a small brass tube with a wick in it. This is the lube port for the speedo. I use a light machine oil for this. I believe your shop manual specifies type and frequency of lube.
  6. soth122003

    Carb Information Resources

    The vintage car 1935-1953 Motors Manual List a lot of info for the carters, stromburgs, holley and a another. It includes specs and tuning info as well as repair. Joe Lee
  7. soth122003

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    Sorry guys, My mistake. I was thinking about my 65 GMC truck when I changed the clutch on it. Merle is right. There is a cover assy that you remove to pull the clutch and press plate. Joe
  8. soth122003

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    If your good enough and young enough, you can pull the tranny then the bell housing with the clutch and flywheel. Here is where young and good come in. Install a new throw out bearing, reassemble the bell housing on the tranny then install the press plate and then the clutch plate and put the whole thing on as one unit. Make sure the car is on blocks and the center floor pan is pulled, then use a jack to raise the assy and slide it into the pilot bearing and install the bell housing bolts. Inspect and or replace the pilot bearing before the install. Other wise get an alignment tool and reverse the tear down. But `change the throw out bearing anyway. Joe
  9. soth122003

    Greetings from KY

    Not a bad find. If you are going to keep it original, get a shop manual and a Motors manual. They are a must for bringing it back to life.
  10. soth122003

    classified ads

    Alice's resteraunt. Just go the classified page and click submit an advert and follow the instructions. After you fill out the advert section, I believe the pay section comes up next.
  11. soth122003

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    Hey Canadian Dollars to donuts it's a core/freeze plug. Look on the left side of the engine right above the oil pan and you'll see them( should be 5 in a row). If I am not mistaken the last one is on the back of the engine and ….. duh duh duh covered by the bell housing. If your water is pouring out,(about a cup at less than 5 minutes, pull the tranny and bell housing and replace it. If it is a slow leak and you can wait, try some radiator sealant. If you are going to replace it, replace all of them at once and be done with it. Joe
  12. soth122003

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    Hey, Nice looking find. After you install the new fuel pump, make sure to drain the bad gas from the tank and lines. Then add a half a quart of seafoam to 5 gallons of gas and run the car for about an 15 minutes to bring it up to temp and then drain the oil and change it. Add the last half quart of seafoam to the oil and run it for about 100 miles. This should clean out the valves lifters as well as clean out the engine. I don't know how long it sat, but I'd definitely check the radiator and at least flush it as well. Joe
  13. soth122003

    Battered Battery

    2 things. 1. I saw a video on you tube about draining the battery juice and neutralizing it with baking soda, then rinse the battery out with distilled water, fill with distilled water and charge it to remove the sulfation, drain and fill with acid from the local auto parts store for about $20. Charge and check the battery with a load tester and hopefully it works like new. This was for deep cycle batteries but the 6v battery should handle this fairly well because of the thick plates in the battery. Might get another 2-3 years out of it that way. 2. Tractor supply sells the 6v battery for about $80 w/ and extended warrenty for about an extra 6-8 bucks. It's the one I got and it has 700 CCA. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/traveller-1-6v-heavy-duty-battery?rfk=1
  14. soth122003

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Hey Nick, Thought I'd chime in on your color. I like black or red. That being said, there are a lot of cars that color out there. Instead of being one of many you might go for a green or yellow. I think it makes these cars stand out. Now while I haven't had mine done yet, I think when I do I'll stick with something close to what I have now. The clear coat is flaking but look at the door and you will see what I mean.
  15. soth122003

    Mystery ignition

    Hey Belvedere, You said you had a lot of rain and then snow? Might be moisture in the switch and electrical system. I deal with that a lot in Florida with the humidity on rainy days. Mine did the same thing a while back. Sprayed it out with contact cleaner and voila. Joe Lee

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