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    airplanes, old rides and cold beer - not necessarily in that order
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    married with one expensive college kid
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    Northern MN
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    Airplanes, old cars and beer. Not necessarily in that order

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  1. Lurker coming out

    Young Ed - We're about 3 hours north of you in the Grand Rapids area. Niel - The interior is not worthy of a photo. Front seat is down to the springs and is covered with somebody's grandmother's curtains. The carpet remnants came from her house, too. I think I've seen better homeless accommodations... Plans are to keep the six, lose the green paint, new wheels/tires, wiring and interior. Brakes are all new. Still kicking around the tranny and rear. Will take photos as I go!
  2. Lurker coming out

    Hello All. Been perusing the site for a couple years, but haven't taken the time to make a post... I've enjoyed many of the posts and picked up/learned a bit (most of it sticks) about the old mopars (my first). Love the lines on these cars. The pic is the day we gave her a ride to her new home. Body is sound and the six purrs like a kitten!!