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  1. Mattias78

    What does this dash knob do?

    It's for the dash light, there is a bulb just to right of the knob. The yellow "glass" under the Dodge emblem.
  2. Mattias78

    Lowered pics?

  3. Mattias78

    Lowered pics?

  4. Mattias78

    Lowered pics?

  5. Mattias78

    Lowered pics?

    3inch blocks on stock springs
  6. Mattias78

    Trim clip and 12v headlights

    Hi! Just sent you a PM!
  7. Mattias78

    Trim clip and 12v headlights

    Thanks everybody!:)
  8. Mattias78

    Trim clip and 12v headlights

    Thanks!:) but it's not the trim IT self i need it's the "spring" thing that trim klicks on to!:) sorry!:)
  9. Mattias78

    Trim clip and 12v headlights

    Hi! anyone out there that Mayby know if i can get one of these anyware?(see pic) and if there is a replacment for the headlights have changed to 12v. Thanks!
  10. Mattias78

    Rear end

    Magnus! Sent you a PM!
  11. Mattias78

    Rear end

    Bringing this up again!:) have looked around on these explorer axels! i found a few, but noticed that the diff is offset on the axel! Will this be a problem? thanks again!
  12. Mattias78

    Rear end

    Aha!! Imported the car from sunny california!:)
  13. Mattias78

    Rear end

    Mmm! Don't know what LHD is!:)
  14. Mattias78

    Rear end

    Haha! Yes a hemi would be nice!!:) but the budget won't allow it:( will see if i change the steering ! Budget again!
  15. Mattias78

    Rear end

    A Volvo !! No no!:) thats no fun!!:) it's going to be a great american V8! Looking at the dodge 318 or a Chevy havent decided yet! Talked to a guy and told me not to go with the 318 becasuse the are a little bit wider then the Chevy so there will be clerence issues! But i dont know!!:( would be more fun to stick to mopar!!

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