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  1. 53 HyDrive Gaskets

    I already have a HyDrive service manual so that should help a lot. I just was't sure how to locate the factory P/N seals from the manual. All this info is great though! Thanks again!
  2. 53 HyDrive Gaskets

    Thanks for the info! That helps a lot. I'm not sure of the shaft seal is leaking or not. Its very possible. This car was sitting in a barn for almost 30 years before I got it running again a couple years ago. I guess we will find out when I pull it apart. I don't plan on doing that for another month or so though.
  3. 53 HyDrive Gaskets

    Hello Everyone, So I have a 53 Cranbrook with a Hydrive. Just about every freeze plug, the rear main seal, and/or the engine to trans o-rings are is leaking. So its time for the motor to come out and get resealed. My question is, does anyone know anything about resealing a Hydrive trans? Are the gaskets the same as a fluid drive? If not, any idea where I can Hydrive gasket set? I check with Bernbaum but they don't have a Hydrive gasket set. Any info is appreciated. Thanks! Ryan