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    I'd like to have a Cadillac powered aluminum air boat. But I'll settle on keeping my Plymouth cars Dodge trucks alive.
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    2- 47 Dodge WD-21 trucks, 46 Plymouth Bus. Cp, 49 P15 Bus.Cp, 48 P15 Club Cp.

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  1. Albright's Supply is one place to get replacement springs.
  2. The W-Series Dodge truck's use a Raybestos WC6353 cylinder, left front or rear, WC6354, right front or rear. The body is 3.750" wide, without caps, 1.750" bolt pattern. It has a larger step bore than your measurements, but it might work.
  3. How's that for a search. I pulled the rear fenders off my coupe, today. Cleaned the putty off, and want the same welting as my 49. Dennis Carpenter, seems to have what I want. It's $30 each and $10 now. Seeing how this thread is more than 7 years old, I just thought I'd show how a search can turn out. I'm glad I can still get a vintage welting.
  4. I put a dual voice coil speaker in my dash, when I had it apart. You know you'll want tunes. I still think your car, was originally a police car. The dual spotlight's? I've seen cars in old movies that look like that. Got any pictures of the engine?
  5. solar07, Type, servicing U-joints, in the search, on this Forum.
  6. When the OD is engaged, it locks out reverse. If that's your problem.
  7. Looks nice ntx. I use 51 and 55 bulbs in my cars and truck. In the resource tab, click reference info. It has a listing of the bulbs, and location.
  8. I'm glad you got the time to post again. I posted in another thread that if the Pos. post from the coil goes to the Dist., it's Pos. ground. The sellers hooked the battery up with what they are used to. That probably toasted your field coil in the regulator.
  9. I have an early 1946 Plymouth Coupe that has a three position toggle under the dash, right of the column. It turns the dash lights off, dim, and bright. My 49 only has an on and off toggle. Did you change the Battery to Pos. ground? In earlier pictures, I thought you had 12 volt, from the bright lights. Your brake light is on, might need a switch or you propped it. I don't see the advantage of 6 volt neg. ground. My fuel gauge hasn't worked properly since I bought my car last Dec. I replaced the Voltage regulator, it charges and the gauge is working. After doing extra grounding to frame and firewall and cleaning connections at the Amp gauge.
  10. Rock Auto has two shop manuals for a 49 Dodge truck. A google search of, B-1 Dodge truck shop service manual, will give a good selection. A lot of reprints have blurry pictures. A Motor's manual was all a DIY had, 50 years ago. They are generic and don't tell as much information as a shop manual. And nothing truck related. I have a 10th edition, it's not my go to manual.
  11. I had the same experience, they reordered and I got all the same. 306's are resistor plugs with a .035" gap. It won't run right, with the .028" gap, that the non-resistor 295 requires. I tried it. It didn't start as quickly, was the first thing I noticed. Your start up rich problem is probably related more to the choke operation. Pull the air filter and observe the action of the choke valve when the starter is energized. The choke valve should close. As the engine warms up, the choke valve should open gradually to the wide-open position. From the book, it tells you how to adjust it, too. I read in the Technical Tip's, I think, that a two pump on the throttle before starting cold, was a proper practice. It works for me. But I have manual choke and only partially use it.
  12. It's a good idea to pull the plugs and turn the engine over to TopDeadCenter , with the rotor about 7 o'clock. Then, you can put it back in the same way. A 7/16" wrench should loosen the bolt in the lower left front of the distributor, holding it to the block. It's probably too built up with crud to see very well. But, that's the bolt that holds the distributor in.
  13. Check the fuse coming off the key switch. And check the wires on the back of the Amp gauge. I'm guessing that, stopped starting and charged battery, mean that it doesn't turn over. Look at the coil wire connection to the Distributor, if the coil is marked POS., then it's POS. ground. And the battery was put in wrong.
  14. I did a Google search, and came up with a bunch of parts on Ebay. Try dodgeclassictrucks.com . The thread, new and retro parts, has some vendors listed. I didn't spend any time looking at the other threads. Post the pictures when your trucks get delivered and sorted. Then you'll know what you have, because it's a Fargo. Is the parts truck a Fargo?The 59 should be a 318, the parked 58 chassis could be a 315 Poly style engine, or a six cylinder long block, Canadian were different, than US versions. Welcome and Good luck.
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