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  1. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    The one I used was Made in Germany and it was ok :-) I'm also not a friend of cheap produced parts. There's more worry then fun with them. Before I installed the last gasket I put it on my scanner. I will vectorize it and give it to a friend who ist specialized in laser cutting of paper. Maybe he can make me a hand full of them. I have the feeling, I have to open the carb more often as I wish :-) Kai
  2. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Ok... Problem solved. I checked the distributor but it was ok so I decided to disassemble the carburator. I did like Jan said and helped with a knife. The gasket is broken but I tried to use it again and there's nothing leaking.... lucky me :-) I changed the gas filter and cut the old one but it doesn't look dirty but when I opend the carburator inside the float chamber was lot's of dirt. I cleaned everything and blow all the holes and valves with air and now it's running fine again. My suspect is the littel piston inside the float chamber for the Fluid Drive. There's no real sealing around it and I guess that there's enough gap that dirt comes into the chamber with the time. Time will show... Hey Jan, good idea with the tetrapack ... I will try that. Was at the Motorworld Classics two weeks ago. If I had knowen that you live in Friedrichshafen we could have met. Maybe next year and thanks to you and everybody for the help Kai
  3. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Good point!
  4. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    I installed an electronic ignition so this couldn't be the problem
  5. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Hello Joe hello Lloyd, thanks for your help. I hoped I could avoid opening the carb because it destroys always the main gasket and I didn't find anyone who only sells the main gasket. Always find complet overhaul kits... Or does anybody know anyone? I would buy a 10-pack if I could :-) I let you know if it worked. Try it tomorrow and maybe I'm lucky with the gasket. Thanks again Kai
  6. Kai-by-Vecona

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Some days ago I drove a while with the pedal to the floor... so about two minutes. After that, the engine misfires when I go downhill and stalls when I stop. Before that, everything runs fine. I already chekcked the automatic choke but it works properly. Now I think maybe some holes in the carburator maybe stuck with something so the engine gets to much fuel. When I brake with the lieft foot and step a little bit on the gas it also runs fine. Is that a common problem with teh carburator or should I try to dissamble and clean it? Any ideas? Thanks for your help Kai
  7. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    That was also my idea. I think, this is in my opinion the most obvious reason that the car runs better now. Funny thing is, that I found the bushings at a company providing parts for restoring planes. A pack of ten bushings cost 12 British Pounds :-) So I have still 8 available. If someone wants to have some... just contact me...
  8. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    So....here are the latest results. Made the tune up today and the engine runs pretty well. It was easy to set timing and also the differences in the marker poistions on the damper where nearly nothing. Tested the car on the Autobahn and I run about 15 Miles with steady 75-80 mph. That's far more as before and I think the car never went so fast in it's life. Will have a look how things will go on. Now, the only problem is, that I can't say if it was only the timing chain, because I also installed new bushings in the distributor ( what might not effekt the timing because of the electronic ignition) and installed a NOS vacuum advance (just for fun, because the old was ok) Maybe it was the sum of all the work, .... I don't know. Maybe I just earned some respect of the car and it's running now because it want's to do so :-) But... thanks for all the help. Kai
  9. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Hello Jeff, when I received the kit it was just the small part. I was wondering myself if this is everything but it worked fine. The grommet is a good idea. I think it's not the best thing when the wires get blank or anything else get's into the distributer. I never thought about the jumper wires. I think you're right that they are not needed when the car has no points anymore.
  10. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Hi there, had some time yesterday and put everything together. I did it like janan5243 did and the engine is running. Have to tune up engine now because yesterday it was too late but the main thing is that it worked. Enclosed is a picture for Jeff showing the distributor with the electronic ignition element. Will let you know when I did the tune up. Kai
  11. Kai-by-Vecona


  12. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Hi again, I also don't think it's just the chain but it was the last thing I didn't change. I also put new bushings into the distributor because there was too much play in the shaft. But I heard that the play has not very much effect using a electronic ignition but who knows. Everything else was fine. Wires, coil, rotor, cap, spark plugs everything is new and also in the right position and order :-). Last year I thought it could be something with fuel, so I installed a new pump and rebulild the carburator but this had no effect, so the chain was the only thing left... we will see. I couldn't go on for the next week because im off for work but as soon I have some results, I let you know.
  13. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Hello Jeff, that's one thing I don't understand. It's the same with the picture Don posted. If you have a look at the screws that fix the cmashaft sprocket and you turn the camshaft 180° you have the same result. That's what makes me believe the dots are correct and I'm wrong. That's why I checked again the valves and I could do what I want valves are open at #1 when the dots match. That makes me thinking, that there's something with the camshaft. Is there a possibilty that there exist camshafts which are 180° turned. I wouldn't find a reason for that but as far as I know the engine was build up to the early 70s, maybe there was a wired setup for a strange kind of use and as I told before, the engine was rebuild somehow. Who knows what kind of cam they put into that block. On the other hand, I couldn't imagine that there are so many possibilities installing other camshafts like the regular. Fact is, when the dots match, #1 valves are open and #6 is firing. I just have to install the radiator to start the engine. Then we will see....
  14. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Yes... and I'm very curios about the result. by the way... because I was doing that... the slop with the old chain was 25-30° with the new one it's about 10-15°.
  15. Kai-by-Vecona

    ANSWERED Misfiring because of worn timing chain?

    Hi Dodgeb4ya, that doesn't even calm me down....:-( But the dot on the opposite side is far more better as somewhere on the sprocket or two or three random dots .... :-)

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