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  1. p10plymouth

    CPI Inflation Calculator

    Hers a link to a really cool calculator ... Put in the amount $ and set the year you wonder what IT would cost TODAY! Very addicting...! Copy this link and paste it to your address bar... DANiel Here's the link: http://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm
  2. p10plymouth

    Long Outer /Short outer...?

    951305 mopar number says its a Left handed ..Short Outer tie rod end On the other side 951303 it says... Long outer tie rod end .. Would either one work I wanted to replace a newer tierod end for a NOS one for my 40 Plymouth The part #'s are from the 1936 to 1948 Plymouth Parts Reference Manual (on line) Thanks for the info Daniel
  3. p10plymouth

    1940 Plymouth tag light question

    I also used The GE Silicone clear glue on mine.... Its been working great also.. BUT I did see a NOS one on ebay! it used leather and had these spring clips in it! .. Since my car was painted I saw no need to get one to replace it..DANiel
  4. p10plymouth

    1940's Door Rivet.... Purchase..?

    Door Check Arm Rivet mopar # 536249 seems to fit 1930's to 1960's Plymouth's and ??? does any one know who might sale these. A guy on ebay sells a repair kit that screws together I'm looking to find and install the original type This is the part that connects the arm to the body by the hinges . I did not have the old ones to compare or know what they looked like ..TXS DANiel
  5. p10plymouth

    Windshield molding picture needed. 41-46

    Today's the day I installed the antenna... After seeing a photo of a hole under the liner I drilled.. . I was able to install it... quickly after that... I am only able to rotate it to the horizontal visor not down to the windshield bar becuase of the visor... But I'm ok with that .. I figure I will more than likely always have it up.. thanks again for the photo it was a big part of getting this done...DANiel
  6. p10plymouth

    Windshield molding picture needed. 41-46

    Young Ed....THANK-YOU that's it I just pulled down my liner and there is not a hole in my 40 like yours... but this can easily be done now .. But the hard part was wonder how high it was and your help made it simple to "see" Thank-you DANiel
  7. p10plymouth

    Windshield molding picture needed. 41-46

    Yes ..you have to cut a holeintheroof.. (thats theeasy part) there is a template in the kit for that. The hard part for me is to figure out if there is a hole inside the car which is the header pannel.. The instuctions state to drill a 11/32 hole for the inside antenna What I am trying to figure out is is ther a inside hole and if a 41 -46 has one I plan on removing the trim and look under the headliner I called a guy from the POC and he told me not to believe the instructions most of the time he said the isntructions where onlya start to get the job done.. so if anyone knows for sure ther is ahole in the header panel behind the headliner let me know..DANiel
  8. I need a favor "please" .. I just got a very rare antenna the windshield header type Part no. 904042.... rotating adjustable center roof type I need pictures of the molding above the rear view mirror... knock out plug (s) The instructions say after a certain production number 1941 Plys Doges etc. have two knock out plugs (maybe only one?) on the windshield molding.(these are for the adjustable knob and the inside antenna rod... There was a knock out behind the wiper knob .. I seen those..) My 40 does not have these plugs which means I have to Drill them . I want to be sure before I drill I am 100 % sure... I got a great deal its only missing a rubber gasket which I have on order and did not have to pay the 495.00 like the one that was mentioned earlier ..I got this one for 150.00 but it really looks NOS.. so its a a Early Christmas present for the Ply. Thanks for the pictures DANiel
  9. I just got done installing my Prewar orginal Western Electric phone in my 40 Plymouth.. I put a small mp3 player that when picked up will ring and a special operator voice asks you to hold ..while she connects your call then after all that it has a prerecorded massage that says I'm sorry the number you.... I made a special bracket that bolts undr the seat and goes between the seats . Big hit at the shows and showing this item.. DANiel
  10. p10plymouth

    How to get the smell out

    I used a dehumidifier in a car once ran it for a month ... just make a hose to take the water out and let her run will dry out any thing that might be making the smell, ( if its still decomposing..) good luck DANiel
  11. p10plymouth

    Pressure plate/flywheel balancing - Is it worth it?

    YOu don't have to cut "IF" the presure plat has no groves worn in it.... Just as you wouln't have to cut your drums every time you replace your shoes (unless they where groved) Now only you can say if it chattered before you took it apart then you might want to at least cut it.. ON my car the most important thing was replacing the piolot shaft bushing made a really smooth operating culuch after the rebuild parts went back in... DANiel
  12. p10plymouth

    OT: Cleaning oil spots off cement driveway

    As a side note: trust me I do not like leaks... But maybe I read it here or the Hamb.. quote: "My car doesn't leak .... It marking its teritory..!"
  13. p10plymouth

    Battery time

    This why ever battery "Must" be Load checked "yearly" you can not tell by voltage .. Most shops and fast auto parts stores wil do it for free.. ...DANiel
  14. p10plymouth

    Ny police cars

    Take a look at this ad for a Wester Electric 2 Way communication system and this was back in 1939 ... Looks like "ALL " the good ideas where born in the 40's.. DANIel
  15. p10plymouth

    Fel Pro Headgasket ..?

    THANK-YOU guys for the answer... But funny thing happen .. This morining the other Parts Supplier.. Brought me a Victor head gasket.... It was something I new I wanted immidatley .. Because it was ...Copper. and the Felpro did not look like that "through " the package.. So I bought it evan though the extra bump was on it.. I was suprised only one sie had the copper on it but I ended up using the Felpro copper gasket spray.. BUT the funny part is ........... The Victor head gasket "Had" a Felpro manufatures stamp on it... I wonder IF I opened the felpro gasket I would of seen a one sided copper gasket also...? Thaks again to all ........DANiel

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