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  1. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    Good information to have and keep. I will put this in my maintenance folder for future info. Thanks
  2. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    Filled the radiator, started the engine, and the plug stayed in place and did not leak. Beginners luck I would say.
  3. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    It feels tight, I cannot move it now. I may as well fill the block now, instead of putting it off and dreading the results.
  4. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    Thanks for the link. I have dimpled the replaced one. I will let it set overnight before refilling the block. Will keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    I don't know how much space there is. It went in very easy. I have not tried to dimple it yet. I thought they had to be forced in.
  6. Campton1941

    Freeze plugs

    1941 Plymouth PT 125. Today the front top freeze plug popped out losing all the fluid. The engine was overhauled last year and has only a few hours at idle on it. I purchased a new 1 5/8 disc at NAPA. It seems too small for the hole. It goes in without any force. The new disc also seems thinner than the one that came out. Do they make and oversize freeze plug? Anybody have an idea?
  7. Campton1941

    Oil Filter part number?

    I don't think so. Look for a recess in the lid, in which the gasket would fit and cover the top of the canister.
  8. Campton1941

    Oil Filter part number?

    I use the NAPA 1010 filter, but use the rubber gasket from NAPA 1071. It fits perfectly but the filter is too short. .
  9. Campton1941

    Master cylinder bracket

    On my 1941 Plymouth truck I used the corvette type MC from Speedway. Used 3/8 " plate. Worked with original brake pushrod. Pictures attached.
  10. Campton1941

    cartridge oil filter

    My truck uses a NAPA 1010 and I use the gasket that comes with the NAPA 1071. The gasket is correct size but the filter is too short. John PT-125 Indy
  11. Campton1941

    Distributor to Plugs Diagram

    Tod stated: Now attach the plug wires in counterclockwise order. Manuals all show the wires attached in a clockwise direction. Am i CONFUSED?
  12. Campton1941

    Paint color on build sheet

    I am getting ready to paint my 1941 Plymouth truck PT-125. When purchased it was painted safety yellow. The build sheet shows 4 as the color. Does anyone know what color that would be? John Indpls Pt-125

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