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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands
  • Birthday 05/20/1945

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    68 yrs. old built 32 ford pick up when I was 14 yrs old
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    Retired Steamfitter UA local 33, 47 Years as of 9/2017

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    Des Moines, IA. 50310
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    34 and 33 Plymouth. 1997 3500 HD crew cab, long bed, dully Chevy, 7.4, 4l80E tranny, Dana 80 third member, 3 4 drop, converted to single rear wheels, led lighting, chrome air dam. an more. One 34 is a original car, the other is powered by an old 392 with 6 110 blower carbureted, 727 O.D. tranny, 1971 locker third member. The 33 is an original car driving it. The other 34 is also a original car driving it. Engines on hand 3 201's 2 230's 2 251's 3 265 Spitfires's 1 331 Molly block, 5 392's V8 Hemi's. B 4 YX 4 Ton Dodge 1952 T 413.16? ci 4 Ton 5th Wheel.
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    1 1934 Plymouth PE 2 Door HEMI +. 1 1934 PE 2 Door complete & driving Original Car. One 1933 PD aluminum head complete & driving original car. B 4 YX fifth wheel tractor, B 3 RA, B 3 RX, 2 377's , 1 331's.


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    Des Moines, Ia.,
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  1. Charlie Stephenson

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    A JACK IS FOR LIFTING. NOT HOLDING. TIRES = FIVE YEARS AND DONE; WORN 60% GONE AND DONE -- CELL PHONE WITH RECEPTION ------- Charlie Stephenson, watching the road.. lucky ?
  2. Charlie Stephenson

    Hemi using oil

    I skimmed this, more than likely i missed something -- moly rings stood out -- do u mean chrome moly rings ? Charlie Stephenson
  3. Charlie Stephenson

    Got my 1.5 ton home today

    There is one on ebay a 52 i think with an Ellis intake -- a little price but if your a fan a Great buy, i have his # if u are really interested. Charlie Stephenson
  4. Charlie Stephenson

    318 and 904 swap into 1951 B-3

    You have my attention -- I have a 265 flat head-tri-power-direct drive cam-vertex-spitfire head-940-dusted rear end w Chrysler disk-shoehorning into a 34 Plymouth PE 2 door. Build --------- want a T353 Chrysler Flat Head. Charlie Stephenson
  5. Charlie Stephenson

    Truck tires conversion to modern size

    I'm so experienced on 20" split rims, I have part numbers, pictures, and a need for 4 Goodyear 7.50 x 20, 10 hole, ball & socket, Budd wheels. I have a source, but lack pick up and delivery capabilities. Ruth and are considering a 20'er full of 7.50 to 9.00, and even 10.00 X 20" tires, they all want me to buy, (of coarse), but we have stopped our investigation ----- we have a business plan, a banker, available space, a port of call, a forwarder, contacts for insurance. I'm a 48 year member in good standing with United Association of Plumber and Steamfitters, Local 33 --- Our family -- well go figure --- Charlie Stephenson
  6. Charlie Stephenson

    Help !! truck shipping

    My bad "LOT" not log
  7. Charlie Stephenson

    Help !! truck shipping

    My experience with U- Ship has been 5 positive and 0 negative. Each experience involves a log of vetting on your part of the shipper as they are all an individual entities. I have put in a call to Travis, my personal favorite, exceptionally honest man. Charlie Stephenson
  8. Charlie Stephenson

    What is this tool for?

    Please accept my offer of 30 $ US for the tip cleaner, been looking 4 1 . Charlie Stephenson
  9. Charlie Stephenson

    Anybody wanna go for a drive?

    at 55MPH from where I am, cant make it, any one near 50310, is probably hunkered down, -14 New Years eve, wind, we will have to wait and see. Charlie Stephenson
  10. Charlie Stephenson

    Need transmission info

    Please, ask your friend if he would be interested in helping your fellow Blogger, (Charlie Stephenson 5152767877/50310-2660) in completing his collection of Chrysler Molly block engines. I have all but a 413.16, Engine Code number T 325 and a M49-3. Thank You for your consideration. Charlie Stephenson
  11. Charlie Stephenson


    The only message I have received is CHECK the rotation ? Charlie Stephenson
  12. Charlie Stephenson

    Casting numbers under starter

    I agree, 218 & 230, 251& 265 don't know about 281 ~ (306 331 377 413) or any of the other 100 Chrysler engine block casting numbers or updated mold numbers, . Charlie Stephenson this new gaming key board is great colorful and wired
  13. Charlie Stephenson

    Oil Leak Jack

  14. Charlie Stephenson

    Oil Leak Jack

    Introduce your self to your Harbor Freight Store Manager, He may be you BFF. Charlie Stephenson
  15. Charlie Stephenson

    Flat head 218 Engine

    50310; price is break even. Charlie Stephenson

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