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  1. 1950 Chrysler Royal

    I should have a pic of the bell crank as I took it apart to check and grease the bearingd etc, I will have to do some digging. Is there any way to find out if my top oiler was a factory fitted option ? a build sheet from the manufacturer or something ? Regards C
  2. 1950 Chrysler Royal

    Simple Ozzie... LOL, there are pics in the members gallery just look for 1950 Chrysler. if they are not visible, drop me a note at colinmillard@gmail.com and I will send them to ya -C
  3. 1950 Chrysler Royal

    Hi Andy I created an album to put the pictures into. I took some pics this morning, however the engine is in place as I have recently moved, so I took some pics from either side of the engine, straight underneath and the drop arm from the steering box. there is also a log pic from the rear when the chassis was being stripped down, hope it helps, If you need anything else, just shout !
  4. 1950 Chrysler Royale

    Various Pics of my project
  5. 1950 Chrysler Royal

    Hi Wayne, yeah I made it ! Pictures ?, I have a gazzilion of everything... as it was dismantled and cleaned / stored lol ( gotta love digital Cameras ) When I get it we managed to get the engine running after sitting there for 5 years, and when she settled down it was very smooth, so much I have only cleaned the oil pan and replaced some gaskets / and core plugs. The body is off the chassis, so as I can work on the breaks, steering / suspension etc.
  6. 1950 Chrysler Royal

    Hi All I am restoring a 1950 Chrysler Royal and have identified ( I think ) a top oiler which is bolted to the bulkhead. It seems to have been fitted as standard, how ever I have been unable to find any information as was it a factory option or what ? Would appreciate any info / guidance Thanks Colin