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  1. This was a write up Rich Hartung did a few years ago Try this link ammco tool
  2. oldmopar

    51 Plymouth concord business coupe free

    sent you a message
  3. oldmopar

    GL2 Gear Oil Replacement?

    GL4 should be good for you trans/rear it should be in most auto parts store . It can also be purchased on amazon link below Sta-Lube gl4
  4. oldmopar

    Timing issue

    How to set timing and other good things are explained in a service repair manual. Best to get a original or even a reproduction for the car but a older general repair manual will explain the process and getting a manual will be much cheaper then a tow truck ride and a bill from the garage. You could even try the the local library they should have a manual that will explain the process.
  5. oldmopar

    1953 DeSoto Taxi

    Send a message to member Don Coatney he installed a Desoto engine in a plymouth not sure which engine.
  6. oldmopar

    Diff Lube

    the gl5 should be ok for the rear. The gl4 is usually recommended for the trans. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but I just keep a gallon of the gl4 in the garage for the older vehicles.
  7. oldmopar

    Clutch Adjust

    The clutch pedal should have some play before it engages I forget exact amount but a 1_1/2 to 2" should be ok
  8. oldmopar

    Door latch spring replacement on 36 Plymouth?

    I have a 35 -36 manual no photos of door spring here is a description from manual on the door spring, Are you sure its the correct spring, many ebay sellers are lacking in knowledge of parts they sell. 36plydoor.PDF
  9. oldmopar

    Rocker Moldings

    Like everything they are worth what someone will pay for them and condition is a factor . I think in nice condition $200 for the set left and right would be reasonable.
  10. oldmopar

    new guy

    I have not tried the wd40 rust penetrate will have to get a can to test but the only thing I have found that runs a 2nd a kroil is Liquid wrench L112 penetrating https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ZZWNYG/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3PLJ2ZU6OFJ2D&coliid=I2M8P55I476TGR&psc=1
  11. oldmopar

    Motor ID parts needed

    A vendor like roberts would have them or you should be able to get a local auto parts if you can find someone old enough to understand what you are talking about
  12. oldmopar

    Motor ID parts needed

    Yes but these engines interchange plymouth was a 218 your truck had a 230 but basically the same engines for many years. The
  13. I came across some old P15 Driver newsletters , In one dated summer 2000 there is a photo of some members . Just wondering how many are still active here I'm pretty sure Norm Milliner pass away not sure about the others. See photo if scan loaded ok File0001.PDF
  14. oldmopar

    new guy

    With the in tank bronze filters sometime the bottom of it is clogged with crud and if you have around a1/4 tank or less the filter will prevent the flow. The air may be blowing out of the top of the filter. Just to show you all kinds of things can block a gas flow. I found this mouse blocking thein tank fuel filter in a 52 plymouth
  15. oldmopar

    new guy

    On the gas tank when i have a lot of old crappy gas I usually pull the sending unit and drop a hose attached to a modern electric fuel pump (keep pump a distance from the tank in case it sparks) and pump the crud into a empty can up though the sending unit opening. If you drop the tank watch the fuel line that have a furel , like a pipe on a sink that seals line to tank and is a odd size. These cars have a bronze intank non removable filter but it should clear when you hit it with the air. Once you get the puller for the brakes i have found by using a socket that fits my brake puller and a air gun sometimes the nut will come off with out pounding on the bar the comes with the tank. Its been a while since I worked on any old mopars but this should be helpful if not someone will correct me i hope.

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