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  1. I have been told by more experienced gents that you can simply swap to a 12v regulator and the 6v generator will be fine. If/when it quits, the local auto electric place can simply rebuild it to 12v specs while they have it.
  2. Old CWO

    1954 Dodge PU Front Brake Upgrade

    TSM MFG front disc brake kit and XJ Cherokee MC under the floor with a homemade mounting plate. Works perfectly. I wish the MC didn't have a plastic reservoir as it looks a little out of place but it fits in the limited space I have down there behind the steering box. Not sure about your C series truck as I haven't looked at them closely, but I suspect the situation is similar.
  3. Old CWO

    thoughts on 3:07 gears?

    I have the same configuration in my truck; 3.55s and 215/85R16, 4 speed. It's a dog out of the hole, plain and simple. I have a T5 rebuilt and ready to go in when the weather improves around here. I went with the 4.03 first gear trans as that makes the 3.55/30" tire combo gearing nearly identical to OEM 4.10/original tires at the bottom end. I think the other big gain potential is an extra gear split in there. Manual trannies from the 70s and back usually have big RPM drops between shifts. The 218 doesn't have the mojo to make up for it while driving in modern traffic. At least in my opinion. I'm not even opposed to dropping the axles down to 4.10 after the trans swap if it still seems a little doggy while rowing through the gears. I once had a 2.5L Jeep Wrangler with similar trans ratios to the T5, 4.88s and 33s. It was fantastic around town and only buzzed a little high at speeds of 70 and above. Speeds a lifted Jeep (or 50s truck) shouldn't be driven at anyway...
  4. Old CWO

    good white wall tires

    I have read many times that you can buff the black rubber from the sidewalls of a raised letter tire to make wide whites. Never tried it but there are youtube videos and web forums covering the topic. One could do something really cool with that, like say make BF Goodrich All Terrains into wide whites.
  5. Old CWO

    Motor and tranny swap

    Easiest "swap?" A souped up 230 flathead with a S-10 T5 behind it.
  6. Old CWO

    Long journey

    Cell phone? That's no fun! You're supposed to change your points on the side of the road in the rain at night while wearing your Sunday clothes using a matchbook as a feeler gauge...
  7. Old CWO

    Long journey

    I'm about 375 miles from the flats. I have never been to Bonneville for speed week but it's definitely on the to-do list.
  8. Old CWO

    Long journey

    This probably goes with saying, but I would carry some basic stuff with me. When I was a teen, it was still common to have carburetors and points in your daily driver. Most savvy folks I knew had some tools, fluids, rags and a spare set of points on board.
  9. Old CWO

    Correct oil

    That's an interesting choice, usually the Synchromesh fluids are recommended for the more modern aluminum transmissions like Tremec or New Venture. I would have probably defaulted to Amsoil 75W90 Manual Transmission Gear Lube in the older trans and not even considered the lighter stuff. I bet it shifts like butter even when it's cold. Thanks for the information!
  10. Old CWO

    Correct oil

    As many have stated, engine oil requirements are easily met by virtually anything available on the shelf in grade or close to it. In the gearbox, I would personally be a little more selective. There is a possibility that some EP GL5 rated gear lubes intended for hypoid rear axles can harm yellow metals inside transmissions. As transmission rated gear lube is reasonably easy to find, I always stick with that just in case. It's perhaps overkill, but cheap insurance at the end of the day.
  11. Has anyone tried a beam front axle from a 2wd Jeep XJ Cherokee? Since the XJ rear axle is such a clean fit in many of these vintage Mopar trucks, perhaps the front might work as well? You would of course have to torch off all the coil spring mounting stuff but that's easy enough. I'm thinking you could weld perches on it and keep the stock leaf spring front suspension. Obviously the ride height and steering would need to be worked out, but it might be a way to modernize steering and brakes without irreversible mods to the original chassis and suspension. It should be more suited to a truck GVW than a passenger car IFS as well. Just a thought...
  12. Great looking truck, certainly a nice pair piece to the car.
  13. Old CWO

    Flywheel Bolt Problem (Major)

    I have not personally had one of these apart but from the photo it appears to me that you are dealing with a stud, not a bolt. and I agree with Merle; replace them all. A wheel stud of suitable dimensions should be available from a "real" auto parts store.
  14. Old CWO

    Patina for sure

    Old historic ghost towns in the Eastern Sierras are said to be in a state of "arrested decay." Maybe that's how you describe it. Whatever you call it, well loved old trucks are just flat cool. Freshly painted and hot rodded ones ain't bad either! And come to think of it, I have shot my share of primer bombs just to get the junk to at least one color so it looked presentable to the neighbors. Now, fake patina....
  15. Old CWO

    Patina for sure

    The styling of that truck is just amazing compared to the ho-hum aerodynamic chrome plated plastic pickups of today. The idea of a truck like that sitting on a Ram 3500 diesel 4x4 chassis is really starting to grow on me. Modern engineering hidden under vintage iron just makes perfect daily driver material in my mind. My current DD is truly a marvel of modern reliability, comfort and quality but I might as well be driving a Kenmore refrigerator...boring and exactly the same as everyone else.

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