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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks Paul. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And to all.
  2. It may be an electric R6. Rebuilt plus new parts. I’d say it’s well worth $1000 if legit. Not sure about that weld job on the top plate I looked for 2 years before I found an R6 for sale. Paid $650 for it. Non-electric and had to take it apart for a couple reasons. But they are hard to find at a reasonable price. Most OD’s I’ve seen are going at $1000-2500.
  3. I didn’t think Mopar had the R10 till later. Better yet with a solenoid. R6 was the OD in 39. Then came the R7, later the R10??? I guess I’m lost now.
  4. Is this a date code on my carburetor?

    I believe the G6 denotes a series of the 439s carb. Which means its the same carburetor, just denoting an engineering change. check out this link: http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Carburetor_ID.htm
  5. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    I’m just saying if I was going to put a V8 engine in my 39 I would go the whole 9 yards Fargo. I’m sure you know more about these cars than I do. I have seen bolt/weld on front end kits that include disc brakes and suspension. As far as weight. I have no idea what a V8 weighs or a flathead and if the suspension would need to be beefed up although to me it would be a consideration. Another one is if the frame can take the added HP? Could it possibly twist?
  6. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    If swapping from a flathead to a V8 or 6 then I would add disc brakes upgrade suspension and swap rearend as well. But for me I feel happier driving my 39 with a flathead. Although I swapped the original 201 for a 1950 218 and stroked it with a 230 crank. That was my choice.
  7. 39 Side Mirrors?

    Looked at Eastwood and lot of complaints. Cast steel- The tool broke, bolt head is to big, pins are not hardened steel. But i did find Drake at bobdrake.com. Looks like carpenters has the same tool. It’s forged steel with hardened pins for an extra $5. They say it’s for early fords but if the VW pins fit fords and Mopar I’m assuming the tool will work for a 39 Plymouth.
  8. Carter BB DTE2

    The barrel on the carb is wider than the original as well. I tried placing a later dodge truck carb on a 1950 218 and could clearly see the size difference looking down the barrel at the edge of the manifold sticking inside the carb barrel. It didn’t idle to well at all afterwards. I would suggest anyone going that route plan on changing the manifold as well.
  9. 39 Side Mirrors?

    Thanks Bill, I'll keep you in mind if I need any parts. Pretty much got mine together mechanically, right now I'm getting ready to paint it. Never painted a car in my life but U-Tube has all. Hopefully next year I will be driving it. I was wondering about removing the hinge pins. I read on one of the advertisements that they recommend you paint your car after replacing the hinge pins. That was encouraging. Would you have a link to Drakes? I'd like to see a hinge press. Haven't heard from Dennis Detweiler who first posted this topic. I didn't mean to run off with his post.
  10. 39 Side Mirrors?

    Thank you. I've been leaning towards the hinge pin mount - just wasnt sure what would work.
  11. Another place for floorpans

    They do look expensive. I replaced the rear lower center panel and both rear lower corners on my 39. Got all 3 off ebay for about $300. I see here the center piece is $475 and both corners are $155/each. Maybe these are better I don't know but the ones I put on my car worked out fine.
  12. engine id help

    Flathead 6 number that starts with D came from a Dodge. I dont believe there was two letters though. Should be just a capital D then 2 numbers and a star. The two numbers after the D would tell you what year the motor was made. Unless someone knows of a special meaning for two letters??
  13. 39 Side Mirrors?

    I thought they were original equipment as well. You did a real good job of fabrication and they look nice. My first thought when I saw them was they looked more sturdy then just mounting the side mirrors to the door skin. Mounted on the door skins I see them coming loose and warbling out the holes after a while. But what you did is a good idea. I might try and do something like that if I don't go for the hinge pin mount. I had looked at the Volkswagen mirrors after reading HughForrest's topic reply. On some Volkswagen website which I cant find now but where you can get older rebuild parts I looked at the mirrors and hinge pins they had and I do remember thinking they would work - or you could make them work. Which do you think was better? The mirrors you have on your 39 or the hinge pin ones you have on your 36??
  14. 39 Side Mirrors?

  15. spitfire engine specs

    Heres a pic and a link that may help: http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php