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  1. Lloyd

    Rock Auto Discount

    Ordered a water pump and got this. Says I can give it to whoever I know works on cars. Seems they always give you this stuff after you made your order. Discount on RockAuto Parts! Thank you for being a customer! To show our appreciation, we have a special discount for you. Your discount code is: 9574129891194046 How to Use Your Discount Code Enter the code above in the "How did you hear about us" box without any other numbers or characters. Please note: Discount cannot be applied once an order is marked as shipped. The discount takes 5% off our reliably low prices. There is no limit on order size or the number of orders. Use the code for your next order, and share the code with anyone you know who works on cars or trucks. This discount code expires on January 6, 2019 so do not wait!
  2. Lloyd

    Electrical issues driving me nuts

    How did you check the alternator? a simple test is with a volt meter on the battery. Check battery voltage before starting. Should be 12-13v. Start the engine voltage should increase to 13-15 volts. If not turn some stuff on, headlights, radio, heater and increase rpm’s. Should see the increase in voltage. I don’t know if a short would cause your charging system to do what you are describing but a charged battery when you park it and a dead battery next morning will. Plus you did smoke the harness. So, I would check for a short. Remove a battery cable and connect your volt meter between the cable and terminal. Make sure everything is turned off and doors are shut so the interior lights are not on. With an alternator you may show a volt or two. This would be the diodes in the alternator letting voltage through. It’s normal. To verify disconnect the alternator and recheck. If you still show voltage you can pull fuses one at time to isolate the circuit and point you in the right direction. If that doesn’t work start unplugging stuff. Switches, relays anything connected to the wiring harness until the voltage goes to zero or drops. Just a drop may show one short but if you still see voltage then probably got another one. One other thing, since the voltage output from the alternator seems to drop after a few minutes I would perform the alternator test and test for shorts at that time. Not while everything is working.
  3. Lloyd

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    I have a banjo wheel in mine, heres a couple pics. Get a chance post the pics of your weatherstripping. Thanks.
  4. Lloyd

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    That sounds interesting. What did you use to install it? If you can post a pic when you get it in.
  5. Lloyd

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    No need for discuss ken. You are right the idle circuit is a metered air and fuel mixture. It’s almost like a little carburetor in a carburetor. I think the suggestion I was offering is that if your throttle plates are open then the idle circuit don’t work so that’s something to look for.
  6. Lloyd

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    The only thing I see on my doors that could come close to being a weather seal is just on the forward portion of the forward doors where the jamb is at. It has what looks like tar or black hardened goo. I dont think its actual road tar because it looks like it was laid in there, I left it there thinking maybe it needs it. Heres a pic of it. This is only on the forward doors, not the rear. You can see it on the inside of the door covered with orange paint. The only other seals I have are part of the interior where that fabric roll stuff goes around and the doors meet up against it when they shut, you can see that as well as the tan vertical material just to the left of center. That stuff goes all the way around both sides and top of every door.
  7. Lloyd

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    All the idle mixture screw does is allow air to bypass the throttle plates when they are closed. I've found when adjusting carburetors and assuming I have no vacuum leaks if the adjustment screw does not change the idle then my throttle plates are usually open to far. Which is usually the idle speed set to high although a remote possibility could be the fast idle cam on the choke as well. If the idle screw is holding the throttle plates to far open then the mixture screw will have little or no effect. Although one time when I had removed the butterfly plates during a rebuild and had not centered them in the bore before tightening them on the throttle shaft. Another thing I found on these B&B's is the rebuild diagram actually tells you which side is up and which side is down when installing the throttle plates on the shaft. As I recall it states looks for the engraving on the plate. You can check either one by removing the carb and while holding the throttle plates closed shine a flashlight at the bottom and look through the top of the carb. One other thing to check while you have it off is make sure the idle port is just above the throttle plates when the plates are closed.
  8. Lloyd

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    mmmm. My 39 does not have any weather stripping on the doors themselves. Only on the body around the perimeter where the doors make contact. This weatherstripping is like a rolled fabric or canvas that goes around the edges and tucks into the inside panels.
  9. Lloyd

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    Hey Dennis. Not sure if we are looking at the same weatherstripping but 39 P8 has the original and it goes all around except for the bottom on every door. The trunk lid gasket I'm not 100% on. My P8 did not have a trunk lid gasket so I ordered some from Bernbaums and figured it out best I could. Got all kinds of channels and seems like it can fit either way. I took my best guess then flipped a coin. Added some pics if they might help.
  10. Lloyd


    Wuts cursive?
  11. Lloyd


    Happy birthday Paul. May you have many more. Thanks for your help with my OD. BTW- I saw the post octogenarian the other day but I didn’t know what that was till now.
  12. Lloyd

    39 Side Mirrors?

    Well so much for this eBay mirror. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172855156996 Store Name: cencaldistributors Moved it a little yesterday and the glass fell out. I could glue it back in but still ticks me off. Taiwan stuff. I'm not using them. $20 bucks down the drain. Looking at these now: http://www.westcoastmetric.com/c-1173800-vw-bug-sedan-1960-vw-bug-sedan-exterior-mirrors-hardware.html Says made in USA. Little more expensive but I don't mind if they last more than a couple days without falling apart. I was thinking of something else with welding the screw portion onto the hinge pin. Rather than cutting the VW pin and leaving a portion of the shank then welding that onto the head of the original pin, I was thinking cutting right at the base of the threads then drilling a hole all the way thru it. Grind the protruding cap portion off the original pin and inserting it into the threaded portion then reaching inside and putting a little spot weld inside there. That should put the threaded portion right on top of the door hinge.
  13. Lloyd

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    Dont know a thing about this type of clock except what Greg just added. But it sounds like it needs a lot of amps to work. I would think the heavy gauge wire would afford that opportunity. While its in your car might try and run some of that heavy gauge wire straight from the battery to the clock. One wire at a time, which ever one works the clock then the other one you are using would be at fault.
  14. Lloyd

    39 Side Mirrors?

    Well I got some time to work on my car. Since I plan on painting it I thought I would tackle the side mirror problem. I ordered the pins and mirror off eBay. Stock Door Pins: www.ebay.com/itm/283081985270 VW Mirror Pins: https://www.ebay.com/itm/172251506289 VW Passenger Mirror: https://www.ebay.com/itm/172855156996 Cut the screw portion off the VW pins. Flattened out the head of the stock pin with a grinder so the cut VW pin would have a flat surface to place it on. Placed a nut on the threaded portion to try and keep from buggering the threads - little note here, it was hard finding a nut, don't think its SAE or metric - best fit I could find was a metric M12-1.25. Got a few threads before it seemed to want to tighten up so I took the few threads. Then used a C-Clamp to hold it all together then welded it up. The pin sticks up a little and the mirror does not screw all the way down onto the top of the hinge. Don't care for that much but I plan on getting a chrome spacer with a teflon washer below it to help protect the paint. Cut that to fit and slip it between the top portion of the hinge pin and the base of the mirror to hide it. Included some pics, looks like it will work. The pic with the two mirrors shows the pins as well. The middle pin is the stock pin from my car and the other two on each side is what I got off eBay. The second pear shaped mirror I thought I would try but cannot see it from the drivers seat. So it does not work. I just ordered the other mirror for the other side. This one has the long arm but the one for the drivers side does not have the long arm. Guess thats they way they came out on the early VW's. But I'm going to roll with it.
  15. Lloyd

    overdrive transmissions

    I have a 39 P8. I swapped the original 201 with a 1950 218 and used the original bell housing from the 201. I know an R7 trans bolted up to the bell housing. The only problem I considered was my 39 had a cable actuated shifting mechanism which was unique to 1939. This meant I had to swap the steering column with a later model to get the standard shifting linkage. Any of the later column shift linkage would have fit the R7 and from what I was told the R10 as well. I then got an R6 OD. This was the OD trans available for the 39 and previous years. Then I swapped top plates from my original to the R6 and it bolted right in. The R6 I got originally came with a floor shifter. Not sure what kind of shift linkage a 37 has - does your original trans have a bolt on top plate or 2 shifting arms on the side? I would guess if you go with a floor shifter you should be able to use the R10. I would. May have to get the shifter to if your original had a top plate. Honestly I don’t see how it could be true you have to have a column shift to put an OD in. Lots of guys on here have an OD on the floor. Here’s a pic of the R6 with the top plate and cable shift.

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