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    I am into street rods and hot rods I have a 1947 Dodge Coe
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  1. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Keep on it and you will have a nice car when your done!
  2. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    I never had any intentions of building a car or truck to haul around. Most of the fun for me is the build but driving is a lot of fun too. Thanks for the positive feedback. 🙂
  3. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    So I have not posted in a long time. I was busy with daily driver repairs for customers, the wife getting a new hip and working like crazy to get the Suburban ready for its first long road trip. We made the trip to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville Ky. The throttle cable broke on the way down and luckily we found a small garage to help us out with the repair. Fifty bucks later we were on the road again. We entered the car into Mopar Country and were picked with five other cars for their award. Here is a picture of the car on the floor at the award ceremony. We were thrilled!
  4. Don Colliau

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    That looks like a mess of wiring going to the radio. I think they are absolutely nuts at 82 grand. What any buyer should check is that there is a paper trail with the car. Such as a builder supplied wiring diagram showing what is hooked up and where so it could be repaired if needed. I have done that with my builds so even I can refer back and repair a problem. My dash wiring is all wired to plugs so the whole dash can be removed and laid on the bench. This give access to all the computer wiring. My car will run with the dash out of it. For that kind of money the could have cleaned the alternator and ac compressor up a bit. And that convoluted radiator hose is just plain ugly. No good pictures of the underside either. Don
  5. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Chevy Cavalier center steer rack. I have been really busy with customer cars so I haven't done much to the wagon. So that is why I haven't posted either. I am trying to solve the poor braking issue I have. Seems I my upholstery guy was over last Friday and he is supposed to be getting me finished up. some personal problems on his end.
  6. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    That is on the list of things to do this weekend. Been plowing snow for two days!
  7. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    There is the problem. The visors were out of the car and I didn't know what screws held them in.
  8. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Can anybody tell me if the visors are held in with sheet metal or machine screws and what size they are? I don't want to do too much probing in a new headliner. Thanks, Don
  9. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    I am hoping to have the interior done soon but who knows how fast the upholster is gong to have the rear seat built. I am behind on work right now because I had to plow snow yesterday with another 5 inches in the forecast for today. Keep on dreaming and maybe buy a lottery ticket.
  10. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    DJ, I cant tell you how fad the arm rests open up I dont have them fastened yet. I haven't see a problem yet. I had to narrow them up about 5/8 of and inch because of the side panel padding and the padding on them making the seat to wide to fit between.
  11. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Don't stop I am interested in your build and I'm sure others are too! Thanks and yes it is expensive.
  12. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Some more interior work. Speakers added to rear panels. Headliner panel covering AC unit and arm rests. 14
  13. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Milan Dragway Saturday!
  14. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Update!!!!!!! Went to IDIDIT yesterday for their open house car show. I had the front end aligned last Tuesday. The shop adjusted camber and toe. Caster was within spec. Camber is a bit on the minus side but it is okay. No more adjustment. Was pushing 80 degrees when I came home so I fired up the AC and it did real well. I talked to the trans controller guy Friday and we had to check a box in the controller config files to get the bump shift to work. Now I have to pull the computer and send it back to Hot Wire and have it reprogrammed to manual trans mode. It falls on its face at 4000 rpm. We suspected this could happen. Overall this is a great car. Lots of attention and drives very well!
  15. Don Colliau

    1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Thanks Walt and nice to meet you!

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