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  1. dodgeguy

    52 cranbrook flathead 6

    Unless his battery is in some obscure out of sight location, he should be able to look at battery and tell if system is 12 volt.
  2. dodgeguy

    License plate restoration

    While not local to you, Jack Brewer in St. Louis. He does lots of mail order work. www.vintageplaterestoration.com 817-7279185
  3. dodgeguy

    Another 230 build thread

    A. Where did you find a heat/dust shield that looks brand new? B. What kind of camera are you using, the pictures are so clear it looks like Im standing there in person.
  4. dodgeguy

    Another 230 build thread

    Hi Don, I'm going by my experience on a small block Chevy, so I err on cautious side now with any flat tappet engine I own, just a opinion based on past experience not trying to step on any toes or peoples opinions.
  5. dodgeguy

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I wish you guys would quit breaking into my shop and using my workbench for photos! Oh wait you mean all work benches look like this when being used? My buddy told me when we are down to our last 1/2in wrench its time to clean off the work bench. I was going to suggest you run a extra tube off the 4th hole in collector to confuse people , like a down draft tube, make it go to nowhere or connect them and say its a balance tube to eve out the "pulses" but saw you did a nice return short tube. VERY NICE WORK a true innovative hot rod BTW what is the maroon street rod in back ground looks like 35 ford or Plymouth.
  6. dodgeguy

    Pinion Nut Cotter Pin

    Whenever I work on a model that I'm not familiar with I check fit of parts i'm going to use for reassembly like diameter of pin into the pinion shaft hole before I get to far along so I know how difficult it will be. After all that long winded advice I usually forget such and in same situation . Good luck. Oh and excellent pictures and close-ups. Helps new guys see what we are dealing with!
  7. dodgeguy

    Another 230 build thread

    Was going to suggest magnaflux and hot tank but saw it later in post. Don't forget ZDP (zinc) additive for your oil. flat tappet cams will wear out quickly with modern oils that are forced on us these days. 2 door sedans are rare in these parts, but cool. Guy on you tube converted 4 door to one but I'm not sure proportions look right regarding front doors. By the way your engine hoist must have one heck of a reach, or the old "shade tree" was pressed into service.
  8. dodgeguy

    Harmonic balancer

    Does your significant other know you are using the driver seat of the daily "grocery getter" as a backdrop for a greasy harmonic balancer? I prefers to use kitchen counter or dining room table for such shenanigans !! Oh and by the way , her dishwasher doesn't work well as a parts washer like my buddies said it would!
  9. dodgeguy

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    Hi, c turbo. I sent you a P M over on the message side. Also what is that maroon fender on the 4 door sitting next to your 37, a Plymouth?
  10. dodgeguy

    Fluid drive question

    That's why every old movie in New York with Yellow taxi cabs always had 47 Dodges they would leave it in 2nd gear all day running around town picking up fares!! We used to leave ours in third but I thing it was rough on clutch plus I got tired of getting honked at and getting passed by overweight kids on bicycles, car was really slow on the get away, but super easy to drive. On occasions that I did use all three gears these transmissions were the easiest to shift I ever owned. seemed like the shift from 1st to 2nt the shifter didn't even move over at the cross over point in the shift pattern!
  11. dodgeguy

    Thermostat Housing

    I have one from a 47 Dodge D24 , will it work for you?
  12. dodgeguy

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    I cant remember if I replied to you turbo, but I'm building a 47 D24 4 door for my wife also and live in St. Louis be glad to share ideas and have you stop by to see progress. Using a 78 Camaro front stub with front steer, GM vortec v6 with 4l60 trans , but stuck on rear axle set up as we speak. I'm big on getting ride height of rear set, pinion angle before taking on front stub. I'm trying to match final drive ratio of donor transmission based on my final choice of diam. of rear tire. So trying to find a diff with close width, ratio and centered pinion, also want as wide of tire that will fit rear wheel house. Spring perch relocate is no problem but shortening or lengthening axle tubes would be. So long story short moving slowly. Most of the old Mopars had neutral offset wheels so have some room to positive or neg offset on new set up. Built a 39 Chevy sedan that we drive every day and made and learned from my mistakes Good luck
  13. dodgeguy

    Thermostat Modifcations

    I have been doing this for 30 years on small block Chevys', 1/8 inch hole works well, I do it only to eliminate air, and steam pockets. Then one day I walked in parts store and bought a Stant brand it was already pre drilled. I knew I should have got a patent on it 30 years ago!!!! LOL btw older Hondas had best set up , a bleeder screw at highest point of cooling system, some where on T stat housing some were on intake even saw one on a hose coupling, just open till you get steady stream of coolant.
  14. BRAG ALERT,,BRAG ALERT,,;I could run 3 pumps simultaneously, constantly regulating pump speed on the fly, all the while adding a Quart of oil, airing all 4,  and adding a gallon of windshield cleaner, all while squeegeeing front and rear glass spot-free!  Remember when a pretty chick would pull in and the competition between us to get to her first! She'd get the lather treatment and the slow sqeegy, Multipass window treatment, then a wink if she dug it!North County Shell Station was on Jennings Rd. near Northland Mall and the Moter/ Gulf station on Lewis & Clark just near the North Drive-Inn. Early 70's.

    I would kill for a Russell's Gooey- butter about now! Sorry if none of this makes sense, but good therapy for me.

  15. dodgeguy

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    COPD? From?

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