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  1. dodgeguy

    Electrical Disconnect Switch

    Put it in ground side , which ever way you are running i.e. pos ground or neg ground. When installed in ground side the battery is taken completely out of the circuit. say you drop a wrench it wont short out or if installed in trunk and some thing slides over to hot side wont spark. I struggled with this for years, actually installed one wrong in trunk of hot rod ( hot side) and had it short out. All and I do mean all modern service manuals say disconnect neg side of batt before work and they are referring to ground side. My 2 cents worth.
  2. dodgeguy

    I bought another old dodge !

    Thought of another long forgotten scary experience in south east Missouri. Mack the finger has probably heard this one. Anybody know what the "Dolnick Lights " are? Floating colored gas out over the fields like ghost. My aunt used to say yonder come the neighbors to visit, or its just the "Dolnick lights" used to scare the pants off me!!!
  3. dodgeguy

    I bought another old dodge !

    I used to hang out with cousins in Lilburn and New Madrid area on 6 ditch. I grew up thinking all little creeks and ditches were numbered!
  4. dodgeguy

    My first classic

    Hey Plymouthy, when I was a teen ager in late 60s working at a 66 station in St.Louis county, a convertible pulled in on a Sat with man and woman and 2 kids in front and a goat in back standing in floor board and head hanging over side of door. They never volunteered any info on the transportation of said GOAT, and I never asked. Just one of those mysteries of life. I have heard stories of ponies being transported but never seen one in person. LOL
  5. dodgeguy

    Electrical issues

    You have a classic "voltage drop" issue. No matter if its 12 volt system 6 volt system positive or negative ground. Perform a voltage drop test on the starting circuit. Get a good digital vom meter and go to you tube for how to per form the test. Its hard to explain in technical terms , seems counter intuitive to where you place the test leads ( you are just measuring voltage between two points) I struggled with the concept but use it regularly now in chasing down electrical issues on old and new cars. The circuit has to be loaded to get accurate reading. The university of Tenn. auto shop video on you tube is especially good one. P.S. my 39 Chevy street rod has 4 braided ground straps on it from block to chassis, frame to body, alternator to block ,and a ground kit inside body that grounds all components to batt neg terminal (this kit was used normally on a fiberglass body) my buddies give lots of grief about over kill but you should here this thing crank over . P.S. again rode with a friend in his old car to frog follies and car was slow to crank , Someone said we had sparks under rear of car . Found out he was using cassis as return ground for rear mount battery and it was trying to find a ground from spring shackle to metal shied on GAS TANK!!! I could of wound up playing a harp somewhere!
  6. dodgeguy

    265 Engine Color opinions

    I just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle nap, and I don't know how old this post is just saw it for the first time. But apparently this Don guy in the first picture stole my work bench and moved it to his shop ! At least according to all the messy tools laying on top, I swear that's how mine looks day in, day out. I clean it promise not to let it get bad, end of day right back where I started I tell people I keep it that way on purpose otherwise I cant find tool and concentrate on job at hand if not in that condition!.Just kidding you Don, besides my bench wouldn't support a fully dressed flat head. My 2 cents worth, all the colors look good, because none of mine are painted, just caked in grease LOL
  7. dodgeguy

    1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    Why couldn't old Malcom Loghead have just swiped a star adjusting wheel, two more hold down springs, and return springs from a Bendix brake set up? LOL He was half way there with his design ! And we all wouldn't be begging for a Ammco tool and posting pictures of his ill-fated design. I gave up and decide to install a sub frame in front and newer rear axel. I mean this post only in humor, not knocking people who stick it out with original design. I know the purist will not like m for going modern, but my bride of 45 years will be driving this 47 d24 and I want her around for another 45!
  8. dodgeguy

    Manuals etc.

    On the subject of Motors Manuals has anyone ever seen a edition earlier than 1930? I have been collecting a complete set for 40 years and have 1930 through 1985 , the last year that I believe the stopped covering multi manufactures in one book. It is great fun to read info on old Tara Planes hudsons and obscure models!
  9. dodgeguy

    My 46 plymouth project

    Hi, how hard was it to graft on Camaro sub frame?
  10. dodgeguy

    Part out or sell whole?

    I forgot how do I get to my P M?
  11. dodgeguy

    Part out or sell whole?

    Hi, all after much deliberation back and fourth we are going a different route on our 47 D24 sedan. It as a excellent running original engine and fluid drive. I don't know if I should try to sell whole or part out. I would like for some one to drive and hear run before I remove the original power train. I'm told that once the engine is sitting on the ground you lose a lot of value. I have tried local advertising venue here in St. Louis, but there just is not interest in the stock stuff. E bay is a good route but ship cost out weighs purchase cost. Even the big local swap meets didn't produce when I toted my extra parts back and fourth. Any and All suggestions will be pondered. Thanks in advance.
  12. dodgeguy

    contacting other members

    Where in tarnation is my PM message on this site?!!!
  13. dodgeguy

    build thread

    How do you find a previous build thread that a member posted? I'm struggling with this new site layout sorry to keep bothering you seasoned pros.
  14. dodgeguy

    contacting other members

    Is it still possible to PM or contact other members in this layout? If so how do I do it? Thanks
  15. dodgeguy

    online chat room

    Ok sad. I was trying to find member who did front Dakota clips on 47 d24, decided to go this route instead of restoring old.

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