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  1. Is this person very artistic or do they just have to much time on their hands?
  2. Artistic or to much time on their hands?

    I thought that it's good for a laugh. Also a good use for extra boots.
  3. TImes have changed.

    Doubtful that this would fly today. lol
  4. TImes have changed.

    Not too many cars could fit two kegs up under the right side of the dash.
  5. Fuelling multiple carbs

    factory with duals
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/46-47-48-D24-Dodge-Front-Fenders/142756742201?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D44039%26meid%3Db563d0c2ef6540f08abb8c368f94e312%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D142756746110%26itm%3D142756742201&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  7. Dat Bodge

    faired or welded?
  8. My new car accessories, I love it!

    Among other ingenious devices.
  9. My new car accessories, I love it!

    To drop off at your enemies house. Maybe. Wouldn't slow down to drop it off though.
  10. Noises?

    a little help 49. Where's the noise coming from? front, rear, left side or right side?
  11. My first classic

    Everytime I see an engine with that silver paint on it I think of the tinman of oz.
  12. Is 180 psi in engine ok?

    rings stick in the grooves allowing bypass. Low to no compression. Valves are a likely source as well.
  13. Is 180 psi in engine ok?

    put some atf/MMO in the cylinders and wait a couple of days. Rings are most likely stuck. If you can get it running they usually free up within an hour or less.
  14. No mine. But I thought that this was too good not to share. 1938 plymouth coupe. Complete car with engine and transmission.Bumpers included. Not running. Tagged and title in hand. Will need floors and trunk work. 2500$ Car is in stroud Oklahoma. Anthony 918-968-5373
  15. 239 V6 flathead. 1946 pontiac

    You are confusing me. It's easy to do. Is it a Pontiac? This is a Mopar site. Is it a V6 or a straight 6? From Google it's a straight 6 Pontiac. Go here http://forums.aaca.org/topic/267599-pontiac-239-6-high-performance-build/
  16. The Few, The Proud.........

    Semper Fi. If only todays generation had half of the guts and will.
  17. Would you be interested in trying to make a mold and a few sets of lenses?  I have one uncracked original lense and one cracked one.

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    2. casper50


      before they were used to make a mold mine would need a couple of small inperfections fixed.  the best one has a few small chips near one screw hole and the other has some cracks going across the midle flat.

    3. HotRodTractor


      What is your email address? It going to be cleaner and less public than continuing the conversation here.

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  18. Looking to have 1 or 2 fairly rare taillight lenses cast for me. Doesn't make much sense to layout the money for everything if I can find someone that could do them for me.
  19. I got mine at Oriellys
  20. Watching ebay pays off

    Watching ebay has paid off one more time for me. In the photo below all that I really wanted was the turn signal indicator lights/high beam indicator and the electric wiper switch. My coupe's indicator light assembly was missing and I wanted an extra wiper switch just in case.
  21. Anyone know of someone that casts plastics?

    55 Pontiac wagon lenses. The are smaller than the hardtop, sedan and convertible. Last set that I saw being sold went for $250. If I can find someone to do it I think I'd buy the mold from them as well. Could then make more for me and sell some to recoup the cost.
  22. 48 Desoto Project

    Joe I got a local auto glass store to cut the ones for my 3 window coupe. Total was $218.
  23. Watching ebay pays off

    Tubman the saved searches are what I use. I have about 10 of them saved. Also you can delete a lot of garbage in your search if you use the advanced search and add words that you do not want to show up.
  24. Watching ebay pays off

    Especially in Alaska. Not many parts cars up here just waiting to be discovered in someone's barn/field or garage.
  25. Watching ebay pays off

    I've got the part that's visable. I jury rigged the behind the dash part, now I can fix them correctly.