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  1. casper50

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    it grows overnight. until you have the car completly apart you will find more every time you remove something. I can't describe the feeling you get when the rust removal is over and the painting begins.
  2. casper50

    47 Convertible project

    It shows that a lot of hard work and money went into that.
  3. casper50

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    I can't get to the photos. I would not go all new on it either but it's not my car. My 47 Dodge coupe is stock except for disc brakes, Coker radials, alternator, front shock relocation and dual carbs and split exhaust. I can't believe how easy it steers and stops.
  4. I got fedup sending my dash clock to a clock repairman in Colorado. He had it multiple times and it still would not work. Anyway, decided to try and fix it myself. Took it apart and found a wire not connected. Soldered it back together and tried it. When I first hooked it up to the battery on the bench I could get current where it was suppose to be verified by my meter. Nothing would work. Don't remember why but I changed my leads from light wire to heavy wire and it started working right away. I let it run on the bench for 30 hours. Worked flawlessly and only gained 1/2 a minute. Installed it in the car. Worked for 20 to 30 minutes and stops. Tap tap on the back and it starts again. The wires from the clock to the ground and hot connections are small gauge. Think it would work if I upped the gauge?
  5. casper50

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    I have two. Took the best pieces of both and made one. It works perfect on the bench with heavy leads from battery to clock. When I use smaller gauge wires nothing.
  6. casper50

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    When I have it on small gauge wire leads the points close and nothing happens. When I switch the leads to heavy wire it will immediately wind the clock and will keep doing so for hours. I have cleaned the points.
  7. casper50

    1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe wireing harness

    I used Rhode Island wire. http://www.riwire.com/ expensive but quality stuff.
  8. casper50

    Another 230 build thread

    3 speed. but the choke was heat/electric.
  9. casper50

    Another 230 build thread

    I run mine with dual carters. I also had the sisson choke and just removed it. Since there was no choke cable for a manual choke I just repurposed athe throttle cable hooking it up to both carbs. Works great.
  10. casper50

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    He can't possibly do anything with all those cars in his lifetime. Does the word HOARDER mean anything?
  11. casper50

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Don't put anymore air it it. LOL. somekind of accident waiting to happen.
  12. casper50

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    yes. The car sold not too long ago I think. I remember reading something about it.
  13. casper50

    New speed record today

    They might not get along with the porcupines.
  14. casper50

    New speed record today

    What is a diller?
  15. casper50

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Can't lose it in the parking lot.
  16. Got the check today.  Had no idea what was going to be in the envelope.  I had forgotton all about it.  Must have been a mixup in the paypal address.  Anyway, glad that you could use it, better than throwing it away.

  17. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Kind of started on the wife's 55 Pontiac wagon. Slow going with only an arm and a half.
  18. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    The floorpans are tacked in. Now just a lot of welding for the next few days. But the floor is whole once again.
  19. casper50

    soda or sand blaster

    I use sand only. I'm not sure but I don't think soda will take off heavy rust. Might want to check on that.
  20. casper50

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    If he's way overweight he couldn't jump. Have to say he fell on it. lol
  21. I used And B for my whole car. The only pieces that didn't fit correctly were the rubber around the vent windows. 3/4" too short and 3/8" too narrow. I sent an email to them about them ann never received a reply. Bought some from Steeles. Haven't installed them as of yet.
  22. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Finally received my floorpans. I also finished the rear brakes.

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