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  1. Off topic hobbies

    hunting and collecting antique English and German rifles.
  2. Clock repair recomendations.

    Anyone have any good recomendations for auto clock repair? One of the last things I need to do to my coupe.
  3. Clock repair recomendations.

    I'm one of those OCD type of guys. If I'm making it look new it's going to work.
  4. Interesting photos I have run across.

    The man in the street would say the same thing if it had a paint job. Just saying. LOL
  5. 47 Dodge starter terminal

    Thanks anyway VT. I have a lead close to home from a starter/altenator rebuild shop that's closing. We'll see tomorrow.
  6. 47 Dodge starter terminal

    Anyone know where I can find a copper terminal bolt for my rebuilt starter? The company that rebuilt it last year went out of business. The owner retired after 45 years.
  7. 47 Dodge starter terminal

    autolight MAW 4041 Thanks Vintage6t
  8. using you best

    just the opposite up here. I haven't burned half of the wood that I normally would have by now.
  9. using you best

    we have 32 degrees and rain here.
  10. Newly Acquired 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe!

    give the former owner a ride when it's going again. He'll love it.
  11. Your chance to be famous...

    Snow won't melt untl April but I'll see what I can do.
  12. Your chance to be famous...

    Can't get mine out of the garage right now. Too much snow. Sorry about the garage clutter. If this is something you'd be interested in I'll wash it and retake it.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Mopar-AutoStop-Hill-Holder-Kit-1946-1949-Plymouth-Convertible-1950-54-Dodge/312046939570?hash=item48a7726db2:g:pogAAOSwR2RaA5KP&vxp=mtr
  14. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I took off my coupe body by myself also, but I still braced it. The floor was missing large patches and the rockers were nonexistant.
  15. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    braces should be welded inside. Once braced padding the forks lift from the window openings or get under the body.
  16. Saw this on FB. MOPAR option or custom?

    Could you get the port holes large enough for kids?
  17. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    She has come a long way.
  18. Okay finally got a couple of days to start the teardown on my 47 dodge 3 window. Nothing too amazing so far.
  19. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Thanks Niel.
  20. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Mounted with the green painted hubcap. Leaning towards doing all the caps in green. Final stance. It needs washed pretty bad.
  21. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Mounted on the car with the red painted hub cap.
  22. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    photo 1 rubbing the tape edges with a round marker to insure that the edges are stuck down.\ Photo 2 green and clear put down with a pinstripping brush. photo 3 and 4 tape removed. I'll remove the pencil line once the paint has set for a few days.
  23. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Got the rims stipped tonight. Lots of photos. Is the stincil tape as good as real pinstriping? No. But it will to until I find someone that can/will do it. phots 1&2 stincil tape on. photo 3 Stincil tape with the clear top removed leaving the 3 gold tape stripes.
  24. Throttle, choke, head light knobs