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  1. Not mine but someone needs these. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/groups/?multi_permalinks=2202722966718728&notif_id=1539552479780499&notif_t=group_activity
  2. casper50

    Worse drivers?

    There are way to many people with IQ's like the lady in this video so bad drivers are guaranteed.
  3. casper50

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe 1st project.

    Welcome to the site Dangulo. The kit is really easy. How about a photo of the whole car?
  4. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Kind of started on the wife's 55 Pontiac wagon. Slow going with only an arm and a half.
  5. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Since I went up to Anchorage yesterday to get the wife a set of hearing aids I stopped at Lowe's and bought 3 rolls of window flashing to use as sound deadener. 9"x33' for $17.39 it took 3 rolls.
  6. casper50

    electric wipers

    I added a 48 Chrysler 2 speed set to my 47 Dodge. Straight bolt in. Plymouth is a smaller car though.
  7. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    the interchange manual says that very little is interchangeable between the two except some body parts.
  8. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Sprayed the first coat of primer/sealer.
  9. casper50

    Starter Removal

  10. casper50

    Starter Removal

    I have one top and one on the bottom. None on the sides.
  11. casper50

    Starter Removal

    My 47 has two bolts. I can remove them top from under the hood and the bottom from under the car. When I was trying to get my pressure relief valve correct I must have removed it 10 to 12 times over 2 weeks. Unhook the battery first thing.
  12. casper50

    Pearl Tan

    I would think it would have been lacquer. But, I'm guessing
  13. Okay finally got a couple of days to start the teardown on my 47 dodge 3 window. Nothing too amazing so far.
  14. casper50

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Got them off of ebay. Parts the guy had left after he sold the car. I do not recommend Andy Berbaum's vent rubber. I bought all the rubber for the car from Andy and the vent rubber was the only pieces that I had problems with.
  15. casper50

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Since I'm waiting on primer/sealer for the Pontiac I decided to change out the vent wing rubber on the coupe. The stuff that I got from Andy was too short and not quite wide enough. Got lucky and found someone on ebay selling NORS ones a few months ago. I'm pretty sure they are original MOPAR parts. In raised letters on the back "CHRYSLER - DODGE - DE SOTO 42 - 48 YBM6-892691 - INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA". These fit perfectly. The 1/4" gap that I had before on the outside between the rubber and the edge of the metal is now covered. Also the 1/2" gaps at the top and bottom rear where the wing meets the rollup window are also filled with rubber. I'm much happier.
  16. Don't know if this will help but just saw it on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1950-1956-Mopar-Overdrive-Relay-12V-O-D-Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge-RAG-4001/312257705168?hash=item48b40274d0:g:qnkAAOSwcMZbj~ux&vxp=mtr
  17. casper50

    Worse drivers?

    My first drive on the autobahn was an eyeopener believe me.
  18. casper50

    Headers for my 52

  19. casper50

    Headers for my 52

    Moose on here does custom headers and intakes. He did my headers for my 47 Dodge coupe.
  20. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Used 220 grit to take the first 3 filler coats back down. 2 more coats and I'll do these with 320.
  21. casper50

    Interesting photos I have run across.

  22. casper50

    Clutch pedal bushing?

    Changing mine out has made my winter to do list. I found an old thread about worn clutch pedal bushing but no answer on where to get one. Mine is so worn that the side of the pedal arm scrapes against the floor pan when going in and out. Squeals badly. When searching I found this one for Dodge trucks of the same year. No sizes are given. Anyone know if the truck and car bushing is the same? https://dcmclassics.com/suspension-parts/304-br-563-brake-clutch-pedal-bushing.html
  23. casper50

    Clutch pedal bushing?

    thanks Farnham.
  24. casper50

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    My 47 Dodge had both pieces together between the body and frame mount.

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