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  1. casper50

    Hubcap lettering

    What ever the method was I wish someone still did it. My lettering looks horrible to me. None of the sign painters, (either one), around here wish to take such a small project on.
  2. casper50

    Kubalwagon build

    I'd give it a try without heat first. If you can't budge it fairly easy then go for the torch.
  3. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Another patch in.
  4. casper50

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Almond vote from me. Looks way better than it did.
  5. casper50

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    okay understand it now.
  6. casper50

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    there's no ball bearing in my relieve valve.
  7. Since I've been driving the coupe I've had weak oil pressure readings. Really weak. I even changed the oil to straight 30wt as that's all that I could find here. I bought a new oil pressure relieve valve spring from Andy B and just installed it. It's now too high. Will have to change oil again. When warm I'm getting 30lbs idle at 450-500 rpms and when driving anything over 35 mph it's at 70lbs. The photo shows the spring that I put in on the right, the one that I took out in the middle and the short one is an extra that Andy sent since he said that it could take either. the original that I took out is shorter and looks to have been streched. Still didn't do the job properly.
  8. This is on facebook. If anyone want it let me know and I'll get you in touch. I don't think copy and past will work on FB. 1953 Plymouth NOS Mopar Rocker Panel Moulding Kit, Part # 1439 290 Cincinnati, OH $200 Beautiful mint condition kit in the original box complete with installation clips, instruction sheetand templates. For both sides and fit all models except convertibles. Very hard to find NOS parts complete and in this condition these days. $200 + shipping
  9. casper50

    Look what I found!

    That leather is very nice.
  10. casper50

    A good time to live and grow up in.

    I had a few shetlands gowing up. Never made the transition to full size.
  11. casper50

    p 15 with dakota swap

    seems really high
  12. https://www.youtube.com/embed/nSC7SXQpInM?rel=0
  13. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    started on the rust replacment.
  14. casper50

    How to bench test a fuel gauge.

    tks will work on it more tomorrow
  15. casper50

    p 15 with dakota swap

    If the sheetmetal is reinstalled it will be difficult to eyeball and check if the frame is square. Check the welds really good. Many people call themselves welders that aren't.

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