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  1. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Finally the new Coker wide white tire saga is almost over. Bought 5 new Cokers last week of May. A trucker buddy was suppose to bring them up within a month. Well the month turned into 6 and he finally just decided to use his discount with a shipping company and send them and a 55 Pontiac transmission up to me. They arrived 13 days ago in Anchorage at a transport company. My "buddy" said it would be around $420. Company phoned me and said $3800. I just about sh*t a brick. Come to find out the place my buddy dropped the shipment off didn't put the quote number on the paperwork. Took me, my buddy and the lady in the shipping company 11 days to get it straightened out. They are ripping people off big time. Found a local guy about 3 miles away to mount and ballance with new chrome valve stems for $75. Did a great job, no marks on the power coated rims or whitewall at all. Will have to wait untill the new year to put them on. Visiting our son and daughter in Aurora for the holidays. I think that they are too plain. I need to have pinstripes as per original put on.
  2. 1951 T&C Wagon stuff

    Can't help with measurements but looking foward to photos of your T&C
  3. Body work

    Yep, grinders and discs. Also an air saw.
  4. Dash help

    I've never heard that before. It's most likely at least one of the reasons for it.
  5. Suburban fro sale

    I think that a person could buy a car in much better condition for that much money.
  6. Dash help

    Mostly warm up. WHen I was a teen my first vehicle a 48 Chevy 1/2 ton had it. I did use it as a cruise control on flat ground only.
  7. Dash help

    The throttle is hooked to the accelerator linkage, you can pull it out and it will increase the engine RPMs.
  8. 48 Desoto Project

    My shop floor looked like a 1920's Oklahoma dust storm hit it when I sanded mine. Took me 2 days with the door open and a leaf blower to get most of it out.
  9. Need help. How do I remove the rear deck?

    Looks as if I need to put my fasteners back in. Seems I forgot.
  10. Need help. How do I remove the rear deck?

    You're welcome. I can take photos of my finished deck now if you need them. I just got home.
  11. Need help. How do I remove the rear deck?

    If you can see the heads just pry them up. I went into the trunk and pushed them up from underneath.
  12. Need help. How do I remove the rear deck?

    My 47 had 7 or 9 push in buttons that held the fiberboard in place. I don't have any photos of them at the moment.
  13. windshield help

  14. Dealership or tech school?

    all i see is a bunch of numbers and letters.
  15. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    Greg they look awesome.