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  1. 629 lbs turned into the butcher. Will feed us for a year.
  2. JMO but big small while looking good on hot rods and customs will look out of place on a stocker.
  3. Hauling him back onto the dryer side of the pond.
  4. Some photos of the yearly moose float hunt. 9 days this year.
  5. casper50


    new cap put on last year, MC in the stock place.
  6. casper50


    Doug as I said I never put any valves on or in my stock MC. has been working just fine.
  7. casper50


    I have all 4 discs and did the same as Adam. No problems in 2 years now.
  8. casper50


    call them and ask them. Straight from the horse's mouth.
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