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  1. casper50

    off the front deck just now.

    We get some very nice sunrises in the mornings here.
  2. casper50

    off the front deck just now.

    Pre sunrise this morning at -11 outside. lol
  3. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    that is a great idea.
  4. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    Our PO is open 6 days a week. Nice people working there. They know just about everyone by name. It's about 5 miles from me but we get most of our mail at a cluster box. Carriers don't deliver to the home up here.
  5. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    fedex and ups will still deliver to my door. Even with my driveway in the winter. The driveway is no joke. The previous UPS driver would not come up it after he almost went over the side in the winter. I had to leave a tub with lid at the bottom. The new driver has no problem.
  6. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    USPS prices are at least 1/3rd the price of the other two to get things up here. That's all I know.
  7. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    I agree. There are none in Alaska. We pay out the you know what for shipping. That's why almost everyone here has Amazon Prime and are very reluctant to do business with those that won't ship via USPS. UPS and FEDEX rip us royally.
  8. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    Greyhound bus is pretty decent on shipping large items. Caveat is you have to pick up from a station.
  9. casper50

    Value of extra parts

    I couldn't give away my drums/brake sets. They went to the dump.
  10. casper50

    E brake cable

    I don't know what he has either but was told that it had a clevis on both ends.
  11. casper50

    E brake cable

    any shrink tube that will shrink enough to fit tight on the cable would not be able to go over the clevis on the ends I wouldn't think.
  12. casper50

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Put some paint down tonight.
  13. casper50

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I saw it on CNN the other day.
  14. casper50

    F Y I ... vendor of Mopar parts changes name

    A new name every few months isn't a good sign.
  15. casper50

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    I've got air shocks on the rear of my 47 3 window. I put them at the height that I wanted it at 18 months ago. Haven't touched them since.

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