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  1. Usually vintage vehicles parked by the side of the road are only for sale at 2 to 3 times what they are worth. To find the good ones you have to haunt back alleys and dirt roads.
  2. yes. had both sides on in less than 90 minutes.
  3. I've had no problems at all with the set I have on the rear of my 47 Dodge. Went on with no problems at all.
  4. Cool stuff Nick. Seems that it was meant to be.
  5. Paul if the rear bumper is good driver quality I'd be interested for sure.
  6. Looks great. I sold the 271 that I bought. Couldn't bring myself to pay that much money to have it rebuilt.
  7. Just about finished with the 2 basement bathrooms for my son.
  8. They look sooooo much better.
  9. The exciting part of the rebuild is upon you Nick. Putting clean freshly painted rebuilt parts back on is a joy.
  10. Harbor Freight and Amazon. Bought the sanding/polishing kit off of Amazon. Got the grinder blade, circular saw blade and a cup type blade for the grinder from HF.
  11. I've got about 8 weeks into finishing this 1800 square foot basement of my son's house. Almost at the end. My son wanted granite bar tops. I suggested buying used granite and making them ourselves. This is the result for about $500 including the granite from someone's kitchen and the tools needed to cut, shape, sand and polish it. Included one of the 8 doors down there as well.
  12. it's a one piece clip and I have a couple of extras that I bought off of ebay. I'm away from home for another 2 weeks though. They are part of the large clip
  13. EBAY sells those cowl trim clips. I've seen the Dodge cowl trim pieces on there also quite a bit. Don't know if they look the same as Chrysler ones. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1946-1948-Dodge-Cowl-Trim-Moulding-1947-D24-Custom-Deluxe-Mopar/312656685999?hash=item48cbca6baf:g:Uc0AAOSwck1dARoE https://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-1947-1948-DODGE-D25-BRAND-NEW-COWL-TRIM-PAIR-LEFT-AND-RIGHT-CANADIAN-CAR/183795939699?hash=item2acb177973:g:YbkAAOSw~-Zck8gI
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