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  1. MaineP15

    48 vs 49 seat differences

    I searched the forum, and looked online. From the pictures I see on the internet, I do not see a difference between the P15 and P18 seats. If anyone has the answer to whether or not P18 seat upholstery would fit a P15 it would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to save time and money, which I understand is silly for me to expect to do. Thank you either way.
  2. MaineP15

    please convince me to keep my flathead!!!!

    Ronald Reagan Republican it!
  3. MaineP15

    48 vs 49 seat differences

    So are there any differences between the seats of a 1st series 49 P15 and a 2nd series 49 P15?
  4. MaineP15

    48 vs 49 seat differences

    I mean a difference between a first series 49 and 2nd series 49.
  5. MaineP15

    48 vs 49 seat differences

    Hello, I have 2 questions. As it pertains to onlineupholsteryandmore.com (McMahon Mopars on the ebay) has anyone had any experience with them? Also, I see he has 49 seat upholstery on the ebay. Is there a difference between a 48 and 49 front and back seat? I have a 1st series 49.
  6. MaineP15

    window regulator question

    It's the front window I'm talking about.
  7. MaineP15

    window regulator question

    Will a 4 door window regulator fit in a 2 dr sedan? Thanks!!
  8. MaineP15

    Shop Manual or Service manual

    For my P15, is this the Plymouth Shop Manual or the Plymouth Service manual the content the same? differences? I am buying one tonight on the ebay one way or another and am just looking for guidance. thanks.
  9. MaineP15

    Lights on, headlight gone, carb all wrong

    Hendo, no insult at all. you cant insult me, Im learning here. thank you for the response I have checked the choke, all seems well there. once i giddy up and go the bogging is non-existent. it only happens from a dead stop, and only when i punch the gas.
  10. MaineP15

    Lights on, headlight gone, carb all wrong

    I will check that Greg, thank you!
  11. MaineP15

    Lights on, headlight gone, carb all wrong

    headliner gone is what I meant to say. i cant communicate today...at all.........my wife will be pleased.
  12. MaineP15

    Lights on, headlight gone, carb all wrong

    Yes, the headlights was the only part of the electrical not working. Even the dash lights work! So I am holding my breath.
  13. Lights all good, have been working the foot switch and re-did grounds, can get high/low beams.....most of the time. Also, got the bows and headliner out today. Pretty dry rotten! When I punch the gas, it boggs down, then picks back up, I can get it to stall by flooring it. I tinkered with the carb, im sure that is where the problem lay.
  14. Hello, I went to the Zephyrhills car auction and swap meet last Feb. It was good, with tons of vendors.
  15. MaineP15

    ANSWERED i need help identifying my plymouth

    If that is the serial number, I would say it is a 1st series 49.

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