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  1. New Clutch Question

    Thanks for your responses. I just picked the truck up. The shop said that when they depressed the clutch it wouldn't go into any gear. Besides the pp diameter difference, they also noticed that the plate was a bit higher (thicker), which they suspected to be the problem. New clutch with old pp now functioning well, though I'll need to adjust the free play (too much).
  2. New Clutch Question

    I was having to readjust my clutch pedal every now and then, and not knowing the clutch's condition, I decided to just give it an overhaul. I bought a 10" clutch kit from Robert's, as the shop manual says that was standard on B-1-B and B-1-C (mine), though apparently an optional 11" was available. I took the job to an auto shop that works on "classic" vehicles. Next day I get a call that the clutch installed, but doesn't work (doesn't want to discuss on phone, just come down and see). When I get there the clutch is already back out of the truck (hmm). He tells me the problem is with the pressure plate. Everything's right there, so I measure and find the discs are the same (10"), but while my original pressure plate surface is 10", the new part is about 3/8" over (though bolts up fine). I call Gary at Robert's and he calls his manufacturer, and his guy says that yeah, it's a little larger, but works fine and he's never had any problems with thousands sold. So I get back to my guy and he just says that every time it goes in and out it's costing me.....hmm, sure wish I could have taking a look at it before they pulled it the first time......anyway, he says that my original parts were in pretty good shape, so he winds up putting the new parts in except with the original pressure plate. I think that's about as good as it gets with these guys, not sure that I care for how they do business. Any thoughts/experiences?
  3. Cab visor

    Or exterior? I bought mine from Agape Auto Parts. I like the profile, price, and have never had an issue with it (though my rig doesn't go over 50 mph). And wherever you get it from, make sure that it's wide enough. Many of them are too short for our cab width.
  4. Clutch Parts Recommendations

    Well Merle, I'm happy with my truck, but it really doesn't compare to yours. Will let you know how it goes.
  5. Clutch Parts Recommendations

    I went ahead and ordered the parts through Robert's.
  6. Door window seals

    The window's not hard, though I didn't replace the vents. As I recall, I just opened up the door panel and figured it out as I went. Be sure to clean up, lubricate things while you're in there. Good time to clean up the inside bottom of the door.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking at doing a thorough clutch job, and see parts/kits available through places like Robert's, DCM, and Andy Bernbaum. Robert's has a package for $270 and DCM for $445, though my primary consideration is quality. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. What Dodge Brothers Truck is This

    I believe this is a 1935, as the 33-34 models had "suicide" doors (door latch at front). I once owned the 1/2 version of this truck; was a good little truck with steel bed, wire wheels (spare in front fender), and original hydraulic brakes.
  9. Parking/Turn Signal Light Conundrum

    So the problem/solution turned out to be quite simple - the bulb and socket connectors just weren't fully connecting.
  10. Parking/Turn Signal Light Conundrum

    I was thinking along the same lines. I checked and fooled with the connection in the socket and leading out, everything looks clean...I swapped the new Grote turn switch (7 wire) with the older unit (didn't like the handle), and got the same results....guess I need to get this to someone who can do a real diagnosis.
  11. So all of my lights (driving, brake, turn signal) are functioning as they should except for the front drivers side parking/signal light. The problem is that the parking/driving light doesn't come on, and when I turn the blinker on, the driving light element (the dim one) will flash on and off (should be the bright one). These are two-element bulbs, with two point connections, which I'd assumed was one for each element. However, I tried flipping the connectors around, but still had no parking and a dim element blinker..... This is a 12 volt conversion btw (prev owner). I tried switching out bulbs (not the bulb), flipping the connectors, swapping the headlight switch, swapping the turn signal, checking connections, etc. but always with the same result. I'm not an electrical guy and would be very grateful for any/all suggestions. Thanks!
  12. Leaky Grease Fitting

    FINAL: With the warmer weather, I began experiencing some minor leaking. I took the inner/outer seals and axle bearings to a local shop to do the job (4 hours) with no issues (axles in good shape).
  13. Leaky Grease Fitting

    Here's a follow-up report: Since replacing the leaky grease fitting at the axle end (with plug) over a month ago, I've had no further dripping. This is despite the fact that I'd found some minor leaking from the wheel bearing seal. I have purchased fresh inner and outer seals, a slide hammer (with hooks), and will continue to monitor and replace the seals when/if necessary. Btw, I checked the axle fluid level when under there, and it was fine.
  14. Ha ha! I'll leave proving manhood to those who still have a need to prove it. And if I feel like going to a Sarah MacLachlan concert (whoever she is), I will.