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    San Jose, California
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    History, old trucks, old bicycles.
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    Currently a 1948 Dodge B-1-C pick-up. Daily driver with rebuilt P15 flathead converted to 12 volt and electronic ignition. Mostly complete and original.

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    Have owned 10 trucks from 1925 Dodge through 1957 Ford
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    San Jose Public Library's California Room (state and local history)


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    San Jose, California
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    Old Trucks, old bicycles, local history...

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  1. Ralph Pearce


    I purchased one from Keven, made from an old speedometer. Looks and works great, runs off a AA, easy to change.
  2. Yeah, but how's your spaghetti tasting these days? "Don't worry honey, I wiped it out real good with lacquer thinner!"
  3. Ralph Pearce

    Installing Original Dome Light Into New Interior

    They also call them u speed nuts apparently. I just picked up a pack of 10-24's with screws and they fit pretty well.
  4. Ralph Pearce

    Installing Original Dome Light Into New Interior

    This dawned on me last night as I was lying in bed. There's a grounding post/nut on the J-nut side.
  5. So I'm installing a new interior kit (headliner, etc. was non-existing). I also picked an original dome light (eBay) that I'd like to install as well. The cut-out for the inserted section shouldn't be difficult, though I'm wondering how it's attached. One side seems to have clips that grab onto the cardboard, while the other side has a plate with two holes. What's used for the two holes, which I assume keeps the light in place? See attachment of dome light base. With thanks for any assistance.
  6. Ralph Pearce

    left coast invasion

    Can you believe all those guys photo-bombing the shot of this nice truck?
  7. Ralph Pearce

    Spotted...1924 Dodge Bros. truck

    I had a 1925 Dodge pick-up for a while in the mid-1980s. It had the original flathead four with a silent starter-generator (big guy). No oil stick either, a float would raise an indicator which came up through the block. It had been a grocery delivery truck in Tonepah, Nevada. I drove it across town once, but never had it street legal. I sold it to a guy in southern California, wonder how it's doing...better truck than the 1928 Chevy I had later.
  8. Ralph Pearce

    1929 Fargo Stake Body

    I wonder if this MC on eBay is close to what you're looking for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1929-Dodge-Brothers-DA-Master-Cylinder-Lockheed-Wagner-1FD884/142786277278?epid=23008400720&hash=item213eb9af9e:g:F6EAAOSwnONZCPSv
  9. Ralph Pearce

    1929 Fargo Stake Body

    Back in the pre-Internet 1980s, I relied heavily on Hemmings Motor News.
  10. And some more! (Can only load so many at a time):
  11. Here are the first group of photos I took from the 2018 award ceremonies:
  12. We didn't remove or do any work to the shaft, however most of the play was in the pedals themselves. Machinist (Tom) had to drill out one of the pedals (brake I think), to fit an insert where non existed. I'm fortunate that Tom specializes in old vehicles and enjoys figuring out solutions. Guess it goes with the territory on these old vehicles. Reminds me of some of the creative solutions that I've heard coming out of Cuba.
  13. I did the same. I drove the truck over to my machinist, removed the clutch and brake pedals, measured the shaft, had him make up inserts, popped them back on, and away I went. Took just a few hours.

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