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  1. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi Andy and B-Watson. in regards to both the Chrysler and Plymouth being on the hood I believe that it may have been an Australian thing to have both names. Here is another photo of an Australian P18 Plymouth Special Deluxe and it has both names on the hood.
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gerry (reckbender). Gerry sourced a gearbox extension for my 49 P18 and shipped it here to me in Australia. Thank you so much mate you are an absolute champion and a man of your word. Regards Ausie49
  3. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi Andy A section broke off just around the area where the mounting bolts go.
  4. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    I’m is Parafield Gardens
  5. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi Andy, as far as I know they are both supposed to be there. The holes in the hood are all the same. May be my one was a press car or something like that.
  6. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    We will have to catch up sometime kd. Andy, I would love to start up the old plant again.
  7. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    I'm in Adelaide SA.
  8. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Thanks for the info. It was flat black before I bought it. I believe that it was a white or cream colour prior to it's current colour.
  9. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi Andydodge Here are a few photos if my Right Hand drive P18. I think it’s body number 0223.
  10. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    How do I confirm if my 1949 Plymouth is one of the possible 40 produced? regards.
  11. Australian 1949 P18

    Hi all Just wondering if any one could decode my engine number in my 1949 Special Deluxe. Engine number is A1-251-00-1577 Length of the head is 25 inches long x 7 inches wide. Cheers
  12. Horn parts

    Young Ed, yes that is what I am trying to replace. I have a 1949 Plymouth Special deluxe sedan that has been converted to 12v
  13. Horn parts

    Hi All Does anyone know where I can get a horn ring ( not sure of what it is called). The part I’m after goes between the horn button and sits inside the steering wheel. Also the wire for the horn runs up the inside of the steering column connects to the ring via a connector. Sorry about the weird description. Cheers