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  1. The only reason to move the battery is I need to remove it during the winter. I thank you for opening my eyes, the trunk has more than enough room versus the engine compartment. Thanks.
  2. B,I,U. Want to know how to relocate battery from under seat to engine compartment.
  3. My building company has done several epoxy floor coatings. There are a few things to consider. The concrete must be "fully" cured, about 4-6 months. Concrete does not fully cure for many years. Any saw cuts or should be filled, its hard to get the epoxy to stick to the edges and if water gets into the saw cut the epoxy will lift. Most imporant there are different grades of floor epoxy and finally, prep work will determine the sucess of the project.
  4. Maybe some rodents chewed some electrical wires. Shorting out, or grounding out. I put one of those leather boots on the rear drive shaft, and something ate the better part of it over the winter.
  5. Found a wooden wedge, I think to chock the wheels when changing a tire, had Plymouth markings on it. This was after I cleaned out dozens of walnuts, car was from California.
  6. I am not going to be home for a few weeks and will try to snap a few pics.
  7. Did the same mods and was running rich also. I ditched the individual air cleaners and made a single, larger air cleaner that covers both carbs. I used an oval, open filter, more air I think solved the rich problem.
  8. Also remember that the psi goes down as the altitude goes up.
  9. Randy, I hope to be there Sat. Will look you up. I have relocated to Fort Collins, so I'm closer then I was before [ Winter Park ]
  10. What potential harm could occur to our old engines, fuel lines, fuel pumps, gaskets etc. with the 10%-15% ethanol gasoline that is available? I know that I have changed a rubber gas line after about a year. It looked and felt like a sponge. Thanks
  11. Love my Coker 16". Put tubes in just in case.
  12. Could also be a collapsing lower radiator hose.
  13. Should be a steel tube form the oil filter, not a steel encased rubber hose. I have a 99% original P-8. On my car, the door from the passenger side to the trunk has a lever style locking handle, not the one shown. Which is correct? The more I look at this car, the more I would like to find out the differences between the P-7, and the P-8. Mine has the column shift, radio delete, heater delete, oil bath filter, single horn, steel angle at the radiator hose, etc. Thanks
  14. I tried the set up that Summit sent with my intake. It was a generic fit all, and didn't work, too much slop to balance the carbs. I to made my own out of heavier stock. Tried several versions until I got it right. Not home right now, but will try to get a pic soon.
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