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  1. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    I have a duct started for my 52. This might be my first version.....I might end up making adjustments as the angles are making me think. 2024 .032" aluminum.
  2. Camping

    Very true 55 Fargo, the more populated areas I would avoid. 55 (100K) is all I would push it to.
  3. Camping

    I have a 1200 lb 13 foot Boler that we tow with our 218. I have now done a disc brake conversion but prior we were drums all around, 2 lane hwys, not a performance demon but we tooled along at the posted speeds. I was attentive to my stopping distances with drums. Can't say yet with the disc improvement. Engine cooling was no troubles. I had a leaky rear seal so the clutched slipped a couple times but that should be fixed now too. My bigger concern was having a good hitch welded together that bolted to the car. 2" receiver.i found a skilled welderthta did one up for me in an afternoon for $200. I need to find pictures.....
  4. '50 Plymouth brakes adjust or upgrade?

    When kept in adjustment drum brakes do okay. My thought is though why, when it isn't too much to upgrade to a disc front system. Not so much that your car is so bad it's that all the other cars on the road will have better braking capabilities, they might out brake you.
  5. Battery not charging

    With car running check your voltage at the battery. At idle it won't be much over 12 volts, more likely closer to 11 volts. Rev the engine up 1200 or more and the voltage should be over 12 volts. If not check your connections for security and cleanliness. Voltage regulator of the original can be adjusted with an adjustment screw. Ensure generator belt is tensioned correctly. Might need to "flash" the generator too if there is no output....meaning revving it up and the voltage stays at 12 or less.
  6. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    Great little job to do Keith. You will notice a big difference with braking after its back together. Even just a fresh fluid flush I noticed a firmer feel. Brake fluid is hydroscopic.....absorbs moisture. I would bet your current brake system is many years old, 2 to 3 years is a short interval but if you have the time it wouldn't hurt.
  7. Electric cooling fans

    While thermostat control is fine, I find it real simple to switch it on and off myself. Stop and go in town driving....I leave the fan on. Get rolling and off it goes. Yes I might have to be watching my temp gage and making a motion to operate the switch but it really is simple. When SWMBO takes the car she knows to also watch the gage....at least she says she does
  8. Electric cooling fans

    I like electric fans, use them on other cars and I want one now on the Plymouth. I liked the Engine Masters test. Once you are rolling with some speed a mechanical fan really isn't needed in my part of the world.
  9. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Bought my 52 when I turned 40, to add to my mustang and Ford truck. Now I am 51.
  10. New Tachometer

    I like a tach for highway running, not for when to shift. I barely look at it in traffic. Mine was an eBay purchase, with the sending unit. http://www.williamsons.com/. These guys were great to deal with in converting it to electronic internals with no sending unit...6 volt positive ground.
  11. New Tachometer

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z3hFeUyVrVmAXC7D2 Here is my vintage tach I had modified for the car $$$$$ 6 volt positive ground, with electronic internals now instead of the transmitter box with a battery.
  12. Installing new rubber boot on trunion driveshaft

    Good heavens what a job. When I did mine I went all out, pin pressed out, new boot, pin and assembly. I struggled to do it myself with a big press but I did it. This guy is pretty good.
  13. Ball and Trunnions: removing trunnions

    When I did mine I remember the press was creaking. Trying to think if I did anything different. Did not try heat.
  14. Trunnion Joint Grease

    Can there be such a thing as too much grease....I filled mine a plenty.
  15. Maybe need some heat...carb issue

    ACCELERATOR PUMP !! No squirty squirty, not sure why yet but the float level might be too low....raised it tonight and it started flooding out. There is a happy medium there I just need to find it. This is a new carb kit from a reputable supplier. The accel plunger is pliable and seems very serviceable, resistance when pushed down and does squirt when I push manually on the plunger with the carb top off. Might be a spring or linkage issue but at least I know I need to get this fixed for sure...I'm sure this is the problem.