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  1. laynrubber

    Everybody in California OK??

    I see pictures and I notice several with burnt hulks of various vintage rides.
  2. laynrubber

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    When my engine failed it was piston ring lands let go, I don’t know if that is an old age thing or if was a revs thing. I do a lot of hwy driving and now with a tach I see it runs 3500ish. They do sound very busy at hwy speeds.
  3. laynrubber

    A833 trans adapter plate ordering ??

    Following with interest.....
  4. laynrubber

    I am at a cross road

    Truthfully I don’t know or remember what the rear ratio is. Maybe I’m just frustrated at this point for all the work I have put into the car to still have it not functional. At this point I don’t know if I should keep flogging this marginal choice for what I want the car to do. Mrs is saying fix it so she can drive it....or get her something she can drive. I can fix the blowing fuse. I am sure it is the solenoid. Everything is 6 volts. The trailer weights around 2000 pounds loaded and I have towed it before with the previous engine and straight 3 spd with drum brakes....it did ok. Now I have discs on front and as for cooling the engine is fresh rebuild with new rad...lots of rad I think. Things that are bugging me about the car...... 6 volts, yes it works but to drive it can’t charge cell phones when on a long trip, trailer lighting issues and away from home electrical issues (remote of parts of Canada eh). Ball and trunion, a minor issue as they are both new but for away from home repairs are tough. 100 horsepower, engine is as mentioned rebuilt but I am concerned about its longevity with all the expected hwy driving (3500 plus rpm) and it’s life as a tow machine. Overdrive, can I tow in 3rd over, why is it freewheeling when disengaged and why is reverse sometimes absent.
  5. laynrubber

    I am at a cross road

    Ken the car is a 52 with the 25" 6. Canadian car. New from rad to last u joint, plus disc brake added to front. I have towed with the previous engine and straight 3 speed....it did ok but not a power house.
  6. laynrubber

    I am at a cross road

    Something needs to change and I am looking for ideas. Here is where I am.... Rebuilt the flathead, it runs real nice and looks real pretty. This along with fixed up wiring, new rad, new clutch.....lots of all new stuff. Installed a R10 overdrive and here is where I am not satisfied. For this car to be driveable and not blow up again the highway revs need to get down. So I installed the OD, and it isn't working. Keeps blowing the fuse, when the lever is pulled out it still will freewheel but only sometimes, and then there is no reverse. I assume the solenoid is blowing the fuse and that isn't a cheap fix or maybe the governor. I haven't done trouble shooting yet. I don't like the ball and trunnion driveshaft, brand new boot didn't last 400 miles and it failed. Now I think the new ball and trunnion parts I installed are damaged too. Grrrr. Re-engine isn't my first choice $$$$$ but I am thinking a different transmission set up. What is out there to get the revs down on the highway ? T5 ? I see a kit to install a Chevy automatic. Both would get rid of the ball and trunnion driveshaft, which might mean a different rear end too. I know another option is going to cost some bucks but this gearbox has run its course for me. Have yet to make it work. The idea with the car is for us to tow our little fiberglass camper, maybe this drivetrain isn't good for that anyway. I know I don't like the 6 volt system as I have to change all the trailer lights to 6 volts and back to 12 when I use a different tow vehicle. I thought about selling the car but no one wants a 4 door and we still like the car. Looking for ideas.....
  7. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    Oil leaked fixed, THANK YOU all so much for the prompt and descriptive replies. How did we survive before the internet !? i am embarrassed I left that bolt out but it was an easy fix. I could not take this car on my vacation though, I have to substitute my more realiable Mustang. When I return I will be posting again with another overdrive question. This overdrive installation is making me very frustrated and the Mrs is strongly urging me to sell the car....her words were a bit more colourful 🤬. I have several hundred miles to think about this.... again, thank you all for the help.
  8. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    Well son of a.....My next $10 question is, what size and dimension bolt would that be ? I wonder, does the output shaft/emerg brake drum have to be removed to slide that long bolt into place ? THANK YOU ALL THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED.
  9. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    I am sure I will be using a fair bit of colourful language to go along with the socket extensions. So the missing bolt certainly needs to be added but does that bolt hole go inside the case.....thus an escape route for my valuable oil ?
  10. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    In each of pflaming’s pictures it looks like a bolt in the top most hole, slightly forward and center of the speedo drive and gov. I don’t have a bolt in there. Hmmmmm did I forget something.....unfortunantly now I am away from the garage for a few days so now I have to sit and stew about this.
  11. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    Geez now I want leave work and head home to try plugging that hole with a bolt or even a plastic plug just to try it. I am under the stress gun for a deadline of departure hopefully using this car.
  12. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    I have a google picture link in one of my posts above. I can't see it being a machine hole for the items you mention as the hole goes forward and above, I wondered if it is a vent that needs a restrictor. In the picture of the grey transmission it looks like a bolt is in the hole in question....I might try and plug it with a rag and go for a spin tonight. I tried some readi rod last night to see if there were threads down inside but caught nothing. Maybe the next size up. As a side note my wife is super growly now too....she says she is done, sell that car....only with a little more colorful language
  13. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    The hole is smooth as deep as far as I can reach i think maybe 1/2 " diameter, and yes between the speedometer drive and governor on top. OD and gear box are a fairly new reassemble and install...meaning a couple years ago but only recently on the road. Statically it doesn't leak, once moving though....a full under coat of GL1.
  14. laynrubber

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    Correct...the hole above the governor. I tried to load a picture last night it exceeded the size limit. It is a hole right on the top of the OD unit. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MdQyG2xpTSiEofNx5 The hole in question is very deep, and I can’t see in it. I am not convinced it is leaking from there but I am stressed and can’t think. The governor had an o ring and I thought that may have been the problem so I made a gasket and ensured the gov was tight again.....still all wet around the governor base. The bolts that mount through the OD unit are dry, I used high temp silicon. The left side by the solenoid and reverse switch are also dry......unless I drive it for several miles at hwy speed and the EVERYTHING to the bumper is wet under there.
  15. laynrubber

    Has anyone ordered parts from rock auto?

    Never bought vintage stuff from them but for late model drivers they have been real good even for a Canadian with a weak dollar. Shipping was good, pricing.

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