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    Santa Rosa Ca
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    cars & motorcycles
  1. TooBadBrad

    47 door lock issue

    Ah, thank you! I should have asked before I took the panel off!
  2. TooBadBrad

    47 door lock issue

    Hi There! I just picked up a 47 Ply 4dr to haul the grandkids around and keep my 38 coupe company. The lock cylinder on the drivers side moves in & out about 1/4 ". It still operates, and the pass. side is tight. I have the panel off but can't see what might be loose or missing. Any ideas? thanks!
  3. TooBadBrad

    keep original IFS or go to MSII?

    Andy, no doubt you can run radials on the orig suspention with good results. I ran them on my drop axle too but it steered like a bus no mater what I tried! I'm only saying if your going to modify the car anyway, you may be ahead in the long run to put new stuff on it, especialy if your going to drive it a lot. I learned this leason on my 56 Chevy. By the time I put tubular A arms , drop spindles, disc brakes, sway bar and power steering on it I spent the same money as a new IFS with rack & pinion. James, the Scotts front end comes already welded to new frame sections. All you do is cut out 20" of the old frame and weld in the new pieces with the crossmember already attached.
  4. TooBadBrad

    keep original IFS or go to MSII?

    I'll bet if you add up the cost to add disc brakes, springs, shocks, rebuild parts ect. you won't be far off the price of a new IFS. With the new IFS you get correct geometry for radial tires, power steering if you want it and coilovers. I'm putting a Scott's Hot Rods IFS on my 38 right now. The Scotts front end is far superior to Fat Man, and less $$ then the big names. It's a big job, but if you can measure & weld it's doable. My car has a 67 318, and the next step is motor mounts. If you do go with Scott's, be aware that their written directions leave alot to be desired, but they usully respond to emails or phone calls within a day. I can give you alot of hard earned tips if you need them!
  5. TooBadBrad

    38 coupe body mounts

    Hello everybody,I'm new to the forum I have a 38 Ply. bus coupe I've had for 15 years. It had been hot rodded back in the 60's, and has a 318/727/8 3/4 combo in it. I'm in the prosess of changing over to a Scotts IFS. I'm wondering if there is supposed to be rubber body mounts between the Radiator support and the frame. Mine was just bolted up solid with spacers. Thanks Brad
  6. TooBadBrad


    for sale

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