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  1. YukonJack

    For those of you that followed my 1950 Suburban build

    Great car and feature interview. I'm sure you're proud. Thanks for sharing.
  2. YukonJack

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    I'd be interested in seeing the steering arms.
  3. YukonJack

    Tire size question for p-15

    I think wheel width also impacts tire height. Wouldn't a 215 be taller on a stock 4" wide wheel than on a later model 6" or 7" wide wheel?
  4. YukonJack

    Tire size question for p-15

    I'm confused. Wouldn't the the 670-15 be taller than a 600-16?
  5. YukonJack

    Worm gear replacement 1948 Plymouth

    A parts book I have says 1942-54 are the same sector shaft.
  6. YukonJack

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    I have bought and sold many things on Ebay over the years. Some good experiences and some not. I myself like being able to hold things in my hands and look at them from different angles before money leaves my pocket. Unfortunately when looking for older or more rare parts that isn't always possible and usually peoples opinions on condition vary greatly. I wouldn't have been happy with those shields either.
  7. YukonJack

    Radiator swap question re P15

    Just my opinion but, you didn't get what you ordered so let them figure it out. Taking a hacksaw to a new radiator shouldn't be an option.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. You have to get the wheel off to read the drum.
  9. YukonJack

    P24 Timing

    Not sure if this is your problem or not, but my 47 Plymouth has a bolt mounted to the bottom of the distributor that allows for additional timing movement. Just a thought.
  10. YukonJack

    My Scarebird Kit install and a few ? 1948 Dodge

    If you had to make the holes in the rotors bigger to get it to fit over the studs, will the wheel still fit?
  11. YukonJack

    P15 steering options

    I was under the impression the adapters for Dodge vans from the 70's worked.
  12. YukonJack

    P15 steering options

    Is the 920030 box for a Nova also?
  13. YukonJack

    Fuel Sending Unit help

    I was told that the Dodge D24 used a 1 wire sending unit and the P15 Plymouth used the 2 wire sending unit.
  14. YukonJack

    help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    It's his car and he can build it however he wants. As far as helpful information, I think the best was sending him to Butch's website ( a supplier who not only advertises on this site but also sells mounts for the SBC install). As far as saving an old Mopar goes, anytime you keep an old car running regardless of motor choice you have saved it from the crusher. In the 50's and 60's guys were putting Cadillac, Buick and Oldsmobile engines and Hemi's in anything as long as it made the car go faster and looked cool. I remember when people were putting big block Chevy's in early GTO's. I couldn't believe they were doing that. I've been on this forum almost 20 years and most times I say nothing because a question has been answered before I see it. The purpose of this forum is to share information. Bottom line in my opinion is if you can't give a constructive answer, don't answer at all.
  15. YukonJack

    V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    I've never been a fan of Camaro or Nova sub frame swaps. They seem to be too wide and the front wheels are positioned too far out of the fenders. Looks odd to me. I've heard another popular front frame swap is the Chevy S10.

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