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  1. 6 cylinder Ramblers from the 60's also used a similar spin on oil filter mount on the top front of the cylinder head.
  2. 1 more thought. Front mount compressed and transferring vibration through the saddle mount bracket to the frame. Might not have been a problem with worn rear mounts, but once that was corrected the next weakest link became a problem.
  3. Did you replace the front motor mount too? Maybe if the front mount is compressed the new rear mounts raised the back of the engine higher than the front. This might effect your drive shaft angle which could cause a vibration. Just a thought.
  4. I can't say for sure. I was getting good flow everywhere too, but no resistance in the pedal until I removed the stock residual valve. You might want to check with Wilwood.
  5. You might want to contact Wilwood or check the instructions for the master cylinder. I have a Wilwood master I haven't installed yet, but I seem to recall they said to remove the residual pressure valve from the master if it's being mounted under floor. About a year ago I replaced my rear wheel cylinders in my 47 Plymouth, it has disc brakes in front and stock master. I went through 3 large bottles of brake fluid trying various methods of bleeding without any success. I pulled the residual pressure valve out of the stock master and started getting a firm pedal after bleeding one wheel. Note: I am using residual pressure valves in the brake lines.
  6. I'm surprised the water distribution tube came out so easy and in one piece.
  7. I bought 2 of these about 8 months ago. Haven't gotten around to using them yet.
  8. The problem with project cars is, it's a harder project for the guy that's trying to put it back together than the guy that took it apart. Some people take things apart and don't label them or bag and tag small parts. Parts get lost or misplaced and you never know if you have everything.
  9. A great modification that's been around for years. I did it to my 48 Plymouth 25 years ago and my 47 Plymouth 15 years ago. Mine uses a common Ford V8 filter. No more draining out the filter canister with a turkey baster. Lol
  10. Hey Greg, do you know what color the Green 47 is? It doesn't look like a stock color, but I like it.
  11. There was a company years ago that was making a seat mounting brackets/risers to install early 80's Riviera, Toronado or Eldorado front seats. Can't remember the name of the company or if they are still in business.
  12. I've seen the Crown Vic swaps done, but usually on 60's and 70's Ford pickups.
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