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  1. Silverdome

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    I've seen better resto-mods for a lot less moola. Not saying I wouldn't mind driving it around but not at that price.
  2. Do a search on this forum for Tim Kingsbury, George Asche and the AOK boys, they have a lot of history with racing these engines. Another search that would be good is the Montana Dodge Boys.
  3. Silverdome

    Found a brake drum solution

    Any part number that would fit the 10" drums on cars?
  4. Silverdome

    Panic or Push On... hole in frame rail!

    I agree with all the above statements but I do have a question as I don't have any experience in welding on assembled cars because they are usually disassembled when I weld on them. Should anything else other than the battery be disconnected when welding on these old cars, like gauges, clocks, sending units or relays?
  5. Silverdome

    Zero vacuum at idle

    Yes what Don Said. If you're worried about the wiper motor then disconnect it and plug in the gauge there and check the reading. Then put a tee in at that same port and reconnect the wiper motor that will eliminate whether the wiper motor is the source of low vacuum.
  6. Silverdome

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    I believe the radio is correct but those tires have some cracks in them. I think you should just let me know where it's at and I'll go pick it up and let it sit in my yard for a while. Heck I'll even take the junk that's inside. But seriously, take the car and at the very least sale it to someone who appreciates it and even give the lady some of the money from the sale. You will still come out ahead on it.
  7. Silverdome

    I bought another old dodge !

    If you don't mind telling. What part of the country did you find the nice car?
  8. Silverdome

    Strange Brake Issue

    Thumbs Up to Gary Roberts. It looks as if he is willing to stand behind his products which he has done in the past with me.
  9. Silverdome

    Strange Brake Issue

    Jerry, you beat me to my first question. My second question is, who was the vendor for the bonded shoes?
  10. Silverdome

    Engine Annual Physical Check Up Results

    They look as if they fit the Carter 1bbl carbs perfect. Did you have to modify them in any way? Do you have the vendors link?
  11. Silverdome

    1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    When you speak of "the best advance curves", are you talking about mechanical or vacuum advance? If mechanical, I would think you should be able to use the weights and springs of the later model distributor. If vacuum then that may take a little more work adapting the advance module from one to the other. Does anyone have more insight on this thought?
  12. Silverdome

    Engine Annual Physical Check Up Results

    55 Fargo, where did you get the air cleaners?
  13. Silverdome

    1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    That's why I said "By just eyesight of the pictures". Would someone happen to have part numbers so that they could be looked up for interchange between different models and years?
  14. Silverdome

    1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    By just eyesight of the pictures you've posted I would say you could get many body parts from 41-48 Plymouths and 41-42 Dodges that will fit like the door that is missing.
  15. Silverdome

    ? about wheel trim rings.

    Casper, looking at the tape, I would say if your valve stem is closer than 2-1/8" from the inside of your rim and there are no reliefs on the trim rings then they won't fit.