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  1. X2 on what AndyDodge and ptwothree said. Also double check the fuel line, hose and the fuel pump. After 30 years sitting there's bound to be more wrong than just a worn out carb. If all that has been found to be good a new throttle shaft can be made with relative ease at most competent machine shops. Good luck and give us some more symptoms maybe we can help.
  2. I'm not saying that I'm unhappy at this point as I have ordered from them previously and everything was fine. It's just as a person that has dealt with people in a professional matter for the last 20 some odd years I know that your public persona is something that is important. Basically what I'm saying is that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Service is only part of the business. Friendly and informative communication is another part along with quality products, timely delivery and competitive pricing.
  3. I recently ordered one along with new windshields from Andy Bernbaums. I have received my rubber parts but not the glass. I called this morning and talked to Chris and as mentioned before his bedside manner was not real pleasant. Time will tell if everything fits right. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for all the kind replies. A little background on this car is in order. I inherited it from my father after his death many years ago. My wife always liked the car and the visor just as my dad did. I kept it running through the years but the brakes were always a problem. You'll notice the damage to the front left fender, that was a result of said brakes. I had run out of gas and my brother was towing me home when the brakes decided to go out. I had not driven it since that time about 10 years ago. Now that it is back on the road again it feels really good. Ranger, that is a nice '36 and yes we have lots of trees in southeast Kansas. Medium Jon, I'll have to give my wife the credit for the photos she has an eye for that sort of thing. dpollo, I'm a couple hours south of Bucyrus, but it's always nice to hear of fellow Mopar owners in the area. Is he a member on this forum? Knuckelharley, I've read and enjoyed lots of your comments and topics on here. My brother has a couple of '33 Plymouths that were my dads also that he has kept running and driving through the years too.
  5. Got to drive the '48 around a little today. Still lots of work to do but at least it's mobile and safe.
  6. When I first started mine this year after it sat for about three months without being started my fuel pump acted like it was bad. I disassemled it and cleaned it with carb cleaner and it started working just fine. Might try that first as you can bench test it after cleaning.
  7. They are a standard pipe plug. You should be able to find them at a hardware store with the screws or in the plumbing section. Spray them with some PB Blaster or something similar and let them set a while then they should come out. They are most likely cast iron.
  8. Hello new to site and saw you are in Kansas too... im in ottawa trying to rebuild a 50 coronet from fram up

    1. Silverdome


      Welcome, I think you'll find lots of good info on this site. I live in McCune, Ks. and see that you live in Ottawa. My sister in law used to live in Ottawa. Frame up restorations can be a long drawn out thing especially if you're going all original. Hopefully you have another one to drive and enjoy while working on the frame up it helps keep your sanity at times.

    2. kansascoronetguy


      i do not this is my first attempt at this.... I am about to remove the body sometime this week the motor tranny front suspension area already off once the main cab is off ill remove the rear end and start to clean up the frame. I want to stay original but thinking about putting a 318 in it with a disc brake conversion. 

    3. Silverdome


      Which ever way you choose there is plenty of experience here. The search function is your best friend along with all the members.

  9. Well you stated above that it is a canvas for you to do as you like. That not only applies to the paint job it applies to the whole car, drive train, interior etc.. Good luck and have fun with it. And as always show us some pictures please.
  10. Good info Andy, thanks.
  11. plymouth

    See the reply by B-Watson, it's ID is 14 on the topic. It shows the serial numbers for the corresponding years.
  12. You wouldn't happen to have a print or a sketch of that support would you?
  13. Worn bushing or shaft on clutch pivot. Or maybe a bent clutch fork.
  14. plymouth

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Picture please.
  15. Possibly worn synchronizers in the tranny.