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  1. Stalls and hesitates when choke is open

    Too many variables and not enough information. Condition of carburetor and fuel system? When was the last time it ran correctly? And so on so forth.
  2. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Nice Job belvedere666.
  3. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Looks Great! And yet another way to accomplish a woodgrain finish on metal.
  4. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Jdee, thanks. I would also like to thank you and your company for your input and support of this lost art. I feel like all information whether it be a success or a failure can be useful. Patience and a good attitude go a long way toward success.
  5. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Very nice jdee.
  6. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Veemoney, thanks that looks real nice. Did you just dob the stain on with that open pored sponge? Mortimer452, thanks, my dash isn't too bad yet but my garnish moldings were pretty worn so I started with them for preservation purposes if nothing else.
  7. Dual (Split) Exhaust Manifold

    I wasn't aware that any '39 Plymouths came with factory dual exhaust. If you can share some pictures of this it would help.
  8. You can also buy them direct from Coker and they have the liners and tubes.
  9. Gates 42554 water pump

    That's the weep hole. It is put there intentionally to let you know when your pump is about to fail.
  10. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Can you get a close up picture of the grain? It looks interesting. What was your technique on the graining?
  11. Got myself a 1947 Dodge D24

    Looks good, more pics please.
  12. What spark plugs?

    AC R45's
  13. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Rich that is a very nice looking piece.
  14. Woodgrain Thoughts

    This last one shows the supplies I'm using. I prepared the surface with what I could afford making sure of cleanliness and adhesion. I have to depend on the weather and my environment to get a good finish. I don't have a paint booth or environmental controls. So I guess you could say this is the poor mans way to woodgrain. I will keep practicing and hopefully get better at each attempt.
  15. Woodgrain Thoughts