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    In no certain order except family is always first.
    Old Cars
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    Born and raised around old cars.
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  1. Silverdome


  2. Silverdome


  3. Silverdome


    Here's my attempt at armrests. I used Seaside Pete's and Plymouhty Adams' pictures for reference. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Silverdome

    next on the list... improve braking

    How much is cheap? I prefer affordable as cheap seems to suggest a lesser quality.
  5. Silverdome

    Not starting

    Have you checked to see if it has fire at the plugs?
  6. Silverdome

    Not starting

    First thought on the electrical side is coil. On the fuel side possible vapor lock. Both heat related issues.
  7. Silverdome

    To install new window sweeps - 1950 Ply 4dr

    Yeah, I don't know how he got away with that unless his wife wasn't home or he isn't married. That's a pretty nice home, I don;t think my wife would allow that although I have pushed it a few times over the last 3 decades.
  8. Silverdome

    To install new window sweeps - 1950 Ply 4dr

    Check this out, I hope it helps.
  9. Silverdome

    Reliant MOPAR help

    I owned one for a couple of years. It would die on occasion as you were driving for no apparent reason. Turn out to be a bad ground between the engine and body. I also had to replace one front wheel bearing. Other than that it was a pretty reliable car. What's the problem with your Reliant?
  10. Silverdome

    To install new window sweeps - 1950 Ply 4dr

    Most likely held in with small wires. Did you remove the old ones or did they just totally rot away?
  11. Silverdome

    Wheel cylinders and parts

    Ordered mine from Andy Bernbaum who in turn ordered them from Rock Auto. They were Raybestos brand I believe.
  12. Silverdome

    Overdrive Questions

    Overdrive was not an option in 1948 but it was in 1952, so I would think you should have no problem other than possibly shifter linkage which you would use your original linkage I believe.
  13. Silverdome

    Inside door trim

    Is this the thread you are asking about?
  14. Silverdome

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    You could look at it in another way. When the time comes for having to sell off the collection there becomes more cars and parts on the market which in turn could help extend the hobby for the fortunate ones that buy them.
  15. At work we will fill the holes with weld then redrill if we have interference issues. That usually only happens if we go from 4 to 5 or 5- to 6 hole patterns or vise versa. Otherwise we just clock them as there should not be enough pressure on that part of the drum to cause any problems.

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