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  1. Did a google search for "purchase curved auto glass" and this is one of the sites that popped up.
  2. To find top dead center and/or stroke length.
  3. Do a search on here at the top right of this page and choose All Content then type in shock mount relocation and hit enter and it will give you multiple choices on the subject.
  4. The metal bushing would be ovaled and the bolts will show wear at the bushing area.
  5. Are you going to do a shock mount relocation while you have it torn down? It has been said many times that it improves the handling by a large margin.
  6. It's your car so make yourself happy. That being said there are many things to consider if you want to make such a major change. You should be able to find a reasonably priced running engine if yours is not rebuildable, which would be much less work. Nice car by the way.
  7. X2, remove that silicone.
  8. If you don't want to use Helicoil there are other choices of thread inserts available. The ones we use at work are from McMaster-Carr and have tangs on them that you hammer down to lock them into place plus they have the install taps available. These seem to be more durable than Helicoils. Here's a link.
  9. If it would fit my '34 Dodge I might be interested in buying it.
  10. X2. Also, which I'm sure you did before, torque it down in the right sequence per the suggested procedure in your repair manual.
  11. Greg, very nice pictures, thanks.
  12. Thanks John and 48ply1stcar
  13. Do you have a micrometer or set of calipers available to you? A quick check would answer your question. But I would have to agree with Don the machine shop would know best and should be able to order the correct ones at a reasonable price.
  14. I had that same problem last year. I mentioned it on another thread but didn't think to mention it here. It is easy to overlook.
  15. Actually Kona brown is more the color of milk chocolate where the factory color is the color of dark chocolate, although I like both. Greg, would you be able to provide a picture of the Deluxe steering wheel and horn button? Does anyone have a paint sample or mixture specification for the original Vogue Brown?