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  1. Silverdome

    Finished my 41 Plymouth

    What's FABO?
  2. In 1936 I think there was a toploader R6 unit but those will be harder to find than an R10. No matter which way you go you will probably have to modify the crossmember. There have been those who have made linkages to the sideloader R10 units to make them floor shifted.
  3. Silverdome

    Finished my 41 Plymouth

  4. Silverdome

    Best rear gears for OD Trans

    With 30" tall tires running at 2800 rpm with .7 OD and 4.78:1 rear gears you would be going approximately 75 mph. The final gear ratio is lowered numerically with larger diameter tires which also lowers the rpms and affects your torque and horsepower.
  5. Silverdome

    fueling questions for 48 218 flatty 6

    One other way to combat using 2 Oxygen sensors is to put a crossover tube in the exhaust with sensor in the middle of the cross. This may give a little horsepower boost.
  6. Silverdome

    New 37 DeSoto Project

    On the radiator, it looks like the core for the slant 6 that was previously in it. I'd be concerned of it's potential to cool the 318.
  7. Silverdome

    Which oil filter should I get?

    Yes, definitely pull your old one and match up the numbers. I order one from Andy Bernbaums for my '48 and it was too small. not worth returning for ten dollars. Went to my local NAPA the next day and got the correct one.
  8. Silverdome

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    Double check for broken exhaust manifold at the header while you're at it just for safeties sake.
  9. Silverdome

    Classic Car Shops?

    Post them as a lot in the classifieds here and let people know where you are and how much you want for the lot and shipping arrangements you can handle.
  10. Silverdome

    1950 Plymouth Suburban - Jay Leno's Garage

    Well you can get anything from this site. I mean I just learned something in history and writing. ie "the first American all steel station wagon was the '48 Willys" and "A factoid is a false statement presented as a fact".
  11. Silverdome

    new headliner

    Your happy and the misses is happy then I'd say you have a winner. Looks fine to me too by the way, as if it matters.
  12. Silverdome

    1955 Coronet

    Welcome toddb. Where are you located? Nice car.
  13. Silverdome

    Wider Stock-Looking Wheels 46 Special Deluxe

    I ran a set of 1980 Chrysler New Yorker wheels on my '48 Plymouth for a few years. They had the wire hub caps, there were holes already there to just open up for the alignment pin. They worked well and the offset was good.
  14. Silverdome

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    Have you tried to contact Tim Kingsbury or George Asche?
  15. Silverdome



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