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  1. Get together?

    I may have some distant kin there in the E-town area, would be an excuse to visit. Not sure the old gal would make it.
  2. Fit of oil fill / breather tube & dip stick tube

    Mine was loose also and I epoxied it in with JB weld. It can be remove at a later date with the application of a propane torch.
  3. We and the Windsor 2018

    Wow, what a beauty!
  4. Front axle castle nut

    Do anyone have a part # for the cap piece?
  5. 218 pilothouse

    The most efficient setup for performance is probably 3 single barrels, some have had better mileage with dual singles.
  6. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Really coming along nicely!
  7. Sun D1 Tach

    Here is a link to the solution for the sending unit. Look at model VT-1. https://www.technoversions.com/TachMatchHome.html
  8. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Beautiful truck!
  9. Door window seals

    When you say flat do you mean laminated?
  10. rubber sill plate removal

    Grab your favorite hammer and this.
  11. Informative video on how fluid drives work.

    MCMLIV = 1954
  12. Door window seals

    The windshield has to be laminated, get the rest of the glass tempered which is much stronger.
  13. Door window seals

    Here is a vid on how to install the glass. Make sure the pinch weld has no rough spots or snags( file them off) and a little soap can be used as a lube.
  14. That sure is a fine line between politics and patriotism.
  15. Will Desoto parts work in Dodge?????

    A common swap is an 8.25 rear from a jeep Cherokee. I put a 3.55 out of a '93 with drum brakes on mine, weld on new spring plates and was good to go. The drive shaft even bolted right up with no mods. The new axle is about 1.5" narrower than stock.