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  1. Gas cap pressure

    The cap I have was purchased this year at Oreillys.
  2. Gas cap pressure

    The vented cap should only allow air flow into the tank and not out so it will build pressure inside and not let fumes out. Generally when you open the cap it is releasing that pressure.
  3. Rear End Question

    I had a 4.11 in my '53 and changed it for a 3.55 from a Jeep Cherokee. Much better.
  4. What would you do??

    Cover the end of the road draft tube to critters out.
  5. Clacking at 2500 RPM

    One way to check is to run it in the dark and look for sparks anywhere on or around the engine.
  6. Head Gasket Replacement

    Does anyone have a source for the GM head bolts?
  7. Me and the Meadowbrook

    You are definitely livin' the dream!
  8. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    All that really needs to be done is to eliminate gas stations and that's been going on for years. They used to be at all the major intersections.
  9. Ty rod ends

    I got hold of a Ford tie rod shortened it and threaded the right side and did use the same ends. I also mounted it from the underside of the steering arm because I have a Sid's 3" dropped axle and needed to clear the springs and get it parallel to the tie rod and reduce the chance of bump steer.
  10. Ty rod ends

    I made a new drag link with replaceable tie rod ends, and now it is adjustable to center the steering wheel.
  11. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    I got out 20+ years ago and pretty sure I'll be able to see the splash from here.
  12. I have a dual carb Fenton manifold that looks like it had a coolant jacket and someone modified it. As far as ambient heat from the exhaust manifold there is no lack of that. What sort of linkage are you running?
  13. So are you running it without the coolant flowing through the manifold?
  14. Floor to Column Shifter conversion

    I would be interested if this works as I was considering changing the column shift in my B4B to a floor shift. Post some photos!
  15. Arizona Parts

    Here is another jeep resource in Tucson, good guy to deal with. https://www.willysworks.com/