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  1. The Oil Soup

    New 1953 Pilothouse questions

    I thought it was around 3200lbs.
  2. The Oil Soup

    Can we get a good Windshield Gasket?

    I used the Steele gasket, pricey but seems to work well (4 or 5 years) and fits correctly. Also file the pinch weld to remove any snags that can damage the gasket during installation. Most gaskets require some sealant to complete the job.
  3. The Oil Soup

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    Get a Ford or Chevy.
  4. The Oil Soup

    Chrome alternative

    This stuff looks easier.
  5. The Oil Soup

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    There are two adjustments on the dizzy, one where it bolts to the block and another on the underside of the dizzy to confound twenty first century mechanics. Pics of the coupe?
  6. The Oil Soup

    Disc brake conversion issue

    The MC johnsartain referenced with the yellow cap is correct. I pulled the proportioning valve off the junkyard donor and it mounts under the MC but everything is kinda tight. I have disc on front as the donor did also. Will post photo soon.
  7. The Oil Soup

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    Sid's 3'' dropped axle, Rusty Hope disc brakes reversed spring eyes removed 2nd to shortest leaf up front. Rear; Jeep shackle flipped, removed 2nd and 3rd shortest leaves, raised forward rear spring mount and Cherokee 3:55. 28'' tire front 30'' tire rear, lower about 6'' from stock.
  8. The Oil Soup

    how to preserve an old decal?

    How about a photo of the decal?
  9. The Oil Soup

    Disc brake conversion issue

    Mine was the same as johnsartain and worked fine but I also ran all new brake line along with a Cherokee master cylinder.
  10. The Oil Soup

    P15 heater Assy work, duct, blower motors L & R..

    Here is a link to heater cores listed by size and I think the dimensions are strictly the core and not side tanks, but they do also list the inlet/ outlet sizes. I had to do some mods to make it work, but to have a custom made core was $100, so it was worth it. https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/heater-cores . Here is the blower motor I used, Oreillys has it listed as a Murray PM 354 for the same price. Good luck! https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/vdo,PM354,blower+motor,6916
  11. The Oil Soup

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    It sounds as if the problem was a poor ground from the engine back to the battery and the current was flowing through the coolant. There are plenty of dissimilar metals in vehicles that get along fine especially with the new coolants and proper wiring.
  12. hi ,im visiting Tucson on vacation from 4th to 9th september ,is there anything old car related i shouldn't miss ?Am thinking of the car show at Little Anthonys diner and also the Pima air museum? Anything else?Thank you ,in advance!

    1. The Oil Soup

      The Oil Soup

      That and Freddie's at the intersection of Orange Grove and Thornydale on Thursday nights, Freddie's at North Oracle on Friday night and Cars and Coffee at La Encantada Śaturday morning. Enjoy!

  13. The Oil Soup

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    For about $225 you can have a brand new aluminum radiator from Champion.
  14. The Oil Soup

    P15 heater Assy work, duct, blower motors L & R..

    I redid the heater that came with my truck replacing the core and the motor with parts from Oreillys. They both cost about $30 each and you can search the heater core sizes on the website and find one that works. The motor is 12 volt and is the same as the one Don C. shows in his rebuild and the core is aluminum.
  15. The Oil Soup

    Hubcap lettering

    This be the stuff.

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