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  1. The Oil Soup

    1955 First vs Second Series Windows?

    I had a shop make replacement side and rear glass with tempered ( 6mm evergreen ) that is stronger than laminated which is required for windshields. They also actually had the paper patterns for the glass.
  2. Here is a link to a replacement carb that looks very similar to our B&B carbs and perhaps someone on the forum is familiar with.https://daytonaparts.com/m/replacement_carburetor_chevy.html
  3. The Oil Soup

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Is bologna lice Otto a new member on the forum?
  4. The Oil Soup

    Anybody got a p/n 12v truck master heater motor

    I am unable to find the part # for the motor I bought for my heater which is not a mopar truck unit but an unknown aftermarket manufacturer. It was simply a matter of looking for a replacement with the same dimensions and making it work. I also found a replacement heater core that worked with a little modification.
  5. The Oil Soup

    Anybody got a p/n 12v truck master heater motor

    Here is a link. Use a rheostat switch for variable speed.https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/lighting---electrical-16777/motors---actuators-25143/blower-motor-12457/0da7cd2eedaa?q=Blower+Motor&prodAttr_19769=No
  6. The Oil Soup

    Anybody got a p/n 12v truck master heater motor

    Oreillys has a 12v motor that fits with very little mods, will post # once found.
  7. The Oil Soup

    Oil Leak from Filter when hot

    Perhaps it is leaking from where the bolt goes through the lid also.
  8. The Oil Soup

    P15 Windshield Replacement

    I used Steele on my '53 and it was an excellent fit. If the old gasket is still flexible I would remove it in one piece otherwise cut it and remove it that way. Here is a video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QvcJ_lU_VpQ
  9. The Oil Soup

    P15 Windshield Replacement

    Windshield has to be laminated glass. Gently remove any piece covering a joint in the trim at the center or corners and then remove the longer strips. There is a channel in the rubber that holds the stainless in place. The cord you use should be about 1/4" and make sure and file off any snags on the pinch weld that will damage the new gasket.
  10. The Oil Soup

    Maximum Drop

    The dropped tie rod ends I used were from Speedway ( iirc) and are the same size taper as the stock ones they replaced.
  11. The Oil Soup

    Maximum Drop

    I'm not sure what you mean by knuckle inserts, if you are talking about the tapered holes drilled in the steering arms I only drilled through them halfway from the underside so a cross view of those holes would be an hourglass shape.
  12. The Oil Soup

    1939-1947 Shock options

    Here is a list for Monroe shocks. The dimensions for the mount codes starts on page 73. http://www.monroe.com/downloads/install-instructions-guides/MonroeMountingLengthSpecifications.pdf
  13. The Oil Soup

    Me and the B-1-D

    It's a Carter B&B model DTE2 should be able to get a kit from a good local parts house or here https://www.carburetor-parts.com/search.asp?keyword=Dte2&search=search.
  14. The Oil Soup

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    I'm not sure about your application but on mine in addition to the studs there are 2 long bolts between the 2,3 and 4,5 exhaust ports lower side.

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