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  1. Just do the redneck rain dance.........wash your truck!
  2. When you look down the carb and press the throttle do you see a spray of fuel? That would show the accelerator pump is working.
  3. My B4B has the short side bed and using the search function and viewing some PDFs I am unable to find the correct dimensions for the bed boards. I currently have a sheet of plywood in the bed. It is 76" long and should have 8 boards. Two outer boards 7" wide and six inner boards 5 1/4" wide? Anyone have the factory numbers? Thanks
  4. I've used this stuff, available at HD.
  5. Would it make any difference to run the pcv output to the air cleaner? Seems like that eliminates any negative effect on engine vacuum.
  6. The button on top of the starter is also adjustable by screwing it in or out as to when it completes the circuit.
  7. I put a pcv valve on mine and it seems to be drawing a lot of oil also but the engine has over 60k on it and uses a little oil. Getting a 230 ready to put in it and will try the pcv valve on it.
  8. Here is a pdf of the heat sheild. http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/heat_shield/shield.pdf
  9. I had mine repaired at a shop that rebuilds starters/ alternators/ generators.
  10. That happened to me with a starter that was maybe a year past a rebuild, returned it and was told a faulty bendix drive was the culprit. They replaced it and has been fine for 2 plus years.
  11. Steele products are usually right on the money as far as fit and quality, if the glass is made off shore that could be a problem.
  12. I didn't realize they offered that as an option, is the ceiling available as a single piece also?
  13. The Laycock j type is another option, here is a link.
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