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  1. I've heard from him..... he is catching up on some chores and getting things sorted out before that Texas heat flairs up again this year.
  2. First set of photo's, first photo was me.... given "builders choice interior" second photo is Charlie (51Hemi) don't know what his award was OR the others, cause I ran off before 48dodger realized i didn't bring a truck this year LOL. second set photo #2 is "tom's b2b" i think he got "builders choice engine" for his 230 build on the car side #3 is Christine from Germany "long distance" and photo #4 is Jim, he had the patina 49 1/2 ton dodge truck above sorry the rest of the names escape me right now.
  3. sorry not this year..... but, if it helps I had my wife video my "walk of shame" as I pull off the trailer back home oh yeah, a little "pre- BBQ" test run...... (John-t let ggdad1951 and myself drive his truck this year!) T-5's ROCK!!!!
  4. and yes ggdad1951 got to work on a truck after all this year... (assisting John- T)
  5. Yeah, I think the load "dwarfs" the trailer... it is actually a 14k. tongue weight, photo must be deceiving, hardly touched the overloads. anyway, he is at home, we are in Gold beach, caught a glimpse of the gray whales migrating..... like Kenny Rogers said " got to know when to fold them" 😊
  6. Sadly, it isn't going to be there AFTER all..... it turned out to be a balance issue I didn't discover until I got going over 50mph! I am REALLY bummed!!! Funny part is, I got him back home and drove him off the trailer 😂 sorry,
  7. thanks, Moses Lake WA (this BBQ run is a test drive for a longer trip in June)
  8. the Cummins? you bet "Rob" threw a little fit loading him up Sunday. drove a mile to the loading spot (cause my driveway is gravel and too steep to tow him out of with my truck) went to drive him on the trailer and "no start" AGAIN!!! get out you wrenches guys and gals !!!!! LOL
  9. heading down Wednesday morning, almost "locked and loaded"...... (still have to anchor the bed down to the trailer) should be there Friday pray for us!! LOL, and you guys thought the green truck was tough to get back on the trailer.......
  10. LC, I owe you an apology. I thought it was you! I first read this right after you posted it and said to myself, "wow, look how fast a Washingtonian learned Texas shorthand."
  11. can't say for sure but, that is where my hydraulic reservoir for the dump bed is located.
  12. is TUG gonna make it Saturday to the BBQ in Lodi?
  13. I was just curious, thought about you last month.... folks to the south had a little hitch in the geta- long 180 people stranded for around 40hrs https://weather.com/news/news/2019-02-25-winter-storm-ryan-impacts-pacific-northwest
  14. so...... how was it?
  15. gosh, if I remember right, last year we worked on Paul's truck and you and 48 went on a joy ride in mine
  16. Anyone from Oregon/ Washington coming? How about Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Ohio ? ( yeah I kinda jumped around 😊) come on people! Read the flyer not just a truck show..... heck I'm not bringing the one ton this time. ( I'll probably jump in the back of John-T truck to get in though. Lol) After the crappie winter you deserve to kick the season off with friends! (And me 😄) Remember, "Excuses are like arm pits.... everyone has a couple and they STINK"
  17. Anyone planning on making the trip this year to the Lodi BBQ?
  18. Glenn, in my opinion, I think in the parts book there is two different part numbers for that valve. only about six of us would look at the one you have and question it and out of that six, only one of us would really care, if it is correct or not. if you don't keep that valve PM me, cause I wont care what the other five think (this is not a solicitation of parts or classified add outside the proper avenue)
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