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  1. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    kind of OT, but I know not everyone see's the OT section that might have heard from JB. hopefully he is OK. I sent him a PM but still see no activity since "hurricane Harvey" Thanks,
  2. aww you caught me no they don't rub, I added a 1" spacer I made from an old brake rotors from a 2000 Mazda Protégé. cut out the centers drilled some 5/8" holes with 1" counter sink on both sides (for the "rim locks") replaced the wheel bolts (with longer ones) and prettied them up I knew that Mazda was good for something!
  3. Has anyone successfully restored the tank fuel sending unit? The one in my B4 still moves but, the screw connected to the wire is stripped and frozen to the nut on the inside. I don't want to bugger it up trying to replace it.
  4. I don't know how you folks do it..... be safe
  5. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Paul, kind of reminds me of one In "my neck of the woods"
  6. tested the flag today, I think it will make from the motel in Lodi to the ranch
  7. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    Ok, call off the APB! I Heard from him.... all is right again.... carry on!
  8. I just got a "budget estimate" from a local big box tire chain last Friday on 8.25 x 20 for my HH. They told me if I wanted radials I'd have to have the centers removed on my rims and put on different rims something to do with the offset. I guess it might be possible, not for me...... they quoted me around $250. each for new Bias tire, flap and tube.
  9. Motel booked.... check, new tires..... check, have headlights and front turn signals (80% of the time LOL) check, working on the brake lights and rear turn signals. Extra carb, battery, dizzy.... check, check, check! I'm ready! oh yeah, JULIE!! ..... CHECK!
  10. I don't get it...... https://salem.craigslist.org/cto/d/dodge-pickup-truck/6506170439.html
  11. Thought I had enough trucks!

    what a tease!
  12. Tools required for engine work

    Kevin, I know your not at the point of needing one yet but, relating to the title of this thread, a tool that I find very valuable for engine work is a vacuum gauge
  13. Show your tools.

    that is great Wiggo! I can't wait for the price on that nail unbender to come down a bit.....
  14. working with plastic

    any plastic smiths out there? looking to learn how to tell the difference in what kind of plastics can be reformed. at work, if I need to re shape a flush handle for a toilet, I heat it with a lighter or heat gun, soften it, reform and it cools to a solid form again.... but it also doesn't get a lot of force behind it. at home, I would like to try and reshape a car flag pole to form around my door frame, so the window will roll up and "pinch it" in place I realize this might be a trial and error kind of experiment but I'd hate to waste a pole if there is logic why not to or a better way to do it. OR how do I know if it's nylon? thanks,
  15. Paul, I think Todd is saying.... what do you call cheeze that's not yours ? Nacho cheeze!! (Bah bum Ching) Lol, thank you! Goodnight....... Drive safe!
  16. Song and video about 6 inline.

    awesome song! Cornell, for your next song....... think...... Trucks!
  17. working with plastic

    I thank you gentlemen! each of your input gave me the confidence I needed to go for it. mission accomplished.... now if I can figure out how to reproduce that plastic "DODGE" script in the center of the 53'...... I suppose that will be next winters project
  18. Clements BBQ raffle.

    Sorry, blew my budget for this year. I have a set for you to do if you do this next year....
  19. Thanks Don, I accept your suggestion! As stated above "don't need to be the brightest..... "
  20. don't let em fun ya Merle..... we like green and gold/yellow
  21. Julie asked for "muenster cheese"? I don't know if that is a Wisconsin cheese or not... if not, I'm in for a sample of the "Widmer's 8yr old cheddar"...... if you bring a cooler, throw in some Wisconsin butter milk also....... i'll get my own salt and pepper
  22. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    I hear ya! that is why we were fortunate and resolved it by buying their house and cleaning it up ourselves. not suggesting anything, just saying........... I got to pick my next neighbors
  23. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    I think this kind of code enforcement is different from building code enforcement . it is for compliance of property limitations and restrictions..... sadly, I have been on the other end of the complaining with our neighbors next door.... in 2009/2010 we ended up resolving the problem ourselves..... (note 236 tires thru out the property)
  24. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Code enforcement won't come out to check out the complaint? I don't understand that. In my area they serve the public..... More and more I am thankful we live in a small city and town. good luck