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  1. I am working on my "door stay clip" project for my b3/b4's. built a "form" and cut up a saw blade into 3/16" x 4" strips and worked on heating/ forming the metal. here is my first and second attempt although I think they would hold, I am not thrilled with my results so far. any suggestions for a different metal I should use?
  2. Brent B3B

    1953 Job Power Bench Seat

    my b3b had the wrong bench seat bottom in it. I pulled the frame and took it to the upholsters and had him make the seat fit the frame. he built it on a plywood base.... I fabricated up some metal adjustment slots to attach it to.... that thing is solid!
  3. Brent B3B

    Door latch spring b2b

    PM Desotodav, he at one time had a source for the springs
  4. Brent B3B

    Door stays

    Jocko, if you want to split the rolls, I might be able to go in halves with you on the roll you bought and the next........ send me a PM if you are going back to "M-C" can you see if they carry the toe kick bolts? they are the 4 that go on the sides of the two upper floor boards I know I could use any bolt and nut but if I can get them I'd buy some
  5. Brent B3B

    Door stays

    I always forget about McMaster..... nice find (you kids and your internet 😋) i suspect the market might not be red hot for these but who knows. If you end up finding a shop and need a sample let me know, I'll mail you my original and buy a few.... If it isn't cost effective to have them made but you think the product looks good, let me know, I might end up buying a 25' section to play around
  6. Brent B3B

    Hood / top of the Radiator

    There is two baffles in the diagram an upper and a lower...... 😜
  7. Brent B3B

    Mystery project

    I would build an awning for it 😄 or maybe put a heat lamp in the light fixture..... hey, like my brooding house LOL just kidding around, I like it! Did Ed actually get to practice painting? It looks great from here
  8. Brent B3B

    Optima 6v battery

    I called my local Napa last Friday for a battery the cheapest 6v they had was a "group 4" for $128. And only a 30mo warranty.... seemed spendy to me....
  9. Itek4bux, welcome! i think I was watching this truck in CL for a few months now.... good job If it were me, I would get it running and stopping then find the right grille.... LOL 😋 Then figure out the tires and re-wire it. But that's just me..... I made my own harnesses
  10. Brent B3B

    Hood / top of the Radiator

    I vote no... my b3 & b4 are like TFC's photo.... i have noticed on mine, if there is a crack/s on the center section (in front where the side wings hinges) it causes the center section to sag and rest on the overflow tube. The clearance isn't that great to being with. and yes Davin is correct..... we are crazy....... crazy about trucks! 😄
  11. Brent B3B

    No-good Benny

    I overheard a co-worker received a solicitation call at work once. he played along for awhile, then he had an opportunity to ask a question. he asked "how do I get rid of my hemorrhoids?" they hung up on him............ guess it worked
  12. Brent B3B

    left coast invasion

    Hey, "Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil and See no Evil" must have been a short visit, I don't see any empties on the ground, LOL Ram man 02 and John- "T-5", be honest did you like TODD better than FEF?
  13. right on..... hey, we need to get you moved to the truck forum page.... I don't think as many see this page. you might ask a moderator to see if they can move this thread so you can get your questions looked at.
  14. Brent B3B

    Door stays

    thanks jocko, so far so good..... yeah, I used oxy & acetylene got it red hot, the spring steel is much stronger/ harder than my first attempts. although I like to recycle, I need to find a source for the spring steel.
  15. Brent B3B

    48 1 ton leaking master cylinder

    way to pay attention to your truck Mike! that could have been a bigger deal
  16. Brent B3B

    1929 Fargo Stake Body

    Not sure what is more impressive, a 29 Fargo or the fact they don't use the internet 😄 is the MC missing or can it be rebuilt? I know Hagens in WA can do some re-sleaving ....... https://hagensautoparts.com/ might be worth an inquiry if you can and you haven't already.
  17. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    I didn't think the valves are hard to remove. be sure and stuff some paper towels or rags in the oil galleys before you start to keep the keepers from falling in the holes. I used a "c" clamp spring compressor but other compressors will work also....... "C" clamp is just what I have I suppose with the smaller clamp you may not need to take off the intake and exhaust manifolds.......... sorry, I am not the person to answer about the piston marks
  18. this truck has been on (or on and off) for a while. believe me, if it were closer than the 3100 miles from me, I would be allover it! a fire truck is on my "wish list" I dream of driving it to different local fire houses at 45mph and when traffic gets irritated with me and passes me flipping me off, I pull up to next them at a red light and say "HEY! where is the fire!" thanks for posting!
  19. Brent B3B

    Show your tools.

    Now THAT, is true love!
  20. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    If it were me, I would say no on reusing the copper gasket... and I would at the least lap the valves while your in it that far. but that is just me.
  21. Official? No but if you haven't already private message B1B Keven. He had a half ton and lives in Vancouver also.... He may have some in site. Good luck and start a build thread.
  22. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Brand? I worked (managed a) Jiffy Lube for 14years. I learned you don't have relatives work for ya, discuss religion, politics or oil brand type.... LOL in my opinion.... use what brand makes you happy or what you have stock options in but, change it regularly and you'll be good to go
  23. Brent B3B

    52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    May or May not help measurement from outer "rib" and from bottom up
  24. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    My driver manual says 5qrts.... 6 if you have a filter. , the larger tube between the generator and the distributor.......
  25. Brent B3B

    Photos in the classified

    Your such a trouble maker! First, bailed out at the "Q" and now this..... when will the madness stop! LOL i like watching the moderators catch those who sneak in a photo.... reminds me of the "soup nazi" on Seinfeld.... "no-photos-for-you!" 😄 keep up up the good work everyone and more importantly "keep on truckin'

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