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  1. Brent B3B

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Not sure on-line but, another option (if you haven't already) might be to give "six states" a call.... http://www.sixstates.com/products/locations.jsp they might be able to point you in a local direction.
  2. Brent B3B

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Welcome back, congrats on the new adventures in life! For brake parts, if "Vic's" doesn't have everything, I am a big fan of https://hagensautoparts.com/dodge+-+truck/9-brake/177 as far as seals, I use http://www.sealsourceinc.com/website/light_page.asp?code=homepage I doubt they will have a listing for your truck, but if your ever in the Portland area I bet they could match it at the counter.
  3. Brent B3B


    I was going to PM a couple of you, but I figured I'd ask on the forum incase someone else doing a search had the question. you all three receive "best answer" thanks guys!
  4. Brent B3B


    little background, My B3HH ("Rob") was ordered by the Navy and then what I would guess acquired by a fire department. With that, there is an extra battery box under the drivers side hood and a switch on the dash for the batteries. I have what I call "resistors" at the ignition, coil (neg side) and at the generator (photo) I haven't seen these on my other trucks so, I wonder what is the function, are they really necessary, can they be tested?
  5. Keithb7, congrats on the "new" truck, what is the towing capacity on it? I like your color and I am so jealous, my 96 is only 2wheel drive with the 360 and the paint is GONE.. BUT it only has 107k and it recently got me out of a pinch (towed myself 2 miles back home.... )
  6. when we recently "switched over" to this format, there was a question about background colors.... don't know if that is still an issue for new folks or not
  7. Brent B3B

    1949 B1 1.5 ton brake question

    When you dive into it, start a thread in the "truck forum"..... I don't think as many guys check or look at this forum (" technical archive") or have a moderator move this one for you. (If you want) Theres 1.5ton 🙂 of smarter guys out there.... hate to see you get stuck with just me, LOL
  8. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Those freeze plugs are on the drivers side, the one in the photo is behind the distributor. I removed the oil filter and plugged the ports with the yellow plugs. If you flush, you might throw the tappet covers back on, the intake bolts back in and pack the pistons with dry "laundry" first. If you have the water pump off, you could backflush the distribution tube also. Start with low water pressure, you will be able to turn it up as you get a feel for how fast it is coming out. Napa has the replacement freeze plugs
  9. Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    A lot of us know exactly what your saying, I was at a show yesterday I was the only pilothouse, the other Dodge truck there was a Ratrod.... at least I was parked between two Plymouths
  10. Brent B3B

    1949 B1 1.5 ton brake question

    Congrats on the new ride. Looks clean and straight. Do you know the front drums are bad? sorry I don't know about disc brake conversion for these trucks but, from experience on mine I can say, With the brake booster and the cylinders rebuilt, new lines and shoes...... he stops on a "quarter" 🙂
  11. Brent B3B

    My new truck!

    Very jealous! Congrats!
  12. Brent B3B

    Cracked Manifold

    moderator, please post parts wanted in the "wanted" section! no, really (luv ya man!)
  13. sorry Dave, I don't know much with the "C" series, I would have guessed the bed area but again, I don't have a clue. don't give up or let it hold you up. stick them on the wall as "art" until the right person stumbles across your thread or until you have that "ah- ha" moment you can bet next time I see a "C" series I will be looking for them good luck,
  14. Brent B3B

    Non Pilot House sightings

    I gave them a call today.... 56' chev cab on Dodge running gear, powered by cummins with a military bed. The owner stuck the F-rd emblem on cause he likes it... Funny, I noticed that as well but thought, well, it's in better shape than mine.....
  15. Brent B3B

    Non Pilot House sightings

    saw this at a parade my granddaughters were in last weekend. not really sure what this is/was.... I call it a forolet PW (powered by a diesel)

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