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    Julie, a couple trucks I have, hobby farming, fishing
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    51 B3D chassis, bought for the horn ring

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  1. Brent B3B

    12 days until Halloween

    Right on Don!!! Be careful! Hope your pull cord doesn't break off..
  2. Not mine..... lol https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/bar/d/one-of-kind-1974-dodge-trailer/6724643791.html
  3. Brent B3B


    I have never signed up either, but I have been told I was recently on it
  4. Brent B3B


    MMMMM, cupcakes!
  5. Brent B3B

    Worse drivers?

    LOL, watch it! or I'll use your truck to practice my parallel parking at next years BBQ
  6. Brent B3B

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    Lol.... Coming your way brother.... Yeah, I know you! you'll probably have the book read at a stop light or from the mailbox to the house.
  7. Brent B3B

    Worse drivers?

    Thought so, sorry about the double topic. We have our share here in the West coast but they just seem to be concentrated where we were. The irony of the trip was our rental car had Texas plates! 😄 I blame it partially on video games! Gives these kids a false sense of experience Kinda of like the guy in Washington state that stole a commercial jet.... he told traffic controllers something to the effect he played simulator games so he felt he could fly..... unfortunately he was sick, fortunately I believe nobody else was hurt.
  8. Brent B3B

    Worse drivers?

    This topic may have been brought up before but, I have to apologize to the State of Texas. Back in 2001 I had a work related event and we were in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Doing the posted speed limit we were being run over by locals. for years we claimed Texas drivers were the worse..... I stand corrected, we just got back from east coast trip and (no offense to any member) but Maryland drivers are flipping nuts! Or it could be just me, but on the West coast you are allowed to go 5 to 10 miles over the posted speed limit without repercussion. In the few days we were there (Maryland) I never saw a car pulled over for speeding. In fact only time I saw an officer was when someone was broke down on the side of the road . And folks were traveling 15-20+ over the posted speed. i haven't traveled as much as many others folks but WOW. Think I am ready for Texas again 😄
  9. Brent B3B

    7 hours on the road

    For me comfort is only part of it, but being able to stop and walk around (and IBUPROFEN) helps a lot. Four years now we drove from Lodi back home (about 650 plus miles) in 10 to 11hrs depending on if we were towing. Thankful for the plenty and clean rest areas Julie bought a Rav 4 recently and either I am to big or it is to small but my knee locks up after a few hours.... so we switch 😊
  10. Brent B3B

    PTO controls

    Thanks, does the levers just hit the sheet metal floor or is there some sort of a "stop" has your speedometer been replaced by a speaker?
  11. Brent B3B

    The 4th Annual P-15 Picnic in the UK (pictures)

    Hey where are all the trucks! 😄 congrats Mark on getting to drive Robins ride, I was lucky enough to be driven by Robin thru London a couple years back. Can't imagine driving a left wheel on the "wrong side" LOL
  12. Brent B3B

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    game for the book next or game for that glass of whiskey by the fire, Pete mentioned?
  13. Brent B3B

    Newbie Here - 1948 Dump Truck

    yeah ignore that part, that larger hose runs to the two speed axle (high / low) actuator put on by a fire department........
  14. Brent B3B

    Tucker Sno Cat speedometer

    Julie and I ran across this one in Roanoke VA last week at the Virginia museum of transportation
  15. I took some parts in to be zinc plated and they talked me into "unpolished" chrome. I went with it partially, cause my colors are not original but the parts will be and partially, I want to watch ggdad1951 head explode as he try's to find any unoriginal parts knowing the colors are NOT right! 😄 Ah, I can see him twitching now....

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