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  1. Brent B3B

    37 Dodge 1.5 ton gear ratio

    Sorry for your loss, if it was mine, I would try and keep it as dad bought it, make it safe and make my own family moments with it. But I am kinda sentimental that way.
  2. Brent B3B

    Deleted thread regarding aftermarket parts quality...

    It would be nice if our Mopar vendors would have a "reviews" or "rate this product" or "comment section"on their own web site so folks don't have to spill out over forums. (Kinda like The Home Depot) it could be a helpful tool to their business as well Then if a product subject came up, the go to answer could be check the rating 😊 with that, I have had feed back for some of our vendors and the response has always been positive.
  3. Brent B3B

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    I have two ss 800 that both had the same wire pop off at the "bake lite" board. It was a challenge to get the wires back on the boards. I am sure it has been done but If it was me, unless the wires are frayed or exposed I would wrap them and call it good
  4. Brent B3B

    Everybody in California OK??

    Wow! A little over a year later and I echo this again.
  5. Wow, Julie and I were planning a new route for this BBQ (down hwy101) when you posted this Sunday 48d 😊 Sorry, probably won't be bringing the flatbed this year.... planning a different trip in June for him. Can't wait for the BBQ! But I guess we'll have to 😊
  6. Brent B3B

    Lost A Good Man

    So sad,.... I didn't know Bob but, For a few years he would post about coopers b-day (just so happens to be mine and Julie's anniversary) I kinda felt a connection.... RIP Bob.
  7. Brent B3B

    How many are using gas?

    I love welding! Wish I was better at it, but I am getting really good at grinding! Lol i also have the "mix"for my mig but, dust off the arc for the thicker metal cause it makes me happy 😊
  8. Brent B3B

    How to change your oil

    For 14 years I worked in the fast lube industry here in the North West. I managed a “Minit- lube” who was acquired by “Q-Lube” who was merged with “Jiffy-Lube” I quit in 2000 because of the “extra sales” pressure we were supposed to obtain each day. (Just couldn’t bring myself to sell you something based on making the shops “average ticket” price higher) Now, they offer more and more services and I don’t know if they specialize in anything. it was a great place to work before when all we did was the lube, oil and filter and a few minor additions (wiper, air filters, gear box fluid changes etc.) best thing about working for them……I met Julie.
  9. Brent B3B

    P15-D24 stickers

    I usually don't care for stickers or decals but I like this one.... Thanks for making them!
  10. Brent B3B

    12 days until Halloween

    Right on Don!!! Be careful! Hope your pull cord doesn't break off..
  11. Not mine..... lol https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/bar/d/one-of-kind-1974-dodge-trailer/6724643791.html
  12. Brent B3B


    I have never signed up either, but I have been told I was recently on it
  13. Brent B3B


    MMMMM, cupcakes!
  14. Brent B3B

    Worse drivers?

    LOL, watch it! or I'll use your truck to practice my parallel parking at next years BBQ
  15. Brent B3B

    Free Book - Truck by John Jerome

    Lol.... Coming your way brother.... Yeah, I know you! you'll probably have the book read at a stop light or from the mailbox to the house.

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