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  1. What a great weekend! As mentioned the weather cooperated for the show. We had a blast and are very grateful to our Minnesota hosts! (also grateful to our Wisconsin electrician.) I do enjoy the “fly overs” So weird, looks like we were missing another green one ton for this group photo (MIKE!) 😊
  2. Hmmm, i’ll Keep an eye out.... i only saw this Plymouth today (saw ALOT of pilot houses)
  3. We made it! Sooo happy.... we all parked in the same “general area” I ‘m keeping a close eye on Merle and Ed. 😊 Hey and there is Joes route van right behind us!
  4. Wohoo! My alarm goes off in 20min for me to wake up! 😀
  5. Lol, there not hidden, Trying to find his house is the trick! 😊
  6. The B4 started up this morning! (I was a little worried the bouncing through Montana, might have put my oil bath down the carb) And here is a shot for 48dodger.... Cause I know he wanted to swing thru “Fargo” (yep, B4 in tow 😊)
  7. Made it to the half way mark last night Billings MT. Ate at “the thirsty turtle” in “ big timber” Got 12.7mpg coming over the mountains in the 3500. beautiful country though 😊
  8.     Brent, I live in the large shop building, green roof, 8' chicken, just to the east of MM 250, in MT. Happy Trails, that's where I am on your route. There's a billboard with a bunch of logo's.  

    1. Brent B3B

      Brent B3B

      Hey 9’, we honked and looped back around 4p.... (it was during a t-storm) but the gate was closed.

    2. 9 foot box

      9 foot box

         Sorry I missed you. I was home, I keep the gate closed for the dog. 406 287-5899 is my land line if you come back the same way. I check for messages during the day.

  9. mirrors in "work" position, packed and loaded up, pulling out in the morning. taking I-90 to I-94 (Spokane to Billings to Bismark to MN) if you live on the route and see us passing thru, give a honk and a thumbs up so I know it's someone on the forum.
  10. wow 18 years! do you have a favorite part of the weekend? I am looking forward to seeing your dually set up too bad we can't follow each other in..... with three green trucks and two red, we could put Mark and Ed in-between and look like olive's and pimento's. LOL
  11. The 15 day forecast (😊) calls for thunder storms Thursday- Saturday so far...... if it kills the show, will the BBQ still go on? Merle, North or South Gate? I may need to find someone if FEF ditches us on the way in. LOL
  12. that is Awesome! we reserved a motel at the BW in Blaine (back in January) but looks like we just may have upgraded the accommodations after we hit "Mid west military" Thursday we're in.... let me know what we can bring........I'd offer to bring some PNW salmon for the BBQ but, I don't think it would make the 4day road trip hey, someone should wake Jeremiah up, see if he coming
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