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  1. JC, did you have Mac's do it? if so, how did it turn out? I was calling around to have my heater core looked at, I think I might try Superior radiator in Oregon City..... partially because I work in OC
  2. vinegar bath

    wow now that^^^^^ is rusty yeah, I sprayed it with the PB blaster for a couple days with no luck. it's that silly shallow little, slotted set screw...... I am afraid to strip it out just yet. I set it in the bath this morning, blades down........ fingers crossed if this doesn't work, I might try to cut the slot deeper (some how) and try a "new" screwdriver ....... was your E tank a "kit" or home made?
  3. Welcome T.T, that M37 qualifies to join but he doesn't look like a "she" to me i must admit I know more about the "B" series..... what's the 5% that is not original?
  4. Pilothouse spotted locally

    Shhh, don't tell (Rob) my b3hh he has a floor hand brake instead of the "T" under the dash brake.
  5. vinegar bath

    Steel wool! Great idea! Did you use baking soda to neutralize afterwards? I did but I was told I didn't have too. now I am trying to figure out how to get my fan blade free (and set screw) from my heater motor..... Think the bath will do any good?
  6. wow, I am sold. I took off the fan shroud on my B3HH and instead of having the thin sheet metal blasted I tried the "vinegar bath" for it. Before after
  7. $50,000 Pilot House?

    I KNEW IT! "hey Julie...... look What Merle says our trucks could be worth" LOL, so un finished they should be worth half?
  8. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    Show up in April and tell him in person..... can't use the "swap meet weekend"excuse this year, he changed the date.
  9. It will be hard but, I am holding out to "ask for the check book and forgiveness " when I find another local fire truck , route van or school bus...... although it is pretty awesome looking ( I need more property..... )
  10. Starting next project - 1967 Barracuda

    Very cool Bob, is this a " retirement" project or will it be done by then?
  11. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    Thanks, glad it sounds like he is ok. yeah, I'll join... Right after Todd B joins and it snows at the April BBQ in Lodi (with their outside air temp below 32deg) stay strong Todd! Resist! Mod, please move to OT.....
  12. anybody heard from JB Neal?

    kind of OT, but I know not everyone see's the OT section that might have heard from JB. hopefully he is OK. I sent him a PM but still see no activity since "hurricane Harvey" Thanks,
  13. Door stays

    ok, I think i am getting closer..... I used an old broken door handle return spring. oxy & acetylene heated, formed and cooled not perfect but I think it will do the job and it is a lot stronger metal than my first attempts
  14. until
    if you plan on going, post it, I'd hang out or grab a burger if you want http://portlandswapmeet.com/
  15. B3B sheet metal alignment question

    just the reminder you both had issues help ALOT! I will defiantly keep at it. tonight I loosened everything up and tried to shift the front around with little results. what material did you use to shim where needed? I used an old mud flap for the "L" bracket (at the cab) and outrigger supports ( at the rear of the fender at the door) but I don't know if that is the best for everywhere. no, I don't have the hood bumpers or that lace material at the cowl, should I set it up with those materials on it, to do that part of the body work?