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  1. DODGE logo art

  2. DODGE logo art

    sorry bout that, I haven't forgot about you ( and kinda figured you were busy.....) I will work on it
  3. Hesitation woes continue

    please post your solution p24-1953. I am having the similar issues this summer. although I haven't gone to the extent of trouble shooting you have , yet, my bucking seems to smooth out when I pull the choke.... edit= removed video, don't want troubleshooting misdiagnosed for OP
  4. Steering wheel adapter

    AJ, I am no authority on steering wheels but I sold one to a member who I believe had a modern smaller wheel on his truck and he wanted the original one back because something about it was harder to turn corners with the different one. Just something to consider or look into
  5. Valves, springs and guides... (oh my)

    Dang it!, sorry your having such troubles Doug. when you say you can't "free one yet" do you mean any of them or just one of them? I had a bare with the number one and number four exhaust valve guides. I got frustrated but I figured I was at the point of no return and beat them down with a BFH (big flippin' hammer ) because my old guides were at the correct height from the face of the block, (7/8") i did one at a time. drove the old one out and used a straight edge on the underside, against the others, installed the new one and repeated. i like the idea of the saw to score the guides to relieve the pressure (thought about it myself on the number 1 and 4) but, it would be a bad deal if the cut went too deep or slipped...... i know i am not much help.....
  6. Wish it was closer to me! I would be at MY house by now!
  7. DODGE logo art

    Still looking for the tailgate? I might be able to get you that one. If so what version DXF you using? I am told there is 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010 or 2013. If still needed and wanted and I can get it, want me to pm or e-mail?
  8. What would you do??

    wow, it's like you had 3years to think it over! take it for what it worth (nothing) and It may have been a coincidence but, I have taken five of these flatheads apart in as many years recently and the only one that didn't have coolant left in the block was the one I had broken head bolts and broken manifold bolts on... hey, it would be nice if you could hook up PB blaster to the power washer attachment.... or at least hit those bolts you know you'll have trouble with later when you go to take them apart....
  9. What would you do??

    Joe, besides the power wash, what other "prep work"? do you have a "storage ritual" in mind?
  10. What would you do??

    Geeze, so soon! congratulations! (Good job Merle!... )
  11. I am working on my "door stay clip" project for my b3/b4's. built a "form" and cut up a saw blade into 3/16" x 4" strips and worked on heating/ forming the metal. here is my first and second attempt although I think they would hold, I am not thrilled with my results so far. any suggestions for a different metal I should use?
  12. stealing the topic from another club, what do you guys do here in the PNW to prep your vehicles for winter? I have one in the shop, one under a car port and I squeezed one in the "barn" end of my shop my "HH" sits outside with black plastic over the windshield and hood.
  13. have you ever or would you use it?
  14. 53 B3 wiring

    Bergy, in my opinion it depends on you goal. i wired two trucks (both b3's) with vinyl wire from "the wire barn" for $140.99 and still have close to enough for a third, but I didn't care about it being vinyl coated. my b4d I am currently working on I want cloth covered. I just placed an order two days ago (Wednesday) with "Tom's wire.... " that Keven shows above for $144.02 the difference for me was Tom sells by the foot and I didn't see that option with "R.I" If I was in a hurry and didn't want to mess around with the DYI, I would have gone to Rhode Island.... FYI, I ordered my cloth wire without tracers.... I figure the only person that will ever see it and know better is ggdad1951.
  15. Has anyone successfully restored the tank fuel sending unit? The one in my B4 still moves but, the screw connected to the wire is stripped and frozen to the nut on the inside. I don't want to bugger it up trying to replace it.