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    Julie, a couple trucks I have, hobby farming, fishing
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    51 B3B, my first vehicle (George)
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    51 B3D chassis, bought for the horn ring
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  1. Brent B3B

    B4GA- 152

    thanks Wally, here is a closer look
  2. Brent B3B

    B4GA- 152

    Picked up this 1.5 ton yesterday near the Seattle area for $1.00 (one USA dollar) I named him “Buck” LOL “Swung” by and played “what the heck?” with Dodgeb4ya (what a blast!) This truck is SUCH a rust bucket!.....,. “challenge accepted”. I don’t know who I feel sorry for more, my neighbors or Julie….
  3. Brent B3B

    E brake cable

    Was it zinc? Paint it zinc color Paul 😊
  4. Brent B3B

    B3 Cowl Vent Hose

    yeah, that is a bad example of where the wiper vacuum hose was. (left behind the air filter) mine went down to the double fuel pump.... sorry for the confusion
  5. Brent B3B

    B3 Cowl Vent Hose

    my B3 and B4 cabs don't have that grommet, they have what I will call a "flange" maybe to act as the same thing (keep the sheet metal from cutting into the hose)
  6. Brent B3B

    Has anybody tall thinned out their seatback?

    The reason I asked is my thought was to move or add to the position stop, to move the lower seat forward to give you more support.
  7. Brent B3B

    Has anybody tall thinned out their seatback?

    Bummer, talk about being on the "edge of your seat" 😄 ( come on, you knew some was going to say it..... ) How is the bottom seat held in on the C series?
  8. Brent B3B

    TV in a COLD garage?

    When I was in high school, I used to skip church on Sundays, make myself a sanich and take my portable B&W t.v out to the barn and turn on the "loan ranger" reruns while I worked on (took apart) my truck. Reception wasn't the best but it was more for listening. Sorry, I don't have a t.v. In the shop now, but thanks for the memory 😊
  9. Brent B3B

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    I work in the rental industry, it is amazing how many people over load an outlet. doing an inspection recently, one tenant had the beloved power strip plugged in. on the other end they had a; t.v.,fan,small refrigerator, a sewing machine and a microwave.... And that was one outlet in the bedroom. On the plus side, this resident had working smoke alarms at the time. not sure why outlets fail. 😊
  10. Hey my dogs name was "Blue" and he was a black lab....
  11. Brent B3B

    Me and the B-1-D

  12. Brent B3B

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    welcome Pete! I like your project... you probably know this but don't throw anything away, take it slow, take photos....... and if it hasn't been done, consider adding wiring and tires to your "to do list"
  13. ah shucks, i'll let you bring it up to them if you like. not to get into a vendor bash but, I have tried in the past (on a different part) without success . (AND it would probably mean more to them coming from you) anyhow, if you end up telling him. I noticed on the two above, that the larger one (for the B4) didn't have the what I will call the "slide stop" my guess is, it doesn't have it because the B4 is already close to the length the shorter one is when it is extended If you end up needing measurements let me know.
  14. Brent B3B

    B3B interior

    Sounds good, Pretty confident the one on my b3hh is also stock. Neither of my 51's had the cards that is where I was giving FEFF the benefit 😊
  15. Brent B3B

    B3B interior

    due to a power outage at my house last night am inclined to find another "limb" to go out on reading "the dodge Bible" it appears even the 5 window used the same door card as I have shown on page 47 so in fact, my new "limb" is the 51 (and maybe late 50) have the embossing ggdad1951 shows and the 52, 53 have the ones I have shown (along with the book). this is only info for those trying to keep original, cause when it comes down to it at the end of the day, if your embossing isn't correct..... I am still goanna hang out with ya (if you'll have me)

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