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  1. No no, grass (as in lawn)NOT “weed”. LOL and grab yourself some Hostas While your there they are plentiful and FREE! 😀
  2. Thanks Merle! Now I don’t feel so bad making him “run” to catch up with us at BTt50’s 😊 Don’t know if color was but, I have suspected the door card embossing was done differently from the CA plant and Michigan.... if we were organized we could probably document and figure it out. (Maybe on a different thread) Glenn, sorry to take your thread OT.... Ggdad and I were just messing around 😊
  3. No more "barley pops" for you.... they are effecting your eye sight and memory.😊
  4. way cool! hey if you make it to Ed's, can you replant the grass where I was parked and dripping oil for three days?
  5. wow, here we go again LOL.... really Never? Look familiar? and 52 black door card with tan (to match the headliner) edging
  6. my 51 and 52 had the tan headliner with black seats, door cards and kick covers. both my 53's had grey headliner with maroon seats, door cards and kick panels but, that could have been a package change/ option
  7. Interior looking nice.  Did you sneak off and get your truck all back together and not tell us or show photos?


    BTW, after losing about a year to back injuries (long, stupid stories), the 67 Barracuda is finally at the body shop.  When I get photos of it blasted, I'll share.


    1. Brent B3B

      Brent B3B

      Hey Bob, what truck you looking at? 😊

      haven't worked on “George” for sometime now.... I Am working on the worlds longest build with that truck. (35 years and counting, lol)


      Looking forward to the cuda photos. Just might be what I need to get back on track with George.


  8. I went a cheap route and hit my horn ring with rust-oleum Wish I would have asked PA first but, it was good enough to sneak me into “back to the 50’s” this time without being laughed at 😊 LC, Please post the results short and long term
  9. USA and U.K. Picnic's! Way cool! Lots of photos of both please
  10. I’m right with you Don, measured 1.925” sadly though I think only the head was changed for “ the cool factor”.... Thinking i only have a 236 in this truck. Thanks everyone for the info.
  11. Recycling the thread title.... 😊 can someone tell me why three of my head bolts are threaded inside the head of the bolts? I am guessing this is a transplant motor in a truck I have......just curious
  12. On my B4GA I am choosing to try and “revive” this truck with as little expense as I can, keeping it stock, without compromising safety. (Because it makes me smile.) I pulled the head, because there was no compression (head gasket). The valve seats are pretty pitted….. I am lapping the valves and cleaning up the seats and some parts….. My plan is to use as much as I can from the truck, the way I bought it. My expense so far is: the truck itself $1. J Nickle welding rod for exhaust manifold $8. (Local welding supply store) New intake to exhaust manifold bolts, nuts, washers and exhaust pipe bolts $8. (Local hardware store) New head and manifold gasket kit $52. ($38 at rock auto $14. shipping)
  13. I have worse Michael. 😊 get it running (and stopping) and have fun!
  14. your right, Good Call ED! I must be water logged from all the "Sprite"
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