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  1. I found a guy local to me with nos but you could ask VPW I used a air hammer to remove and install. I had a special tool made to fit the exhaust guide FYI, I was trying to be lazy as mentioned before but this method didn't work for me
  2. i had a parts truck that had a fix for that
  3. sorry, I've posted this before but it makes me laugh, although the seat was recovered by the PO..... the only thing I've had a problem with is the really THIN visor! the sun has to be in just the right spot to work! (sure glad i live in Oregon where it's not needed most of the time)
  4. Welcome Doug, i don't have a Spitfire but i recently replaced the valve guides in my B4D with the motor in the truck. if the motor was out of the truck i probably would have had them pressed out/ in as Merle mentioned. but i am WAY too lazy for that
  5. cloud 9 my friend! i do have to reeducate myself on how to drive for sure and defiantly some fine tuning of the carb and steering, etc. and that stinking noisy throw out bearing all baby steps, time and money.
  6. hope you don't mind me recycling the thread Bob. we made it also to a local car show yesterday put on by the "Cascade Plymouth Club" we were the lone Pilothouse. and talk about coincidence, shortly after arriving the PO husband, that sold us the tuck last year, called his wife and said "you'll never guess what I am looking at" MADE MY DAY!
  7. update for all you 2017 BBQ goers (and others interested ) got it running again Thursday night! (still need to fine tune a little) Saturday took it for a test drive to a local car show...... what a blast! thank you everyone who helped work on it at the "Q" and via PM and phone.
  8. not sure..... she told me It was safer if I didn't drive it nope, just the current owner
  9. three of my trucks had different bottom seats...both my b4d and my b3hh had a different style that locks to and around the front seat frame with "notches" and don't use the pins and my B3B was a different (wrong) seat all together so I stiffened it up and made the adjuster piece that sits on the front pins.
  10. something to do with the valves..... guide reamer or valve seat guide
  11. I can't believe the hubbub about this event. they say 100,000 visitors will flood the Portland area to view this 3min event. My sister rented out a room in her house to a family from Oklahoma and my niece has a visitor coming from France just to stay on her couch for this event. the news is hyping it up as possibly grid lock on the freeways, cellular tower overload, supermarkets packed, possible gasoline shortage, cash issues etc. kind of reminds me of the "y2k" funniest part to me, we haven't had any rain for over 50days and guess what they are calling for on the day of the eclipse........ yep, overcast and possibility of rain LOL, let me know if you want to rent a room in my house to see it get dark for 3min and rain (moderator's this was no way intended to be a siltation of services)
  12. nice, not to be picky, but I don't think that is the factory dome light.....
  13. used for calibrating speedometers? MoPar cars or trucks or both?
  14. Todd, my prayers to you and your mom as well. I hope it is not out of line and it may seem weird to say, but thanks for sharing..... sure puts things into perspective.
  15. What a tease!