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  1. Brent B3B

    Cracked Rt Rear Engine Mount Bracket

    Good catch.... Just checked mine. "Robs" are a little beifer than the one ton. Too tight? I would have guessed your motor has more torque than that mount should handle over this many years.
  2. Brent B3B

    B1J170 brakes

  3. Brent B3B

    Paint - Base/Clear or Single Stage?

    wright or wrong I painted the inside of my cab with single stage for those hard to get to areas (under the dash, the seat support etc.) cause I am lazy that way but the outside I am going with a bc/cc because of my paint scheme and it was suggested to me it would hold up better with a quality clear.... $$$$$ I am sure you meant because of arm restyling for possessions
  4. Brent B3B

    48 Desoto Project

    Joe the car looks great! but, it is it is centered in the photo and the view of the truck is limited
  5. Brent B3B

    B1J170 brakes

    is the booster not working? looks like a new bleeder screw. did you do that? have you seen the "vacuum brake" page at http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/manual/manual.htm (may or may not help) when I first got my truck I thought I would have the booster gone through just as a piece of mind, until I did some research. mine is a "midland" the little research I did, nobody had a rebuild kit for a midland. at the time Dodgeb4ya told me rebuild kits have been know to pop up on e-bay once in a while, but I haven't connected with one yet. if you haven't yet, give Hagen's a call. https://hagensautoparts.com/pricesheet/9 they might be able to direct you better
  6. Brent B3B

    4 speed Trans noise -

    OIL ?!? are you saying I should have put oil back in it?! Just kidding, that might be worth a try, I didn't even consider a gear oil solution. I would usually prefer to DIRTFT (do it right the first time) but not finding the two smaller bearing available, my "doing it right" maybe limited..... thanks Jeff, did you add the "semi" to the GL5 like an additive or replace the GL5 with the semi fluid? not suggesting it is the same, but it kinda reminds me about the myth mechanics would add wood shavings to quiet down the rear deferential and transmissions before they would sell a car.
  7. OK you transmission gurus, trying to chase down a transmission noise in the B4D, I recently replace five bearings the small roller bearing (marked "BB") fell apart as I took the gears out and, there is not a replacement (for the BB or the AK) that a local bearing company can cross reference for replacement. so, I used that one from a spare transmission I have. the other four bearings are new. although it has quieted down some, there is still a noise (high pitched noise) that still occurs until I push down on the selector does this sound like a bearing or bushing issue, in the cluster or in the top? not sure where to start again
  8. Brent B3B

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    FB, I bought that same gun from HF. I use it only for primer (cause I was told primer chews up the guns) only thing I don't care for is my monkey hands keep bumping the air knob at the grip. I imagine it would work great for the rims I bought a better gun for painting exterior panels.....
  9. LOL, please elaborate! I envision a intoxicated babycuda driving through the pastures at night on a cow tippin rampage
  10. Ok who ever has their campfire still going, please put it out I can smell the smoke here in beavercreek! Just kidding around, hope y'all are not on fire! They said on the news the other night Seattles air quality was worse than Beijing! (For that particular day) Here is hoping to a short fire season!
  11. Brent B3B

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Not sure on-line but, another option (if you haven't already) might be to give "six states" a call.... http://www.sixstates.com/products/locations.jsp they might be able to point you in a local direction.
  12. Brent B3B

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Welcome back, congrats on the new adventures in life! For brake parts, if "Vic's" doesn't have everything, I am a big fan of https://hagensautoparts.com/dodge+-+truck/9-brake/177 as far as seals, I use http://www.sealsourceinc.com/website/light_page.asp?code=homepage I doubt they will have a listing for your truck, but if your ever in the Portland area I bet they could match it at the counter.
  13. Brent B3B


    I was going to PM a couple of you, but I figured I'd ask on the forum incase someone else doing a search had the question. you all three receive "best answer" thanks guys!
  14. Brent B3B


    little background, My B3HH ("Rob") was ordered by the Navy and then what I would guess acquired by a fire department. With that, there is an extra battery box under the drivers side hood and a switch on the dash for the batteries. I have what I call "resistors" at the ignition, coil (neg side) and at the generator (photo) I haven't seen these on my other trucks so, I wonder what is the function, are they really necessary, can they be tested?

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