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  1. Brent B3B

    Amtrak questions

    I was just curious, thought about you last month.... folks to the south had a little hitch in the geta- long 180 people stranded for around 40hrs https://weather.com/news/news/2019-02-25-winter-storm-ryan-impacts-pacific-northwest
  2. Brent B3B

    Amtrak questions

    so...... how was it?
  3. gosh, if I remember right, last year we worked on Paul's truck and you and 48 went on a joy ride in mine
  4. Brent B3B

    Thermostat Housing Problem

    it would appear Mr. JB Neal is on a well deserved vacation so, on his behalf. additional information
  5. Anyone from Oregon/ Washington coming? How about Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Ohio ? ( yeah I kinda jumped around 😊) come on people! Read the flyer not just a truck show..... heck I'm not bringing the one ton this time. ( I'll probably jump in the back of John-T truck to get in though. Lol) After the crappie winter you deserve to kick the season off with friends! (And me 😄) Remember, "Excuses are like arm pits.... everyone has a couple and they STINK"
  6. Anyone planning on making the trip this year to the Lodi BBQ?
  7. Brent B3B

    Heater Control Valve

    Glenn, in my opinion, I think in the parts book there is two different part numbers for that valve. only about six of us would look at the one you have and question it and out of that six, only one of us would really care, if it is correct or not. if you don't keep that valve PM me, cause I wont care what the other five think (this is not a solicitation of parts or classified add outside the proper avenue)
  8. Brent B3B

    1948 dodge pilot house dually!

    Welcome Tucker, truck looks good. i kinda wish I had a 251 instead of the 236's that are in mine..... Oh well Have fun with it!
  9. Brent B3B

    Dodge Route Van

    I saw the yellow one at BTT50's in 2016 LOL, I had to travel 1742 miles to see what was originally from Oregon "wish I would have known then what I know now"
  10. Brent B3B

    Life Changers

    wow, I am sorry we missed this news back on the 14th (almost two weeks ago) Don. speedy recovery...... thanks for bringing it back to the top Dodgeed
  11. Brent B3B


    these are great Frank! thanks for posting I think the thread should be "resources" or "technical" (easier to find later)
  12. Brent B3B

    Dodge Route Van

    this one?
  13. Brent B3B

    lug studs

    my one ton were/are 5/8" studs just to make it more confusing, (cause that's what I do ) I replaced my bias tires with radials and needed the longer 2-1/2" studs in the rear. (found at my local "ma & pops" auto parts) (5 o'clock = original stud, 9 o'clock =2" stud, 11 o'clock = 1-1/2" stud) I looked for 2-1/2" reverse threads and didn't find any at the time. so I just clipped the heads like Mike mentioned and ground down the "nubbin" (shhh, don't tell anyone)
  14. Brent B3B

    Front Bumper Guard Question

    Lol, Better put those back in the safe...... I will be down there in a little over a month
  15. edit = my interjecting suggestion maybe hindering a permanent solution

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