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  1. gothiciron

    Chassis 3

    IFS in the rear end? so cool! Please post more pics of that for us. Thanks, Casey
  2. gothiciron

    So here is MY brake story....scratching my head.

    That sound so strange to me. I would think even if you were damp a bit on the one cylinder, you would still have enough juice in the master cylinder to have some pedal. If you figure out what happened, we'll all want to know what you found so please post it! Casey
  3. gothiciron

    1939 elect. 6v wiper motor

    Was trying to get my '39 wiper motor to work. I took it out off the car and tried to bump with 6 volts. It moved just a bit but didn't keep goin. I didn't want to fry the motor so I just quit on it. I don't have any wiring diagram or schematics. I'm sure that one of the three wires to the motor is for the return but I don't know what wire is for what. And the braided cloth wires are bleached out from 70 plus years so i can't see the colors of the wires. Any ideas Mopar guys and girls? Thanks, Casey
  4. Still looking for that spring shackle......


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