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    Bought a '52 B3B five window in March 2013 after wanting a pilot house for 35 years
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  1. BobB

    dash knob removal

    Someone has designed a removal tool for these nuts that fits the four indents and has a hole down rather center for the post that sticks out when you unscrew the knobs. The tool runs about $25 on EBay. Seems a bit high, but it works really well and I didn’t find a good alternative. Regards, Bob
  2. BobB


    Hi Just wanted to point out the member map that shows where members are located and gives access to their profiles which usually list what types of vehicles they have. Under “browse” the selection all the way to the right is “members.” Under that is a “members map selection. Just keep zooming inuntil you’re in the desired area. There appear to be around 20 members in the area. Many of them have car projects, though. If the menus don’t show up for you, you may have to join up to see those resources. Regards, Bob
  3. BobB

    Door lock removal

    There is a set screw accessible through a hole in the end of the door. I don’t mean to imply that it’s easy, though. After 65+ years these fasteners get pretty hard to dislodge. I’ve tried penetrating oil, shocking it with cold, and trying to drill it out. Nothing has helped so far. I did find a locksmith who was able to cut a key without removing the lock. That may be an option for you. There is quite a bit of discussion on the forum on this topic. Hope you find a way that works for yours. If you find a trick that works, please feel free to share. - Bob B
  4. BobB

    Transmission question

    I have somewhat of a Frankenstein truck. When if first posted about it, I had a lot of questions and the smart guys on here pointed out features that were unique to 1942 and 1947, so not really certain of its heritage. in particular, it was pointed out that a 1 ton truck should not be sporting a 3 speed transmission. That’s the main reason I’m looking for something stouter. I just haven’t seen conversion charts for transmission swaps like I have for differentials, etc. just wondering what resources are out there. Guess it’s spline counting time... thanks, Bob
  5. Looking to strengthen the transmission in a 47 WD21 to make a heavy hauler. would a C-39883/C-39011 transmission from the same year be likely to fit? Is there documentation somewhere that I can use to evaluate options that I find? thanks, Bob
  6. My original horn, made for 6V, works just fine on my12V system. Just two cautions: keep it to short blasts (if you’re prone to laying on it hard you may want to add a voltage reducing resistor) AND it will be plenty loud run on 12V (careful when testing it in close quarters). Bob
  7. BobB

    Steering Slop

    If you have an iPad and a family member that’ll let you borrow theirs, you can set one to watch the other end and sit upright to turn the wheel. FaceTime will let you see what’s under there reasonably full size. You can watch the one you’re holding while you adjust the one watching to just the right view before getting behind the wheel.
  8. BobB

    removing horn button, B1B

    I've just installed my horn ring. Hooked up the power lead to the horn and when I touched the ground lead to the other horn post, I got a hearty blast without depressing the button. i take that to mean that I have a stray ground path somewhere that I shouldn't. I've studied the pix in this thread and the only thing that jumps out is my lack of the large diameter ring at the bottom left of Merle's top picture. Is that an insulator of some sort? Can anybody who has dealt with the same issue give me any insight into what they found the problem to be? Thanks for your help,. Bob
  9. BobB

    Spark Plug Advice

    Oops, I meant to type 218. It is an original type motor, but from a Plymouth.
  10. Hi - I'm about to replace the plugs in my 318. From reading the forum, I chose Autolite 306s. The shoot manual says 0.035" gap with 26-32 ft lb installation torque. So my question is what insights or tweaks to the book knowledge would you folks recommend based on experience? I'm also considering putting the Ever-Dry hoods on the plug wires and would be interested in any advice you have to offer there as well. Many thanks for your thoughts. Bob
  11. BobB

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Nice find and you did get it for a very nice price. in addition to the gauges, it looks like you may have a pretty serviceable front windshield frame. i have a WD-21 and have been looking for a frame that's useable for a year now. Found a really nice repro, but it's 2-1/2 times what you paid for the entire truck. Congrats !!
  12. BobB

    Help !! truck shipping

    I can add 2 positive and 0 negative to the U-Ship talley. They've brought my 52 B3B across the country West to East and a 47 WD21 from Philly to Alabama. On time and in good condition. Bob
  13. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Just checked ebay. Searched on "52 dodge truck fresh air" and got a couple of hits: 2 of the intake flanges and two air flow control valves. Also some offers for the hoses - defrost and fresh air ... The prices vary quite a bit the two flanges are a factor of 4 apart.
  14. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Your heater resto came out looking VERY nice. I really like the hammered finish. Would like to hear more about what you did to restore the band around the casing. My original is pretty worn and beaten. Thanks - . - Bob
  15. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Oh, and I did have to replace the screen on the inlet. Got a small roll of 1/4" mesh wire from Tractor Supply Company. When painted black it matches the remaining original screen quite well.

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