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    Bought a '52 B3B five window in March 2013 after wanting a pilot house for 35 years
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  1. BobB

    removing horn button, B1B

    I've just installed my horn ring. Hooked up the power lead to the horn and when I touched the ground lead to the other horn post, I got a hearty blast without depressing the button. i take that to mean that I have a stray ground path somewhere that I shouldn't. I've studied the pix in this thread and the only thing that jumps out is my lack of the large diameter ring at the bottom left of Merle's top picture. Is that an insulator of some sort? Can anybody who has dealt with the same issue give me any insight into what they found the problem to be? Thanks for your help,. Bob
  2. BobB

    Spark Plug Advice

    Oops, I meant to type 218. It is an original type motor, but from a Plymouth.
  3. Hi - I'm about to replace the plugs in my 318. From reading the forum, I chose Autolite 306s. The shoot manual says 0.035" gap with 26-32 ft lb installation torque. So my question is what insights or tweaks to the book knowledge would you folks recommend based on experience? I'm also considering putting the Ever-Dry hoods on the plug wires and would be interested in any advice you have to offer there as well. Many thanks for your thoughts. Bob
  4. BobB

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Nice find and you did get it for a very nice price. in addition to the gauges, it looks like you may have a pretty serviceable front windshield frame. i have a WD-21 and have been looking for a frame that's useable for a year now. Found a really nice repro, but it's 2-1/2 times what you paid for the entire truck. Congrats !!
  5. BobB

    Help !! truck shipping

    I can add 2 positive and 0 negative to the U-Ship talley. They've brought my 52 B3B across the country West to East and a 47 WD21 from Philly to Alabama. On time and in good condition. Bob
  6. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Just checked ebay. Searched on "52 dodge truck fresh air" and got a couple of hits: 2 of the intake flanges and two air flow control valves. Also some offers for the hoses - defrost and fresh air ... The prices vary quite a bit the two flanges are a factor of 4 apart.
  7. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Your heater resto came out looking VERY nice. I really like the hammered finish. Would like to hear more about what you did to restore the band around the casing. My original is pretty worn and beaten. Thanks - . - Bob
  8. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Oh, and I did have to replace the screen on the inlet. Got a small roll of 1/4" mesh wire from Tractor Supply Company. When painted black it matches the remaining original screen quite well.
  9. BobB

    Heater Restoration

    Here are a couple of photos of the set up. It takes a lot of patience, but all the piece parts came from e-bay. Quite a bit of sanding later, I'm itching to get it installed along with the Model 65 TruckMaster heater that I restored. I was fortunate in that the heater I found on eBay included the controls/pod shown and the defrost vents/hoses (not shown). I also found the 4" clamp for the fresh air hose there. Fortunately, these are made of steel so they clean up and paint nicely. - Bob
  10. There are also wide white radials available that match the original profiles of vintage bias tires. I'm sure there are multiple sources out there.
  11. Welding isn't in my skill set anyway. Sounds like a bit of solder might do the trick. I was also wondering if a speck of JBWeld might work as well as I'm honestly not that great with a soldering iron either. Thanks for the help. Bob
  12. I just found a correct Oil Bath air filter to replace the empty canister with no element that I had. I've discovered a pin hole in the bottom of the portion to be filled with oil. Any recommendations for non-oil-soluble methods to plug the hole would be much appreciated. My first though was a dab of JBWeld or a dot of solder. Don't know if the weld would dissolve or if the solder would stay put. Thanks for your thoughts. - Bob
  13. BobB

    Air cooler

    Just saw this on the interweb . . . Looks like somebody's stolen Paul's design. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5532922179001/
  14. BobB

    Door weatherstripping

    THANKS SO MUCH !! ive kept that link for several years with confidence that I could do it right with your video as a go by - great video. I'll be on the lookout. Appreciate your putting it up again. - Bob
  15. BobB

    Door weatherstripping

    Hey - ggdad posted a great video that I bookmarked years ago. I still have the bookmark, but can't seem to get the video going. The link is:. http://s1178.photobucket.com/user/ggdad1951/media/20130516_153226_zps3e8f2119.mp4.html Maybe others will have better success in playing it. I'll have to try on a real computer. Sometimes the iPad doesn't get it done. - Bob

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