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  1. Well, it looks like I fall into the lead "demographic" I'll be 67 on my next Natal Day. I'm a Plymouth convert. And even though I'm older, I'm a neophyte when it comes to the mechanics. When I retired I was looking for a pre-55 Chevy because that is what my first car was when I learned to drive. Because I really hadn't worked on cars since those teen years, I wanted something that could be a daily driver that I could relearn how to wrench on, but decent Chevy's were way out of my budget. But, I found a sweet 50 Plymouth for under $5k that I drove home from San Diego. Sadly, a month later while parked in front of my house a reckless young driver speeding on our street totaled his dad's 2013 Charger into my 50 Plymouth. Repairing the 50 was way out of my skill set so I ended up selling it. But, it was that 50 that turned me onto this forum and when I went to looking for a replacement I found my 52 Cranbook up in Northern California. It belonged to a Korean War vet who drove a similar Plymouth from NY to CA after leaving the service. We hit it off and I was able to buy the '52 that he had restored over the past 20+ years at a great price. Through this forum, I was able to change out a very rusted and broken water distribution tube. And more importantly got to know and even meet some great folks who have helped me with replacing the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake shoes and so much more. I enjoyed reading the many stories that this poll engendered. Thanks Keith.
  2. Our youngest daughter served as a bridesmaid to her dear friend, Kristina who asked if I'd take our 52 Plymouth, Lil Jenny to the church for some photos after the ceremony. Who can say "No" to the bride? Here's the Bride and Groom with Lil Jenny. I've seen photos in the past of forum members who have also had their cars used for weddings, anniversaries or other special events. But, it would be neat to see more so if you have photos for your vintage Mopar used in a wedding or other special event, please add them here. It might inspire others,
  3. For my forum friends that watch the Rose Parade and/or Rose Bowl game on New Year's Day, I'm sure you've seen the shots of the local San Gabriel Mountains touching clear blue skies which look pretty sweet. I've lived most of my life in the San Gabriel Valley just a few miles south of Pasadena and those mountains and can tell you honestly as a kid growing up in the 50's and even into the 60's there were days we could not see those mountains because of thick choking smog. I mean the kind that if you were out playing at recess, your lungs would hurt and your eyes would water. But as I write this, I'm thinking of our 5 kids, all adults now, and the 3 grandkids who all live in this same valley and they have not experienced the kind of smog filled days that I survived as a kid. And I do believe it's because of the efforts to have IC engines burn cleaner as well as eliminating the burning of leaves in incinerators, phasing out of wood burning fireplaces etc. Do I miss seeing and hearing big block muscle cars roaring down the road though? Yeah, I do. I think that the ratio of vintage IC engine cars to hybrid and all electric ones will be such that we'll be able to still see our hobby cars on the road. The cost of gas though may rise to the levels I've seen when traveling to Europe. Which makes me think, can my 52 Cranbrook be converted to run on propane? I just might need to do a search on that here on the forum.
  4. Hi Joe, welcome and congrats on your '49 Special Delux. I was in a similar situation when I got my Plymouth and it being 40 years since I worked on a car. And as was shared, these flatheads are a great way to get into this. Plus this forum is a great resource. That's how I was able to replace my water distribution tube that came out in pieces The previous owner included a manual with my Plymouth and I also found the multi vehicle (Ford, Mopar etc) s Manual. So that coupled with use of the forum's search tool has been a big help. There is an old school style auto parts store near me that is staffed by folks that have been there for years and they have a Rolodex of resources and shops that they have referred me to when needed. Best has been forum members like RodFru2u who came to the house and helped me install a rebuilt master cylinder. So good luck with yours and hope to see some photos soon.
  5. Love seeing the progress you're making on the rebuild and the ideas and contributions from others. As for the water distribution tube, if you haven't gotten to it it, check out the various threads on this on the forum. Rather than a slide hammer, I'd recommend one of the other tools (some home made) that have been used to ease that little sucker out. Tony
  6. 52cranbrook4, my speaker was in pretty good shape. I'm not sure it's the stock speaker because my radio had been gone through before I took it to Audio Imports. Per John who added my auxiliary jack, the magnet size was important. John who owns Audio Imports has been doing this type of repair on tube radios for 50+ years. He's very old school and is a great story teller. He's place is like a little cluttered antique shop of radios of all types. Generally he's at his shop Tuesday's through Fridays and goes home to the high desert Saturday through Monday. It's a one man operation and not high tech. I'll try to swing by the shop during the week and see what's up. If he has a speaker source, I'll post that info as well.
  7. This might be helpful to members in the IE, OC or LA County areas of Southern California. My reliable old school auto parts store provided me this source for brake relining: Valley Brake Supply 1202 Price Street Pomona, CA 91767 909-622-2500 They don't provide phone quotes. They'd rather see the items before quoting prices but my 4 brake shoes were $30 total to reline and that included having them arc'd to the turned drums. They also turn drums at $10 each. The also do the relining of the Emergency Brake for $35. Turnaround time is 2 days and they are open Monday through Friday.
  8. Young Ed - That's a great suggestion on a union fitting. I found a You Tube video that laid it out on a brake line application. Definitely a live and learn for next time. I don't have a flaring tool but if I can get my hands on one that will be the follow up. Thanks. -Tony
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I also got help from suntennis and several folks on the Facebook Plymouth Owners Club page. Here's an update on my fuel leak issue. As it turns out the original flared end of my fuel line was not uniform and it just wasn't visible to me from looking at it. So matter what I tried like Teflon tape or O-rings, that leak wouldn't stop. It was when I went under the car from in front of the rear wheel that I noticed that maybe the original flare didn't look right and then the bright idea of pulling out a mirror and looking at it from all angles hit me. So I got an 8" line that was flared at both ends, got tube cutter at Harbor Freight and gas line with clamps. I cut a 3" piece from that new line, cut off the old flared tip and then reconnected it all using the rubber gas hose with clamps. Test drove the Plymouth and no leaking or weeping of fuel. Attached are some photos. Again, thanks for all the help. Tony
  10. Driveshaft Specialist in Azusa estimated the cost of a driveshaft with the more modern Spicer U joint set up at $350. That's for my 52 Plymouth Cranbrook.
  11. This thread was helpful to me so let me add what was done with my Motorola 606. The radio was working but would cut in and out. Turns out it was that the antenna wasn't grounded well. I did want to add a jack to play music from the IPod or phone when not listening to the AM radio (sports and news) and have the capacitors changed out. Audio Imports in Arcadia, CA was recommended to me by another Plymouth owner. John is the shop owner and he's been doing repairs on tube radios for over 40 years. All John needed was the schematic which JDaniel64 provided a link to download one. John found that my radio had already been "Re-Capped" so all that was needed was to have the jack wired in and a switch installed to cut the tuner from the amplifier. Total cost for that was $30. Here's a video of my radio in the car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0oo1f5NJkM I'm also attaching a photo of John's shop that has the phone number on the front window sign. Tony
  12. With other things going on I hadn't been on the site for awhile so was saddened in reading this thread title. After reading through the messages of concern and support and Don's responses about not disappearing and then the "horse accident" I felt a bit better. Partly because there was an affirmation in recognizing Don's contributions to the knowledge base and also because Don's spirit isn't at all diminished. Let me add to the affirmation because Don has responded to my inquiries with helpful information. I am also looking forward to Don's next project. Sending good thoughts your way, Don.
  13. Thanks Rod. I forgot to mention that it was at the meet up at Jeff Balazs' wood shop a couple of months ago that convinced me to do this. I was so impressed with what Jeff had done with his truck that still maintained the 6 volt electrical system but added two types of inverters, one larger capaacity and a smaller one, to power his stereo system and digital windshield display speedometer. Attached is a snapshot I took of his interior work. Funny but I had previously seen photos of Jeff's truck on this forum but those photos do not do it justice. Don, I am so appreciative to the moderators who maintain this site. Add to that appreciation to all the folks like David, Tod, yourself and so many others who have provided a wealth of information over the years that so help a novice like me. For example, I had found a 2014 thread started by Jeff on the truck sub forum that had questions on the wiring of these Custom Autosound inverters and how is that they work on our positive ground cars. The two pages worth of posts on that thread helped me in confidently wiring up my set up. So if there's a fellow novice out there who comes across this thread/post, use the search and advanced search functions. You'll not only likely an answer to your question but you'll lose yourself in a good way reading a lot of other interesting posts. Tony
  14. I thought it would be okay to add to David's thread. I had been wanting to add the 6-12 volt for charging my Iphone when needed or when using it for GPS or traffic navigation with the WAZE app. In my searches for solutions I found Tod Fitch's page on one he built. I PM'd him about it and he was kind enough to tell me about his experiences and recommended the Custom Autosound one that is available from a number of sources. So, I went that route and am posting photos of how I mounted it in my '52 Plymouth. I didn't want to drill holes for the accessory plug (Walmart $5) on my dash, so I used a couple of "L" brackets and the mounting points for the heater control panel. It has only been a couple of weeks but so far so good. Tony
  15. Thanks Don. It was your tip about emptying the tank when not in use was the one I was acknowledging. Todd: I am using DOT 3 brake fluid. Glad you pointed out that possible issue regarding air in the fluid using the tank's pump mechanism. Hopefully, someone that has used this with the DOT 3 and using the sprayer pump can provide a take on that. I think I can add a Schrader valve if needed. That aquarium valve may not be as stout as it looks but I'll at least check it using air pressure. Again, thanks for that feedback. It's been decades since I've wrenched on a car so these tips and guidance are helpful and the Plymouth so far has been most forgiving in my efforts. Tony
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