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  1. another good source for brakes is AAJ brakes, he has dual master cylinder kits as well. I install a 8 3/4 diff from a 67 B body car, slighty narrow so you can install wider rims. I did all this on a 41 plymouth so it maybe slightly different
  2. I was there yesterday picked up a 51 chrysler with the 251 full flow oil system, pulled it out today, took a few other parts of it, will drop the rest of it off at a scap yard on Monday, also purchased one of the 41 Plymouths will pick that up later
  3. Seen the 47 Dodge on the yellowhead late this afternoon, been following the trip daily, looked like a great adventure
  4. I use Autolite 425, if I remember correctly the threads in the head are 1/2" and the 303 only has 3/8" of thread.
  5. I would be interested, keep us posted on location
  6. yes I did not much luck with trailer tires, Coker tires has STA or Tornels tires, might have to go that route, I am going to check the next UPS truck that comes to our shop to
  7. I have had no luck at local tire shops, I did see the ones on Coker Tires website not cheap, I will look into the e60's Dodge, Ford, & IH trucks. Does anyone know of a conversion hubs to the later 8 bolt t rims
  8. I have recently purchased a 1954 Fargo dual wheel 1 ton with 17" wheels with 7.50-17 tires, I have found this to be a hard tire to replace. does anyone know of any newer tubeless 16" rims that would fit the 6 hole bolt pattern, or of any additional tires other than the ones that Coker tires have. thanks
  9. I thought mine was a pain to do, but yours with the heater box would not be fun at all
  10. Pete, same thing with mine, I just removed them as quick as I could and then did the valve adjustments
  11. head and cam is available through edgy speed shop edmunds intake I got off of ebay and headers were through www.exhaustedbyphillips.com, carbs I got from Langdon stovebolt.
  12. FDwrench, they are Autolite 425 not 325, my mistake
  13. My Edgy head has 1/2" threads, if I remember correctly I installed Autolite 325 they have 1/2"
  14. I have a Edgy head, ARP Studs, FelPro gasket, and torgued to 65 ft lbs on my 265 Long block, no problems after 1500 miles
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