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  1. superfunk

    Canvass Visor?

    Robin - That's awesome. I'd love to see a picture if it still has good canvass. Mine is pretty destroyed and there was only enough material to know what it was made of. I'd like an example of what it should look like finished.
  2. superfunk

    Canvass Visor?

    I picked up a nice '41 Kingsway a few years back. It has a plexiglass exterior sunvisor installed. Very functional. The car also came with a frame for a canvass visor. I didn't think much of it at the time. Fast forward to today. I'm thinking about getting some new canvass put on the visor. I go to the internet to see examples, and it turns out I can't find any. Everything is steel. I talk to some of my friends who are more familiar with this vintage of vehicles and they've never heard of it. So... Who has seen exterior sun visors made from canvass?
  3. superfunk

    Odd Head Bolt

    Awesome. Thanks for the great info.
  4. superfunk

    Odd Head Bolt

    Background: The car is a 41 Dodge Kingsway. It's a Canadian model. Has a 218ci with the longer 25" block. It's an un-restored car with about 35,000 miles on it. The thing is in very good shape. Looks like it has been parked most of it's life. I picked it up last spring off a guy who had it for a couple of years and only did the brakes and tires on her. I drove it a lot last year and decided to go through the car thoroughly this winter. When I pulled the head off, I notice an odd head bolt. See the picture below. I included a normal head bolt for comparison. It was in the second position from the front on the driver's side. Looks to be #12 in the tightening sequence. I have not been able to find anything about this. It looks like the motor has never been rebuilt or even apart. Can anyone tell me anything about this piece? I need to replace a few bent/stretched head bolts. Can you replace this one, or should it stay in there? (Sorry for the poor lighting in the picture) Thanks, Adam Some pictures of the old girl for fun:

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