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  1. Make sure those new kingpins will fit through the uprights before doing anything! Some of the reproduction stuff is 'iffy' when it comes to tolerances. Ask me how I know......
  2. Beautiful car! Check these guys out. This might be helpful. http://www.butchscoolstuff.com/eng-trans-mounting-kits-4/
  3. Thanks for passing this along.
  4. I learned about cars from cranky old guys. I just thought 'the crankier, the smarter.....'
  5. $112.00 delivered. The one I used was 25/32 to 27/32". Well worth it considering all the hassle I went through previously.
  6. I have used these guys for NOS. Easy to deal with. They are US based though. http://www.amsnos.com/
  7. That is what I used on mine. Went on easy and brakes work fine.
  8. From the album 50 Coupe

  9. Done! Quality reamer from Chadwick and Trefethen. Kingpin tapped in easy, fits tight and moves smoothly. Wish I would have done this myself in the first place.
  10. since the freakin' 'machine shops' can't do it right.
  11. Is that your gas line you're hanging that stuff from? Must be a code violation somewhere. Hahahaha.
  12. Nice. How old is that Snap-On box?
  13. Cast iron welding rod, ok that makes sense. Thanks for the info and tips on prep and technique Knuckleharley!
  14. Has anyone here made their own split exhaust manifolds? Wondering what brazing rod you used and other tips you could pass along?
  15. Don't hesitate to post more pics of your rebuild. These are always fun to follow.