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  1. 50 coupe

    '50 Plymouth brakes adjust or upgrade?

    Yup, I used an explorer disc brake rear end and used Scarebird disc conversion on front. Explorer disc/disc mc without booster. Works like a charm.
  2. Using 4 wheel disc without booster, no problem. Ford 8.8 disc on the back and disc conversion on front. I use a Ford explorer disc brake MC and a residual valve on each line. Will require a bit more foot pressure with manual braking but No problem stopping.
  3. 50 coupe

    V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    I know Butch's makes a kit for small block mopar into a '50 deluxe, anyone have a kit for a 383? If not what have others done for the big block mopar?
  4. 50 coupe

    no fuel

    Ditto what Plymouth said. There are different caps for the same model years. They can be specific to the distributor mfg used in your car. Also, See if you are getting spark at the points, then at the cap, then at the plug. If so, double check your firing order. Yes, I have been 'certain' that I had all in order, until I triple checked and discovered I didn't.
  5. 50 coupe

    kingpin Q

    Yup, that is where I got mine. One side went through with difficulty, the other not at all. I decided to reuse old pins but had to have bushings done again, since they were reamed to the new pins and too big. Long story short, got bushings reamed to the old pins and they fit like they should. Tight but smooth movement. I believe others here have posted about the same experience. I would hesitate to have the uprights machined, if they screw it up and make the hole too big, then you have to have custom pins made to fit.
  6. 50 coupe

    kingpin Q

    Where did you get those pins? Are they re-pops sourced from Asia? If so, they are too big. It has been a problem recently. Yes, the new bushings pressed into the knuckle does need to be reamed to size but you should not have to resize the upright support! Sounds like the pins are too large in diameter. Find new old stock pins or maybe use your old ones if they are not galled. That is what I had to do.
  7. 50 coupe


    Using Explorer rear end on my '50 coupe it did not. I made a 'coupler' but eventually had a proper driveshaft made. It was less than $300 and well worth it.
  8. 50 coupe

    Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Does this mean that only us old guys know how to have fun???
  9. 50 coupe

    Falcon discs

    "the last Falcons made here used quad cam 450 horse V8's & 400 horse turbo 6's, independent rear ends & were a good match for KR500 Mustangs..........." Bwahahah... a far cry from the '63 Ford Falcon my parents had when I was a kid. Today that would be a Toyota Tercel at best.
  10. 50 coupe

    Finally the '48 P15 engine bay restoration is done!

    Beautiful, love the attention to detail. I always appreciate that because it is something I just don't have the patience for. LoL.
  11. 50 coupe

    Scarebird kit

    Keep in mind, they do change their kits from time to time. I needed a replacement spindle adapter for a kit I bought a few years ago. Fortunately they still had a couple left from the prior kit version.
  12. 50 coupe

    Happy to announce...

    Congrats! Beautiful Car.
  13. 50 coupe

    IMG 2544

    Yup, that was the look I was going for. Thanks for your comment!
  14. 50 coupe

    Most Mechanics don't listen

    Me: ' Can you do the alignment on a 1950 Plymouth coupe' Shop: 'I guess not, the computer doesn't recognize it' Me: 'Never mind.....'