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    dodge truck 1953 1/2 ton b4b

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    I mechanic in old cars
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  1. Rubber

    Good option thanks
  2. Starter inside

    Thank you Jerry I buy now this part
  3. Starter inside

    Ok thanks for help me
  4. Starter inside

    Do you know where I can buy these parts (coil parts) for my starter Thanks again
  5. Rubber

    I thank you for this valuable information johnsartain
  6. Rubber

    Wonderful thank you
  7. Rubber

    Hi another question between the bed box and the frame (chasis) must have a rubber like in the cab. Greetings
  8. Starter inside

    Hi friendster somebody has Photos of a starter mch 6106 on the inside for look the fieles and the post contact . And another Question can I use the fields of a starter mch 6103 a 6106 thanks to all
  9. Hager Front shackle

    Tell me the item please
  10. Hager Front shackle

    Hello someone can help me in telling me where to buy these part the hanger front
  11. Starter need

    Ok thanks
  12. Starter need

    Hello friends I ask your help to see If can sell me some starter mch 6106 to be able to finish my project of my b4b 1953 Let me know and thanks Ramon
  13. Cab Mount Hardware

    Hi visit Robertsmotorparts.com/trucks_parts