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    dodge truck 1953 1/2 ton b4b

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  1. dodgemex53

    Axel front

    Hola, una ayuda El eje frontal simétrico en su extremo or irregulary or they have a big blow
  2. dodgemex53

    Kingpins Question

  3. dodgemex53

    Kingpins Question

    I want to everyone in the forum a one favoe to take photos of the process of how they change the the kingpin would be very educational for many in the forum I am in that step and I am whit many duobts thanks
  4. dodgemex53

    Kingpins Question

    I buy in ebay for 35
  5. For brake lines check in Vic's dodge garage.com
  6. dodgemex53

    Kingpins Question

    Hi can someone tell me this kingpin goes up or down to extract it
  7. dodgemex53

    King pin removal

    Thanks guys
  8. dodgemex53

    King pin removal

    I have to hit the king pin whit hammer ? Because the pin that I see through that hole has no outlet Thanks
  9. dodgemex53

    King pin removal

    Im stuck in this problem my question is what do have to do remove that pin to extract the king pin Someone who help me?
  10. My tank bracket front
  11. dodgemex53

    New gas tanks for pilot house??

    The bracket?
  12. dodgemex53

    New gas tanks for pilot house??

    And rear bracket for thank

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