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  1. Mikemomd

    Red "Fluid Drive" script

    Thanks for the input guys...will update once done! Mike
  2. Mikemomd

    Red "Fluid Drive" script

    Repainting the "Fluid Drive" script of my bumper of my '48 Dodge Custom D24 along with repainting some of the other trim. Is there a color code for this red? or best to just match it the best I can? Thanks, Mike
  3. Mikemomd

    48 Signal wiring

  4. Mikemomd

    Springtime for Dodge

    Merci !
  5. Mikemomd

    New member

    Welcome to the forum, Kai, This is a very receptive and helpful forum ....I have received countless tips while I continue to restore my 48' Dodge Custom. The chat room is a fun place to hang out in the evenings when you have some time to kill or a question to ask. Also, very nice video....love the music. Mike
  6. When we drive our present day cars, I, for one, don't particularly pay attention to any of the gauges unless something flashes or dings. I can tell you that I cannot picture where and what the gauges are located or look like on my Tundra. But since driving my '48 Dodge, I have definitely developed into a gauge "watcher". Mike
  7. Mikemomd

    12 Volt Positive Ground To Negative Ground

    Maybe it's time for a career change ............... nahhhhh!!! Better stick to my day job so I can afford my evening / weekend "job" !!!
  8. Mikemomd

    12 Volt Positive Ground To Negative Ground

    Today, I completed my 12 V Positive ground conversion to Negative ground.... ....along with a tune up: new plugs, spark plug wires, points, condensor, rotor. My buddy came over and check out the timing, finalized all adjustments, checked the compressioin pressure of each cylinder.....100% A-O-K ....she runs like a dream and sounds like a symphony. Thanks for the diagram on the voltage regulator....you were right, Don...it's an autolite. Polarizing the generator went without a glitch and checking the generator function out after starting up shows it to be working fine!!
  9. Mikemomd

    12 Volt Positive Ground To Negative Ground

    Thanks, Don....not sure what type I have [ http://s1276.photobucket.com/user/mikemomd/media/48%20Dodge/Parkersburg-20130609-00270_zps8766bcd7.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 ] Do I polarize the generator AFTER reconnecting the battery??? Mike
  10. My 48 Dodge D-24 [ by the previous owner ] was converted to a 12 volt system, however, it was kept as a POSITIVE ground system. It has a 12V generator that is working fine. I am switching it to a NEGATIVE ground system tomorrow. Anything I am missing in the following steps: 1. Disconnect the battery 2. Reverse the wires on the coil 3. Reverse the wires on the ammeter 4. Reverse the battery cables. Thanks, Mike
  11. Mikemomd

    Ignition Skips A Beat

    Friend of mine suggested switching to an ignition ignitor such as manufatured by Pertronix.....any suggestions on this idea to help performance.
  12. Mikemomd

    Father's Day 2013

    Happy Father's Day to you, also, oh wise Mopar Mastermind....and all of my other new aquaintances I have made here in the forum / chat room
  13. Mikemomd

    Electrical Modifications...

    Problem possibly solved: Yesterday afternoon, after jumping my Dodge with the "dead" battery, I took it out for a 15-20 mile drive. Headlights worked fine, turn signals fine, horn fine.....cut the engine after the 30 minute spin....battery still dead. Yesterday night, I checked the voltage regulator.....not apparently gounded well or at all.....so, I grounded it well....charged the battery....it started right up without a jump. The Amp gauge spiked positive at 35 AMPS for about one minute....[something it has NEVER done after starting it....usually stays at 0 ] ....then slowly returned to zero. Tonight, a cold start....it turned right over....second try [usually the case] it started.....same thing with the AMP gauge spiking at 35 AMPS for about a minute....then zeroed out. Hoping it was only a grounding problem and the generator seems to be working fine....since the car ran and was electrically operational even with the dead battery after the jump but no charge to the battery until the voltage regulator was grounded properly. Not sure if logic is sound...any comments....will see with more time...... thanks for the help guys.
  14. Mikemomd

    Electrical Modifications...

    I need those highbeams to avoid an encounter with those migrating armadillos!!! Otherwise, I will have a low e-burden on the system....55-60 amps adequate then?
  15. Mikemomd

    Electrical Modifications...

    Many thanks, guys... I checked as best as I could as far as any battery drain...none found. A faulty generator suggested by a friend / mechanic....he is going to double check all the electrical system this week with his equipment....I'm just considering all possibilities and options out there.......therefore , the upgrade to the alternator if I was going to have to install a new generator. Your thoughts??? If I do go with a new alternator, do I need to make any changes with my dash Amp Gauge????

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