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  1. "nothing has been done" "ran about 30 years ago" "needs to be sleeved" ...the very first thing that you need to do is sonic check the cylinder walls for thickness. ...the very first. The internet is full of keyboard experts who regurgitate everything they hear, whether fact or fiction, and the amount of allowable overbore is a favorite subject. Having played with these old things for the better part of four decades I can state that I have found no constant, every block varies and until you know how much wall you have you do not 'know' what you will be able to do with it.
  2. Much will depend on your intended use of the car. If you really plan to drive it 'everywhere' then some consideration must be made to being able to maintain a safe drive at, presumably, freeway speeds. This could be as simple as changing to radial tires (with newer wheels) or changing the rear gears to a more engine friendly number. Yeah, I certainly consider disc brakes; keeping up to speed is only half of the equation.... There can be a long list of other 'creature comfort' items based soley on your needs/wants.
  3. ...interesting ......certainly easy enough box to obtain these days.
  4. ...I hope that my post didn't come across as bragging, these days its just hard to imagine such a small piece of dirt. Being in the city certainly has some advantages when employed or with a family and I faintly remember life in a sub-division.
  5. ...6900 st ft lot...?? my shop is over 4600 sf ft and most days the 20 acre isn't big enough...
  6. God bless your neighbours......
  7. Gotta agree with Sam. Although long retired I still keep the parts/engine business going because I can, not because I need to put beans on the table and I also like to help folks who are in need of what I may provide. Ask a question and I'll try to help but if the 'need' is outside of my usual line of endeavour then it may not get treated as well as the enquirer may desire. As they say, time is money and as we get older time is golden...... As has been said, if Mr Douglas is crazy concerned about the L6 power production then perhaps a different direction should be considered than just swapping the trans.
  8. As long as there are still some 2-wd Daks in the Craigslist postings I'll use them. I do believe that it is easier to do a front stub than go the erector set way. Just my 2¢
  9. Call the garage what you like but the fact he is a homeowner is, IMHO, the really big deal, especially in CA.....
  10. I could go out to the shop and weigh one but guessing is easier.....30lbs. What's the 'real' question?
  11. wayfarer

    A 833 trans.

    Perhaps you will take some photos of the welding process for those who don't quite grasp the process.....
  12. wayfarer

    A 833 trans.

    ...do a search.....
  13. I can understand your frustration but....perhaps you are worrying too much much about the details. IMHO, the M6 package is likely to be alot less efficient than most any of the new trans design. Recall that the 'Big Guys' have a huge R&D budget every year and if they are not improving on the last design then they are likely getting replaced. It has been many decades since my ME class work but I do believe that the fluid coupler of the M6 will not equate to the lock-up torque converters of today. As to recriprocating weight, I would not consider it the single deciding factor but would look at the efficiency of the complete transmission assembly. If the M6 was the 'best design' then it would still be here and you would be using it.
  14. Also check https://www.wildcatmopars.com/ and http://www.bigmauto.com/
  15. Keep an eye on it and see if it goes away.
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