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  1. wayfarer

    Deleted thread regarding aftermarket parts quality...

    In the days before the keyboard experts, if customers had a problem they were kinda forced to actually call and TALK with the seller/vendor...rather than using forums to express displeasure and then still not call and talk through the issue....ggeeeesh I recently had a call on a sale that was over 5 years old, easy questions and a nice guy to boot. As to return freight costs, if the customer made the mistake (wrong application, wrong color, wrong material) the customer needs to accept the mistake and move on. If the vendor made the error (shipped wrong part, defective part) then the vendor needs to man-up. Pretty simple actually. Recently, a vendor of mine sent a box of material that I had ordered but had also included a quantity of 'stuff' that obviously was intended for someone else's shipment. I did not need or want this 'extra' so I called them and told them the story. They not only sent a call tag for the 'extras' but in a separate shipment sent a t-shirt and a 'Thank-you' card signed by the warehouse crew. That is good service.
  2. wayfarer

    Jaguar front clip

    I'll be watching this !!
  3. ...a little late to this party but wanted to offer my thoughts. I bought my '02 new and now have 262k on the clock. I have never babied this truck, after all, it is a 2500 Cummins and I expect it to be used. One of the first things I did (was I the first?) was to spray Speedliner on the lower body and on the fender flares to keep the volcanic cinders from eating the paint . In this area we have plenty of such material and the county/state use it liberally in the Winter. As to the lift pump, my oem died at 100k, just in time for the warranty to end. The VP44 replacement was not cheap. I am still a bit miffed at Mopar and Cummins for their failure to deal with the low sulfer fuel. The best replacement I found is one called DDRP. No issues after 162k. Anther item you are likely to deal with is the plastic dash. The oem will crack, if it has not already. Last item is the track bar; when you need a replacement, buy the best one you can or you will do it again. Enjoy.
  4. wayfarer

    1955 Coronet

    There are plenty of parts suppliers but no one place has everything so you'll need to do lots-o-dialing. For body and trim sorta stuff try WildCat Mopars and Big M.
  5. wayfarer

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    ..also a good time to reverse the bottom spring plate if lowering the ride is part of the operation...
  6. wayfarer

    Transmission question

    I'd suggest backing up a step or two and determine which bellhousing you have before dealing with the trans. As mentioned, truck trans and car trans usually need different bells. If you buy someting long distance remember that Fastenal ships crates at low cost.
  7. wayfarer

    engine swap

    jgreg53 ...just wondering what you have in mind as the final result...?
  8. wayfarer

    Axle switching

    Here is a link to my web page with axle dimensions: http://www.qualityengineeredcomponents.com/?page_id=1023 If you can provide some accurate dim's from your Chrysler I'll add them to the list as a line item. 1964 was the last year for the tapered axle with the 'nut' on the 8¾; the 7¼ had a 'normal' flange. You can, and should expect to change spring pads to match your car. As Plymouthy said, if your donor has 5 on 4" wheel studs you will not find it suitable. Late model axles, Explorer/Cherokee, have multiple advantages and should be considered.
  9. wayfarer

    rear axle swap

    Since you live in an apparent 'mechanic desert' then you might want to start looking/asking around about serious hobbyists who have could help out....help you to make repairs, not necessarily do all of the work for you.
  10. wayfarer

    rear axle swap

    ...all of the above.....
  11. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    ....aaaahhhh...the beauty of discs......
  12. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    Plymouthy is on to something. With the multitude of car makes/models, even in Europe, it is reasonable to think that something, in terms of the rotor, will fit/work. Brackets to hold a caliper are pretty simple affaits. Non-power assist has been used on many front disc setups with good results. Obviously, you must have time and space to store the car while you get all of the pieces sourced and installed.
  13. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    Have you looked into the costs associated with a disc brake conversion? Little doubt that freight is horrible for heavy stuff but if the end goal is to have the best possible braking then there are few options. If you have the time then perhaps there is a container headed in your general direction in which the needed parts could hitch a ride. I have heard many stories of cars being shipped to Europe that have a trunk full of 'spare parts'.... Perhaps one of the other Europe based forum members knows of an upcoming container.
  14. wayfarer

    I'm done, too.

    I have to ponder the meaning of posting an official/unofficial 'notice' if/when leaving. If someone is 'done' then why not just reboot the 'ol computer machine and erase the browsing history so the website doesn't show?

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