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  1. wayfarer

    Need help 37 dodge motor swap

    Yup, plenty of differing displacements as well as the 23" vs the 25" lengths. Add a little confusion with a couple of the same displacements in both... This is a reasonably complete listing: http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php If you choose to install a 25" engine in your car you will need to talk with Don Coatney.
  2. wayfarer

    thoughts on 3:07 gears?

    Play with this online calculator and see what you get.... http://ctny.audiworld.com/mark/s4/gears/gear_calc.html
  3. this is a good one... http://ctny.audiworld.com/mark/s4/gears/gear_calc.html
  4. wayfarer

    Rear ended not turning .

    How did you get the car to its current location? Did it roll on all four w/o issue? Any noise? I know that these gear sets can and do suffer breakage and will lock-up the rear... Curious to hear of what you find.
  5. wayfarer

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Looking Good! Glad to see that you extended the engine mount across the top of the frame. While you're in the vicinity you might also move the shock mount.
  6. wayfarer

    1950 Wayfarer sedan

    The little 23" 201-208-218 Plymouth flywheel is the problem, not the bellhousing. The Ply crankshaft is different from the 230.
  7. All of the pre-62 v-8, Hemi, Poly, and 'A' series, are a direct swap in terms of the transmission/bellhousing. Rebuild parts are available but a bit expensive.
  8. wayfarer

    341 Hemi

    The 341 is an excellent engine!!! Heavy? not so much. I just finished a 330 rebuild and on the scale it was right at 600lbs (w/alt, no exhaust, carbs, fluids). There are plenty of finished swaps and the Dak ifs works well. Here is a DeSoto swap with the Dak in a PilotHouse, may, or may not, be helpful: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/52-dodge-b3b-hemi-project.742584/
  9. wayfarer

    Main Seal Replacement on a 1964 Plymouth Savoy

    ...old car + bandaid.....sounds about right... The general procedure is outlined in a service manual.
  10. wayfarer

    ID This Valve

    ...so the soil has a 'high iron content'...? You might think about renting a metal detector some weekend when your bored.
  11. wayfarer

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    Should be similar. I have a 315, complete with PF, maybe I should hang it on the scale. And at 600lbs, probably similar to the 230, not sure.
  12. wayfarer

    330 DeSoto on the scale...FYI

    I just finished a 330 rebuild for a customer and weighed it for shipping. Fastenal, $175 to SFO, for those interested.
  13. wayfarer

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    Agreed; Charlie is one of the good guys. He, like alot of us, are getting 'less-young' and want to focus on other things.
  14. wayfarer

    3/4 ton suspension upgrade

    IMHO, a 53 ¾t would be a poor choice to drag a 5th wheel of any size. The 53 is not a heavy as a newer ¾ and any side wind would push you all over the road...assuming that you could stay on the road.... Depending on the trailer, even some of the small 5th wheel units will have 2,000lbs or more in the bed and gross weight above 8k.........
  15. wayfarer

    Desoto 2.0

    I agree that a v-8 would make Mr. Douglas' sedan a better road car, but I doubt he is interested.... Any of the late 5-6-8 speed automatics will entail some major R&D for an adapter as well as the computer to make them work. They are becoming horribly overburdened by technology. That said, you might also look at the Mopar units from the 5.7 and such.

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