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  1. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    IIRC, the front cradle was slightly different between various truck sizes (½, 1, 1½...) Is this one from a ½ or ¾T? Sorry, I don't have any on hand to measure.
  2. forum pages

    Yes. above the thread titles, near the the top of the page, next to the page numbers and the >> you can click on the 'bit faint' wording indicating 'page x of xxx' and then a drop down appears. Hope this makes sense.
  3. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Not to over-simplfy but, it is simply 1-2/3 turns past point of contact. A small drop of paint on the hex portions will give a visual as you turn.
  4. 225 slant six change

    Modern inline sixes all seem to be alot longer than the old L6 as Gramps notes. It might be easier to install something like a 3.9 if all you want is something small.
  5. Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Nothing wrong with a 'sleeper', had plenty of them in the old days....lots-o-fun. If you are not stuck on the T85 then remember that a Mopar trans will bolt to a Mopar bell and only require a 'normal' adapter at the block. 1961–1971 Chrysler A745 — 3-speed manual for V8 1970–1981 Chrysler A230 — 3-speed manual, all-synchromesh 1973–1974 Chrysler A250 — 3-speed manual, 1st gear no synchromesh 1975–1978 Chrysler A390 — 3-speed manual, all-synchromesh
  6. R10 OD w/fd bell housing fit 315 hemi

    All of the EarlyHemi engines, except for the 51-53 331, have the same block bolt pattern. If you have the complete package from a 55 Dodge (270 ) then it will all bolt up to the 315.
  7. Horse Power

    ...bolt-up....no...... Which v-6? MaMopar has made plenty of them in the last 20 years. Anything is possible if you choose to invest in the time and machine work.
  8. Engine swap

    ...and don't ignore the location of the splines on the input shaft.....Mounting the trans on the bell is only half of the battle. Modifying the registration is pretty straight forward but usually involves a mill or lathe, drilling new holes to match the trans is fabrication 101, and the pilot bushing may, or may not be in need of 'help'...back to the lathe.
  9. engine swap upgrade

    Ya know, I had to ponder this for awhile and try to figure out 'where you came from'. I don't know what years you were starting your automotive journey nor do I know your location. Very important details were we look around to see what was going on. Magazines coverage of 'cool cars' is essentially what vehicle or which shop was close to the writer unless he had folks working for him in various places.....all of this long before Al Gore's internet came along, so magazines are not the be-all, end-all unless you are picking particular articles to support your position. That reminds me of a "engine swap manual" that had a really odd-ball 392Hemi swap in to a 1960 Lark. Perhaps we should we consider that to be the standard of the day. Back in the early-mid sixties my buddies and I managed a fair number of swaps and amazing enough is that none were shiverlays, unless it was back into a shiverlay. We had a 389 Pontiac go into a 39 Ply, a Nailhead into a 57 Hillman Husky, a 390 Cad into a 55 shiverlay pickup ( my God that thing was scary fast) a Packard 352 into a 40 Ford sedan and so on and so forth...but no sbc swaps. I suppose that they were as available as any other junkyard engine but we were after cubic inches and the little sbc was sorely lacking. When you have a carburetor on top then cubic inches are King. There is a reason why Mopar settled on the 440 for so many hi-perf applications. Fast forward to today. You can buy shiverlay parts at the local 7-11. Does that make them 'better' than something else? Some folks might opine that the sbc parts supply is huge just to keep them running... So the engine that you prefer is likely just that, your choice. I kinda like the new Hellcat engine, 707 hp in a crate! Swap that sucker into anything you like, but 40 years from now it may, or may not, be considered the engine of choice 'back in the day'....
  10. engine swap upgrade

    ....wow.....not something I see on many Mopar related sites very often...... Why, exactly, would a shiverlay be more 'period correct' than a same year Hemi? Some sorta time-warp at the local bone yard in 1960? And, I have never heard of anyone that would be 'bothered ' if they had a Hemi to drive....must be something in the water up there. Least desirable? I actually see more traffic for DeSotos than for the 315-325 Dodge and about the same for the 241-270 Dodge. Yes, some DeSoto parts are difficult to fine, specifically the intake, but all else is very little different than for a Chrysler engine. As far as cost, the EarlyHemi is on par with Nailheads, Flatheads, Olds and Cad for rebuilds....none are cheap.
  11. engine swap upgrade

    ...Excellent way to label alot of less-than-hot... rods, or trucks. To the OP, check out Dan Babbs' truck with the Hemi install. Very stock looking and very nicely done.
  12. B3B suspension frightful experience

    ...me thinks that Inspector Calhoun said it best, "...a man has to know his limitations..."
  13. 1955 Plymouth Brake conversion

    http://rustyhope.com/site/ Charlie should have something for you.
  14. Bronze bushing/ spacer for flywheel bolts, Help!

    ...perhaps my old eyes are just not seeing exactly what that piece is....it is a seperate piece from the flywheel, right? This what it should look like: (the center bushing and bearing are not oem)
  15. IFS question

    ...it wasn't that big of a diversion....