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  1. wayfarer

    Axle switching

    Here is a link to my web page with axle dimensions: http://www.qualityengineeredcomponents.com/?page_id=1023 If you can provide some accurate dim's from your Chrysler I'll add them to the list as a line item. 1964 was the last year for the tapered axle with the 'nut'. You can, and should expect to change spring pads to match your car. As Plymouthy said, if your donor has 5 on 4" wheel studs you will not find it suitable. Late model axles, Explorer/Cherokee, have multiple advantages and should be considered.
  2. wayfarer

    rear axle swap

    Since you live in an apparent 'mechanic desert' then you might want to start looking/asking around about serious hobbyists who have could help out....help you to make repairs, not necessarily do all of the work for you.
  3. wayfarer

    rear axle swap

    ...all of the above.....
  4. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    ....aaaahhhh...the beauty of discs......
  5. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    Plymouthy is on to something. With the multitude of car makes/models, even in Europe, it is reasonable to think that something, in terms of the rotor, will fit/work. Brackets to hold a caliper are pretty simple affaits. Non-power assist has been used on many front disc setups with good results. Obviously, you must have time and space to store the car while you get all of the pieces sourced and installed.
  6. wayfarer

    next on the list... improve braking

    Have you looked into the costs associated with a disc brake conversion? Little doubt that freight is horrible for heavy stuff but if the end goal is to have the best possible braking then there are few options. If you have the time then perhaps there is a container headed in your general direction in which the needed parts could hitch a ride. I have heard many stories of cars being shipped to Europe that have a trunk full of 'spare parts'.... Perhaps one of the other Europe based forum members knows of an upcoming container.
  7. wayfarer

    I'm done, too.

    I have to ponder the meaning of posting an official/unofficial 'notice' if/when leaving. If someone is 'done' then why not just reboot the 'ol computer machine and erase the browsing history so the website doesn't show?
  8. I dunno....are you sure they will hold up...😉 ??
  9. Since you are not a fan of the gm trans but like the TF idea then help is available, but only if you are not in a rush. I do make an adapter for the TF but don't have any in stock right now. The biggest issue with installing a TF (or any of the gm stuff) is that the adapter is at the block and everything that attaches to the existing bellhousing will need to reattached to the new trans in some sort of fashion. Lots-o-fab work. Additionally, you will have to reconfigure some part-throttle kick-down linkage to connect from carb to trans. Without this linkage you will quickly destroy the TF.
  10. Looks good! Nice stance.
  11. wayfarer

    not for the purists

    Real sorry to hear of your loss.
  12. wayfarer

    p 15 with dakota swap

    I'm with Mr Adams on this. I have done a few frame repairs over the decades and only used applied plates on the big trucks. We called them fiche plates; just a term passed down through the company from the days when the trip hammer was in daily use..... As well, we have used butt welded connections on many repairs, quite unlike what some of the internet geniuses require. There are a multitude of different connection conditions and each will have its own requirements. Basic rule: If a weld looks crappy then it probably is. If the buyer is not an accomplished welder then have it inspected by someone who is.
  13. wayfarer

    Scarebird Conversion (ex. 7 pass.) ?

    Common question and the best answer is, as Don says, is to callem'. Someone will correct me but, IIRC, the 7-pass are the Limo's and Suburbans with the additional jump seats.
  14. wayfarer

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    Around here a 'decent' paint job will cost alot more than 'a couple of grand'..... Not having much detail on the rest of the car it doesn't look too bad and, just what can you buy these days for $9k? Like knuckleharley suggests, he might want to look real hard at the offer. If it has something other than a Mopar engine then he should take the money and run.

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