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  1. Well, I decided to sell my 54 dodge royal 500 indy pace car convertible . I'm moving onto other interests. Price is $65K negotiable. email me dodge59@wi.rr.com or call 414 464 5831 for more details or offers . Thanks ! Located in milwaukee wi. 53225
  2. couple pics where I met Dennis Gage ." My Classic Car " @ .Elkhorn car show & swap meet .2016 .
  3. yeah,,,, there is a bunch off posts about installing my 10.1 high compression pistons in the 241 hemi. The pistons made a huge difference. don't know if I was being video taped when dennis gage was talking to me. I did not see his cameraman anywhere.but then again I was looking and talking to dennis.
  4. Dodge City "under the lights" car show is aug 19th 2016 If you can make it .
  5. very cool Merle ! Say Merle , I'll see you at dodge city "under the lights " . john
  6. Hi Merle I was at the huge elkhorn car show near east troy. saturday. where I met dennis . He was out riding around with one other guy and it looked like a tripod camera of some some sort in the back of his golf cart . no footage was shot . his camera man I did not see around . dennis drove away by him self in the golf cart afterwards.
  7. update : august 9 2016 . my 1954 dodge royal 500 indy pace car is running great ! The hemi is running stronger every time I take it out..Huge improvement with the updated High compression 10.1 venoila pistons . I met at the show , MY CLASSIC CAR host "Dennis Gage " . He loved my car and said he never seen a car like mine before . come to think of it ................I've watched quite a few of his shows and I never seen a 1954 convertible dodge either. let alone a pace car like mine .
  8. Time to get the old girl out for 2016. here are a few more pics .
  9. dodge59

    1954 Dodge Coronet Parts

    Greetings ! You could register with Facebook........ there is a special site there called "1953/54 dodge cars" . You can post your wanted items there also . check it out .
  10. UPDATE ON THE BACK UP LIGHT SWITCH ............. well ............that is another thing checked off the to do list .. That is what was wrong >>> faulty switch on the trans. All good to go now.
  11. One more respond about my powerflite at the forwardlook site ........... Comment >>>>>>>>>I've run across several examples where the casting dates and part numbers don't agree. I believe (and I'm just spitballing here) that this is due to parts room replacement transmissions being built at a later date to replenish supplies of earlier transmissions. IOW, the transmission plant used a 1955 casting date case to build a replacement '53-'54 transmission. Thanks ALL ! -----
  12. I posted my question about my powerflite on "the forwardlook.net" and got some good answers..... here they are. dodge59 - 2016-03-12 6:20 PM Got a partial case number off the powerflite ..............1408 .. could not see the remaining other numbers with things in the way. According to the 1954 parts book, case part number 1408 308 was used on the following - 1953 Chrysler (C-58) Custom Imperial and (C-59) Crown Imperial (Powerflite assembly 1486 117) 1954 Chrysler (C63-1) New Yorker, (C63-2) New Yorker Deluxe, (C64) Custom Imperial and (C66) Crown Imperial 1954 DeSoto (S19) Firedome. 1954 Chrysler Imperials continued to use assembly 1486 117 while the DeSoto Firedome and Chrysler New Yorkers used 1539 789. The other case part number for 1954 was 1530 796 and was used on 1954 Plymouths (P25), 1954 Dodges (all 6 & V8), DeSoto (S-20) Powermaster and Chrysler (C62) Windsor Deluxe. All 1955 Chrysler Corporation cars used a Powerflite with case number 1619 333. So, it looks you have a 1953-54 Powerflite for DeSoto and Chrysler V8 models.
  13. Got a partial case number off the powerflite ..............1408 .. could not see the remaining other numbers with things in the way.

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